Each week I will be asking a mobile photographer to choose the one image of theirs that they are most proud of. It does not have to be their best, or the one that has received the most recognition, just the one image that they are more emotionally connected with than any other. This week’s artist is Mohsen Chinehkesh

It was a month ago that I first started seeing Mohsen’s images appearing in The App Whisper showcases, as well as “1000 Words” by We Are Juxt. Within a very short time he has become one of my favourite photographers on Flickr. Someone, who through his use of light and shadow, creates amazing atmospheric black and white images that transport you to a world and culture so different from your own.

The Photo I Am Most Proud Of: Mohsen Chinehkesh

Untitled by Mohsen Chinehkesh

Mohsen Chinehkesh

First of all I found it so difficult to choose one of my shots as the one which best represents my work. So I decided to chose the one which I think still represents my work but in a different way.

Street photography was one of my unattainable interests due to the difficulties of using a camera on the streets of Tehran. However, soon after I began shooting mobile I realised that this tool best suited street photography.

I love the idea of capturing people in their natural mood without being noticed. Ricahrd Koci Hernandez was one of the first street photographers whose mobile photos caught my eye and this shot is one of my photos that I consider most influenced by him.

What makes this picture different from the rest of my photos is in the way I used space and viewing angle to make a powerful composition with a significant depth. Another thing that makes it different is the editing process. I usually tend to touch my photos as little as possible but in this case I used 5 different apps.

The shot was initially captured with Hipstamatic and then I used Retouch, Snapseed, Lo-Mob and Mextures respectively to reach my desired result. Although I’m trying to have a constant style, sometimes I would like to stress the boundaries to reach something new. I believe that a kind of metaphorical modality is one of the characteristics of my style and this photo is a good example for it. In these cases I try to capture the soul of a moment and depicting the time or place in which the photo has been taken is not that important.

I see this photo as a metaphor of life, an eternal pathway in which the past and the future are relative meanings.

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