In ‘The Photo I Am Most Proud of’ series we ask a mobile photographer to choose the one image that they are most proud of. It does not have to be their best, or the one that has received the most recognition, just the one image that they are more emotionally connected with than any other. We ask the photographer to share with us the story behind the image and explain why it is so special to them. In the past this feature has unearthed some amazing stories.

This week I have invited the Ross Mannion to tell us about the photo he is most proud of.

Ross Mannion is an iPhone photographer from Tullamore, Ireland. He has a beautiful style of street photography that captures little snippets of life in and around Ireland. The photographs he captures are beautifully titled and often tell a story that leaves the viewer wondering as to the true tale that hides behind the image. Perfect examples of Ross’s ability to tell a story through a single image include ‘The Aftermath’, ‘Bad News‘, ‘Battle Weary‘ and ‘Where Would I Be Without You?’. Many other shots like ‘Fashion Crisis Hits Tullamore’ make good use of humor in order to convey their message.

The Photo I Am Most Proud Of: Ross Mannion

Photo by Ross Mannion

This was definitely a challenge for me. The image I have chosen is my favourite image as opposed to the image I am most proud of. Pride in my photography is not a feeling I get to be honest. I see some people who have such immense pride in what they do they end up sharing the same image over and over but its an emotion that photography doesn’t give me! I really just take my shot, edit it, post it and then condemn it to the external hard drive!!

I would consider myself predominately a street photographer. Starting out like most people I shot anything really but realised over time that what really interests me are people/streets. I will still take a landscape shot from time to time but it is not something that gets me out the door so to speak. I’m not going to say I find it boring but it is definitely not as interesting as people for me.

When I was thinking of images for this, the one that kept coming to mind is an image I titled “A Teenage Dream’s So Hard To Beat”.(I borrowed it from one of the greatest Irish songs of all time. Its the opening line of Teenage Kicks by the Undertones. Seemed apt at the time and still does!) It was taken last summer on the Wooden Bridge to Bull Island in Dublin. As with the majority of my shots it was chance, I just taking a shot of what was in front of me at that moment. It was a beautiful summers day and there was a group of around 20 teenagers jumping into Dublin Bay from the bridge. It was mostly lads but there were 4 or 5 girls there who the lads were doing their best to impress. A few of the lads were afraid to jump in and probably ended up looking pretty bad as a result of the others bravado!!

The photo definitely strikes a chord for me emotionally. I can’t put my finger on exactly what the reason for this is though. I didn’t jump from bridges into Dublin Bay 20 years ago but it definitely evokes a feeling of nostalgia for whatever reason.

With regard to recognition, I don’t enter any of my shots into competitions. I flirted with the idea of entering the MPA’s last December and got as far as paying for a few entries but in the end I never submitted anything. Maybe next year?? I also don’t think it was part of any showcase so maybe it was just one that the right people didn’t get!

Finally the image was taken on an iPhone 4s with ProCamera, cropped and scaled in Filterstorm Neue and edited in VSCO.

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