Each week I will be asking a mobile photographer to choose the one image of theirs that they are most proud of. It does not have to be their best, or the one that has received the most recognition, just the one image that they are more emotionally connected with than any other.

This week’s artist is Liz Traynor

To me, there are two Liz Traynors: The first is the classic street shooter of such images as “Monk..ey Business 1“, an image showcased on mobiography already, and “Stop! Click Smile Share“. The other is the iPhone artist responsible for creations like “You Go Your Way, I’ll Go Mine” and “Do You See What I See“.

No matter the hat she is wearing, the one thing guaranteed with her work is the amount of thought that she puts into every image. As well as being featured regularly on The AppWhisperer and We Are Juxt showcases, her Flickr stream demonstrates just how adored her work is by her dedicated followers, of which I am one.

Liz is a true artist and I love her work. All that is left to be said is, after reading this feature, check out her Flickr stream. You won’t be disappointed!

The Photo I Am Most Proud Of: Liz Traynor

Life Is Art Part 1 by Liz Traynor

Life Is Art Part 1 by Liz Traynor

This image is a composite image made up of 4 different iphone photos. The four photographic images within the picture are the brick wall, the two silhouettes and the back of the boy’s head. I’ve chosen this image for several reasons but the most important one is because it represents something that I have come to believe in quite passionately – Life is art and art is life.

I use my iphone to capture my world. I live and work in quite a small town but it is close to beautiful beaches and picturesque mountains. It’s also reasonably close to a major city. I do not come to photography from an artistic background but have always had an interest in ‘capturing the moment’ using the camera. The purchase of my first iphone nearly two years ago and my discovery of photo apps has enabled me to tell stories using my images. It is this telling of stories that really fascinates me about photography and it’s what I try to achieve when I take and make images.

“Life is Art” started out as a different image altogether. I had taken a photo of my son, Noah, riding his scooter at a skate park one Saturday afternoon. I then changed that photo into a silhouette using Paint FX and used the silhouette in a completely different image using Juxtaposer and Word Foto. I saved this silhouette as a stamp in Juxtaposer and have used it many times in other images. This little stamp is my son and it represents his childhood. For the “Life Is Art” image I wanted to make something that Noah could look back on as he grew older and know that this was something I had made for him and something that I strongly believe in. I would love for him to grow up believing in the beauty of the world and the life that he has and to live his life in the most creative way possible. In the image, Noah is looking at a picture hanging on a wall. The picture is him, scooting and running. I wanted to express that we create art by doing the things that we love. At this point in his young life, he loves nothing more than scooting, running, riding his bike and his skateboard. He is making his own art, his own life, his own creative self by doing the things he loves. This is a message that I want to resonate with him throughout his life.

I think that this image is a good representation of my work. I like to use people and objects to represent ideas and concepts within my images. I think one of the basic human needs that we have is the need to create and be creative. There is no greater source of satisfaction and happiness than when we have made something with our own hands or our own minds. We all have this ability. It’s just a matter of finding the right medium for ourselves. For me, this medium seems to be photography. I often use the term that I ‘take pictures to make pictures”. My iphone and photography apps allow me to express myself, my ideas and my stories. The apps that I used to make this image were the native camera on the iphone, Paint FX, Juxtaposer, Image Blender, Be Funky, Laminar, Snapseed, XN Sketch and Word Foto.

Many of the images that I create are, what I would describe as, naïve in nature. This is partly due to my non-artistic background but I also think it reflects my love of children’s picture books and illustrations. This naïve form or art has always appealed to me. This image was also inspired by a picture book called “Zoom” by Istvan Banyai. There are no words in the book, just pictures. Each page shows a picture of the previous page as being part of a bigger image. It’s a wonderful book that, at it’s deepest level, makes us realize how we are all just part of a bigger picture. This thing we call life is more than the things we do. It’s the everyday interactions we have, the relationships we make, the connections we have with others and nature that help us make sense of our world and our place in it. It’s our creative journey and it’s our own little piece of art that we leave to others when we are no longer part of it.

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