Each week I will be asking a mobile photographer to choose the one image of theirs that they are most proud of. It does not have to be their best, or the one that has received the most recognition, just the one image that they are more emotionally connected with than any other.

This week’s artist is Lee Thatcher

No one does gritty street photography quite like this week’s artist. His black and white square formatted images seem to combine the rawness and mystery of classic Asian photographers with the close-in style of Klein. He is someone who has really defined his style in mobile photography.

A very popular mobile photographer on a number of different online networks, you will always see his work regularly showcased (I believe he is the only person to have four images included at the same time on The AppWhisper Sunday feature).

My favourite images of his include London, this one titled, ‘Untitled’, this one and this one.

Lee captures real life but his work is not packaged up to suit a taste, it is real life as it happens all around us and with all the joy and despair that we all can find out there.

The Photo I Am Most Proud Of: Lee Thatcher


This was one of my first street shots that I think I made an emotional connection to. This shot always reminds me that people with very little can be as compassionate and generous as anyone else. Often people don’t like to really look closely at homeless people or see them as equal, my hope is if people see this picture maybe they’ll see a side to homeless people that they hadn’t seen before.

This is a candid street shot which is quite typical of most of my pictures. I don’t often like to engage the subjects when I take photos, occasionally I might but only if it’s really necessary for a shot I want. I’m not that confident so it takes a lot for me to ask strangers for pictures. I often chat to homeless people to see how they are and find out a little about them, so I might ask them if I can take a shot but mostly I like to just watch and take candid pictures.

This particular shot wasn’t influenced by anyone, it was just a tender moment that I was lucky enough to witness. I shot the picture in ProCamera and processed it Snapseed and Noir. The border was added in Pixlromatic.

I don’t think this was recognised by any showcases although it was a popular shot in my feed and friends on Instagram seemed to like it too.

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