The theme of this weeks showcase of mobile photography is transportation. It features 10 wonderful photos that are all transport inspired and that were all taken and edited using a smartphone. Whether the photo features a wheelchair, a ski lift, a motorbike or subway station, all photos this week highlight how different photographers have approached the subject in different ways.

Featured artists this week include: Valeria Cammareri, Dorota J?drzejczak, Marc Zetterblom, Jormain Cady, Jeanine Buckley, Ugur Vidinligil, Jeanine.flaton.buckley, Katherine Millard, Rosie Andrews, Tanukallio and Joaok2.

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Nocturne (Piazza Aspromonte, Milano)

Nocturne (Piazza Aspromonte, Milano)‘ by Soul Kitchen – “I used an iPhone 6s, shooting with the Hipsta combo John S/Blackeys S. Minor adjustments with Snapseed. I was crossing the street (you can see part of the pedestrian crossing) when suddenly I saw the cyclist coming toward me. There were no cars around so I thought he could have been a nice subject for a night shot. I pointed my iPhone at him and had to turn on myself to keep him inside the display, and that’s why you see the blur in the background.”

“He Ain’t Heavy :: He’s My Brother”

He Ain’t Heavy :: He’s My Brother” by Jeanine.flaton.buckley – “I am always on the lookout for frames and lines from structures, sidewalks and crosswalks to set the stage for a scene to play out when I shoot street photography. I loved the L-trains in Chicago as they provided that perfect framing. Another important element for me are moments in a scene that depict human connection… this one happened quicker than most. As I walked up the street the man in the wheel chair came into frame and stopped by another homeless man to offer him some kindness. It was so touching to see someone who felt he was more fortunate than another and I feel blessed to have witnessed the exchange. My typical iPhone workflow for processing is converting to black and white in Photoshop then some finishing touches in Snapseed.”

Palouse truck

Palouse truck‘ by Jormain – “The Palouse region in Eastern, Washington, is beautiful, known for providing surreal, nearly other worldly landscapes in the spring and summer. On a whim I decided to make the 5 hour drive with a good friend to photograph the rolling hills in the winter snow. We couldn’t resist stopping at the sight of this vintage orange truck. I was hoping to capture the rustic vibrancy and texture of the old truck against the stark backdrop of snow and overcast sky nearly blurred together. The image was taken with an iPhone 6 in Hipstamatic (Hannah lens, Blanko? film), no further editing than that.


Untitled‘ by Marc Zetterblom – “What is great weather? For skiing you probably think of a blue sky, white snow and a grand view. For a photographer, the opposite might be equally valid. This shot is taken from a ski lift during really ‘bad’ weather. My children weren’t all that happy with the limited visiblity. Personally, I loved the dramatic whiteness. The shot is taken with the Hipstamatic app using the Eric lens, the Otto film and the Apollo flash. If it weren’t for a few details, the image would be monochrome. The above mentioned combo gave the image a nice contrast and that nice little colour pop.”

Just ride

Just ride‘ by Dorota J?drzejczak – “This photo was taken while travelling by car. I suddenly saw the motorcyclist on an historic motorcycle – he looked very surrealistic against the background of a modern tunnel. I took a few photos – this was the best. I used Snapseed for post processing.”

Pimlico tube station

Pimlico tube station‘ by Ugur Vidinligil – “The shot was taken at the Pimlico Underground Station on Victoria Line, London. Pimlico Station is one of my favourite tube stations in London. I know it is not a Leslie Green designed special era station, or not a famous one like Baker Street Station with historical arcs. But Pimlico Station has got amazing lines, vanishing points on every corner of it. Although it feels a bit depressive at times, it has got an amazing, moody, blue-ish light through-out the station. The dark toned wall tiles in the hall-ways help that too. Every time I am in the area or use the station for a reason, I end up taking a few shots. I strongly recommend any photo-enthusiast to stop by in an off-peak hour and spend some time in the station.”


Untitled‘ by Tanu Kallio – “This is taken in Helsinki metro. The man just sat there still while reading a magazine. He looked so out of the ordinary with his outfit and gear that I had to take his picture.

Taken with an iPhone 6s and as usual I was shooting with my Hipstamatic, using the John S lens with the BlacKeys Supergrain film.”


Wednesday‘ by Katherine Millard

Block party

Block party‘ by Rosie Andrews – “I like to plan my weekends around photos that I’d like to take. I knew there was a colourful wall in Hackney so my boyfriend and I headed over there. The light was stunning and his hat matched one of the panels on the wall, which was a lovely happy accident.

The photo was edited with the app VSCOcam. I always use the same filter and then bring up the light, then add a bit of fade. I wanted to make sure this photo was not over saturated due to all the bright colours.”

Sur la Seine

Sur la Seine‘ by Joaok2

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