The theme of this week’s Mobiography Flickr Group showcase is street art which features an interesting selection of mural’s, street art, graffiti and interesting urban backdrops. From Brendan O Se’s carefully timed photo entitled ‘Him!’ to Dariusz Sobiecki’s shot of an amazing 3 storey high mural of a golfer in the back streets of Poland. All these photographers have made good use of urban art or advertising to create images that provide a unique element of interest to their compositions.

Featured artists include Brendan Ó Sé, Susan Rennie, street level, Shel Serkin, WayneG, Chris, Jiri Dvorak, xroper7 and The Stig 2009.

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Exploring Gdynia Awesome Murals – Shot Six Gdynia 21

Photo by Dariusz Sobiecki2

Exploring Gdynia Awesome Murals – Shot Six Gdynia 21‘ by Dariusz Sobiecki – “I took this photo back in February, in the port district of the city of Gdynia, Poland. Being especially into street photography, I keep my incessantly curious eye on city life and people involved in their jobs. Sometimes, there’s an opportunity to take an imaginary picture based on fantastic murals that I have been enjoying the style of, since the Traffic Design project started a few years ago.

I decided to bring the “golfer” to the city reality, so I framed the desired part of the mural, preferring the square, “unreal” format. The whole post processing was with Snapseed and a part of it was deliberately making colours unusually vivid to achieve the feel of a comic. Back then, I had been an IPhone 6+ user for just a month and have been slowly developing my tool range, which I had had before, but I was a different, Android one :)”


Photo by Brendan O Se

Him!‘ by Brendan Ó Sé

The Long Journey Home

Photo by The Stig 2009

The Long Journey Home‘ by The Stig 2009 – “On a recent trip to Paris, I found myself walking for many hours around that great city and before I knew it, I was miles away from where I was staying, feeling tired, hungry & somewhat lost.

I then ventured into their Subway system and after choosing the wrong train a few times, I found myself changing platforms via this very long & busy moving platform,

In the opposite direction I saw a tired lonely character lit up by his multicolored surroundings and it occurred to me that we were probably both worn out and looking forward to getting home.

Apart from some Vignetting around the edges, the wonderful lighting in the tunnel did all the work for me!”

On the perimeter…Montreal Jazz Festival

Photo by xroper7

On the perimeter…Montreal Jazz Festival‘ by xroper7 – “I visit the Jazz Festival every year and have walked by this painting on several occasions. It is quite colorful but I thought that it would look good in black and white. I sat in a bar a few hours later and processed it in Snapseed.”


Photo by Jivi Dvorak

Untitled‘ by Jiri Dvorak – “This mural is in London’s Brick Lane area. Every Sunday there’s a market and the mural gets different ‘props’. That particular Sunday it was a rack of clothes and a bin. Quite surreal. The photo was shot with the iPhone6+ camera app and processed in Snapseed (Tune Image, Tonal Contrast, Detail, Vintage).”


Photo by  Chris

Untitled‘ by Chris – “I was visiting a local art gallery in the DC area. They recently had an artist paint this mural [ Rose Jaffee “women in color” ] on an outside wall and a pickup truck was parked in front on the day I visited. I liked the reflection of the mural via the truck’s back window, as well as the textures and vertical/horizontal lines of this shot.”

Dali between the vans

Photo by WayneG

Dali between the vans‘ by WayneG – “The shot was taken in a back lane in Newcastle using the Hipstamatic app on an iPhone. Apart from using the Jane lens and the Blackeys Super Grain settings there was no other processing involved. The key is obviously selecting the film setting best suited to the situation. I initially thought the vans would be a problem but tried to incorporate the lines to enhance the intensity of the eyes- occasionally you can be lucky.”


Photo by Shel Serkin

Spuds‘ by Shel Serkin


Photo by  street level

Create‘ by street level

Go tell Alice. . .

Photo by Susan Rennie

Go tell Alice. . .‘ by Susan Rennie

Which was your favourite?

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