Each week I will be asking a mobile photographer to choose the one image of theirs that they are most proud of. It does not have to be their best, or the one that has received the most recognition, just the one image that they are more emotionally connected with than any other.

This week’s artist is Joanna Dunford

I first came across this week’s artist during my early, and brief, flirtation with Tumblr. Running under the name streetiphoneography.com, Joanna Dunford literally owned the site, gaining huge amounts of followers and appearing on Radar (Tumblr’s showcase of creative media on the network) a number of times.

Whether you view Joanna’s work on Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram or any other social media, what you realize is her astounding ability to capture emotion within the landscapes around her and her expert handling of light and contrast within black and white.

An expert eye for composition, especially with a low angle pov, some of my favourite images of hers include “Sun Shade” , “Shine On” , the amazing “In The Clouds”  and “Sound of the Surf”.

I always believe that a great photographer’s work is easily identified, as they create a unique look and a style that is truly all their own. And this is exactly what Joanna has achieved.

The Photo I Am Most Proud Of: Joanna Dunford


I decided to choose my most recent photo as the photo I am most proud of because it shows where I am with my work right now.  I have taken a lot of photos that I like but I am always trying to look forward, not backwards.

I did not go out with an intention of shooting this barn.  I actually drove for an hour searching for a tiny beach but my map reading skills are atrocious and I ended up turning round and heading home because I couldn’t find it!  I was in a bad mood and frustrated with myself mostly for being so rubbish and I ended up heading for a private beach near where I live just take a walk there instead.  I was listening to ‘Society’ by Eddie Vedder and I guess it suited my mood.  I had never even noticed this barn before and I liked that it was looking a bit weathered and forgotten.

I shot it using the native iPhone 5 camera and I decided to process it as dark as possible to express my feelings of my afternoon.  I used Noir Photo to convert it to black and white and then Snapseed to sharpen it a touch.

This photo is just another representation of how I feel and if I managed to portray that at all, I am happy.

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