This weeks showcase of mobile photography takes a look at 10 amazing portrait photos. Each photographer in this weeks showcase has made use of different compositional techniques to create their photos. From Karina Wisz’s use of reflections to frame her subject, to Sarah Fairbanks clever use of dark, negative space and Elaine Taylor’s use of close cropping to create an intimate and power photo.

Featured photographers this week include: Aleksandra Kot, Brendan O Se, Karina Wisz, Katie Teixeira, Maureen Ruddy Burkhart, Tim Bingham, Sarah Fairbanks, Elaine Taylor, Pli Gapas, and @lightspacesurf.

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Black and white

Black and white‘ by Aleksandra Kot – “My inspiration was that every man has two sides, dark and light. Everyday we have a choice of which one to choose from. Some people choose the wrong side, while others choose the good side. The choice depends on us.

I used Snapseed, Lightroom and VSCO. In Snapseed I used brush to change exposition, in Lightroom I used tools to correct light, contrast etc. And VSCO to use filter.”


Bangkok‘ by Brendan O Se

Trapped in reflection

Trapped in reflection‘ by Karina Wisz – “During my less than one year adventure into mobile photography, I recognized that the best photos are taken by accident – not when you are waiting for something special. This happened on this occasion. My tram has just arrived at the station when I saw a woman in the window with a fascinating reflection around her. Fortunately, I had my iPhone in my hand so I took the photo without thinking and entered the tram. The same time the woman turned back, sun set and reflection had disappeared. I didn’t expect anything special but the effect was truly surprising.”

What’s your favorite moon phase?

What’s your favorite moon phase?‘ by Katie Teixeira – “There’s no real background to this image except that the light was perfect and I had the inspiration to shoot some self portraits. This was taken with my iPhone 6 and edited in Mextures and Lightroom Mobile. ”

Another awesome model

Another awesome model‘ by Maureen Ruddy Burkhart – “I’m currently co-teaching an iPhone class at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, along with Karen Divine. It’s a class on creative compositing. We are photographing both still life images and people, in the studio and outside, for use as either singular still images or as potential ‘parts’ in an iPhone composite image.

I was going around the studio with the idea of shooting the students at work and the models in a way that depicted their studio environment.

My camera was an iPhone 6s and I was shooting Hipstamatic combo Jane lens with Ina’s 1982. I also used manual exposure since the lighting was tricky.”


Untitled‘ by Tim Bingham – “This photo was taken in Dublin, the gentleman stood out at the time as he was wearing a hat, and my attention is generally drawn to people wearing hats. I knew immediately when I looked at the photo, I was able to edit this quickly in Snapseed. My general rule is that if it takes more than one minute to process a photo in Snapseed then to leave it.”


Connected‘ by Sarah Fairbanks – “This was taken with an iphone 6, as I exposed it I turned down the exposure by auto lock and dialing it down to correctly expose his face. Edited minimally on Snapseed. I love the way the light illuniates him, in his own world, yet connected to the internet,the paradox of these times.”

Day 178

Day 178‘ by Elaine Taylor – “This shot of my youngest son, Billy, was taken on day 178 of my 365 Pure Hipstamatic Project. Just an every day moment in time. Billy will be joining his older brother at secondary school in Sepember and seems to be growing too fast for my head to keep up with. So I’m thankful for precious moments like this, when I’m still allowed in the bathroom chat with him about his day while he has a bath. We’d been looking at something on my phone so it was in my hand, and when I caught Billy momentarily pause and gaze I couldn’t resist a sneaky shot.

Taken with my iPhone7plus through the Hipstamatic app (Jack London / Maximus LXIX / Standard)”

It doesn’t matter how old you are. If a little kid shoots you with a toy gun, you play dead

It doesn’t matter how old you are. If a little kid shoots you with a toy gun, you play dead‘ by Pli Gapas

Into the black 16

Into the black 16‘ by @lightspacesurf

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