Mobiography recently featured a photograph by Gianluca Ricoveri in one of our weekly ‘Capturing the Moment’ showcases. Gianluca is active in the Flickr community. His unique style caught my attention due to the paint like feel of his photographs. This week I briefly caught up with Gianluca to find out more about the man and his work.

Gianluca Ricoveri is 63 years old, is retired and lives near Pisa in Tuscany. His iPhone work has been featured on various iPhoneography websites and he has also had his more traditional painting and photography work featured in several exhibitions.

How did you discover iPhone photography?

I have always been into photography but I only discovered iPhone photography in August 2012. This happened thanks to a catalogue of a wonderful exhibition of Roberto Murgia and another photographer, all of these photos were taken with the Hipstamatic.

Since then I have only used my iPhone. At first just using Hipstamatic, before using other apps to shoot with. I then started editing the photos and found that I was able to finally combine photography with painting.

Lake of Massaciuccoli

Lake of Massaciuccoli on a cloudy afternoon, 645Pro, Photogene, Snapseed, Procreate, Laminar and DistressedFX.

Your photography has a very unique style to it which reminds me of the old landscape painters. How did this style come about?

It comes from the fact that I have always been a painter, and I was influenced by both impressionist and macchiaioli painters, who painted here in Tuscany. Beyond this, english landscape painters like Constable and Turner have had a strong influence over my style.

Bosco di Tinali, near Pisa

Bosco di Tinali, near Pisa on a sunny morning. 6×6, Photogene, Snapseed, Laminar, LendflareHD

How do you achieve this effect?

There’s 3 apps I mostly use for shooting: Hipstamatic with C-Type Plate, 6 x 6 and 645pro. I keep them all ready for use in order to decide which one to use depending on the subject.

The first tuning step, I do with Photogene, which lets me transfer pictures onto my iPad, the second one I use is Snapseed.

Then depending on the photo, I can add textures wih Laminar or maybe do some retouching with Procreate. Sometimes these last two phases come in a reverse sequency.

If I use filters, I use Photo FX Ultra. For Grunge effect: Grunge Pic.

Lake of Massaciuccoli  on a afternoon

Lake of Massaciuccoli on a afternoon. Hipstamatic, Photogene, Snapseed, Procreate, Laminar.

Your photography features flat, open landscapes and waterways. What has inspired you to specilaise in this area?

I started shooting landscapes, then I switched on narrower subjects in order to have a greater impact of composition and greater chance of editing.

Tuscany, where I live, is a beautiful land, here it is easy to find landscapes that are hard not to shoot. What I try to do is find the beauty in places outside those where you would not normally see. Flat landscapes and channels may seem like ordinary subjects to many people, but a closer look reveals hidden potential.

Coltano, near Pisa on a late afternoon

Coltano, near Pisa on a late afternoon. 6×6,Photogene, Snapseed, Laminar.

Are there any photographers that have influenced your work?

The photographer I most studied, both from an image and theoretical point of view is Ansel Adams. I also love Sarah Jarrett’s landscapes.

Il Bottaccio, Lucca on a morning

Il Bottaccio, Lucca on a morning. Hipstamatic, Photogene, Snapseed, Procreate, Laminar.

You are very active on Flickr, do you use any other social networks? Is the social promotion of your work an important part of your process?

I am on Facebook, Iphoneart and on Eyeem. I think social networks are fundamental due to the infinite possibilities and suggestions they can provide.

In particular, I observe what others are producing during editing. This is often a source for ideas in my work.

Coltano, near Pisa on a late afternoon. 6x6,Photogene, Snapseed, Laminar

Coltano, near Pisa on a late afternoon. 6×6,Photogene, Snapseed, Laminar.

What is it that you love about iPhoneography?

I especially love the fact of being able to carry with me something that’s capable of storing images the way I would do with watercolor sketches for instance. Then getting back home and trying to convey during the editing phase those feelings that you had. It is a great way to combine photography with painting.

Where can people connect and follow you online?

Flickr | iPhoneart | Eyeem