The theme of this week’s Mobiography Flickr Group showcase looks at a selection of photographs that use colour. From Mike Bowers colourful photograph of a vase of flowers to Khánh Nguy?n Hoàng simple composition and Darcy Moore’s surreal looking beach scene.

All photos featured in this week’s showcase illustrate how colour can be used to inject interest or be used to create something simple and abstract.

Featured artists include Luisón, Darcy Moore, Khánh Nguy?n Hoàng, Giulia Baita, la_ma_rie, Kurt Norlin, DDP Photography, Mike Bowers and Mariette Schrijver.

Do you have a favourite photo from this week’s showcase? Let us know which in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Not looking at me?! Ok…

Mobile Photography Showcase: 10 Amazingly Colourful Photos 1

Not looking at me?! Ok…‘ by Luisón – “This pic was shot in a small shop used to mend clothes. This man had come inside with his wife, but was totally bored and was looking outside while his wife dealt with the sales lady. I noticed immediately the poster on the wall, and figured that the image in front of my eyes was really very funny, so I shot.

I used an IPhone 6 and Hipstamatic (Jane lens and Blanko film) and just used Snapseed to crop the frame and straighten a bit photo.”

Beach Abstract

Photo by Darcy Moore

Beach Abstract‘ by Darcy Moore – “This image was snapped at Werri Beach with an iPhone 6 and edited in Snapseed before being completed in Eyeem.

I often walk from my home along an ocean path to Gerringong and catch the train back. It is a spectacular place to stroll and I often stop and setup my tripod, filters and take carefully composed shots. On this day I just carried my phone and took one shot.”


Mobile Photography Showcase: 10 Amazingly Colourful Photos 2

Untitled‘ by Khánh Nguy?n Hoàng – “This photo is actually a wall of a building being built in my university, I took it during a break in the afternoon, I was amazed by the shadow created by the windows. The photo was processed with Lightroom with a little noise reduction.”

Dry Falls

Photo by Kurt Norlin

Dry Falls‘ by Kurt Norlin – “The Oregon’s high desert has been, and remains, a source of inspiration for me. Dry Falls is a metaphorical rendering, and reminds me of my travels in the desert areas of Eastern Oregon and Washington. It is technically a collage of abstract mobile photos combined into one image using various blending apps. These images are not descriptive in the usual photographic sense, but rather are about the essence of a place. In this case it is about heat, open space, stillness.

I used an iPod Touch 5G with apps, Slow Shutter Cam, Image Blender, Juxtaposer, Snapseed2 and Brushstrokes.”

The red view

Photo by Giulia Baita

The red view‘ by Giulia Baita

Holidays in Sardinia

Photo by Giulia Baita

Holidays in Sardinia‘ by Giulia Baita


Photo by la_ma_rie

Untitled‘ by la_ma_rie


Photo by DDP Photography

Untitled‘ by DDP Photography

A Splash of Color

Photo by Mike Bowers

A Splash of Color‘ by Mike Bowers


Photo by mariette Schrijver

Orange‘ by Mariette Schrijver

Which was your favourite?

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