This weeks selection of mobile photography from the Flickr Group includes another selection of mobile photography from an impressionistic photographic art by Davide Capponi to a beautiful black and white self portrait by Armineh Hovanesian. Other featured artists and photographers include Paul Brown, Rob DePaolo, JV@NYC and Tomaso Belloni. Once again, another big thank you goes out to everyone who contributed to this weeks Flickr Group.

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On the fuzzy side of the street 5

Photo by Davide Capponi

On the fuzzy side of the street 5‘ by Davide Capponi – “This image is part of my new project “On he fuzzy side of the street” where I want to capture the dynamics of people moving in public places with an impressionistic feel.

This photo was taken in the Parco della Colletta in Torino, Italy; this is a place where I often go to run and when the weather is fine you will meet many people running, cycling or walking. This is one of my favourites of this series so far, I managed to capture the movement of a walker in a way that reminds the futurist art of Boccioni and Ball.

The app used to shoot was Slow Shutter Cam, the image was then processed with Snapseed, Waterlogue, Decim8, DistressedFX, VintageScene and Image Blender.”

Road Block

Photo by Paul Brown

Road Block‘ by Paul ‘Skip’ Brown – “The inspiration behind my image is my neighbourhood and the weather. I love the area of Lincoln I live in, I have the city in one direction and a more rural environment in the other all within walking distance. I also Love fog. It adds instant depth and atmosphere to any image. Whenever I see a little fog or mist, I know that if I turn right out of my front door and head towards the canal and open ground the fog will linger longer and more deeply.

Processing – captured on ProCamera7, edited in VSCOcam and the texture was added when I was testing my most recent purchase, the new Stackables app.”

Happiness Is…

Photo by Rob DePaolo

Happiness Is…‘ by Rob DePaolo – “I have a bit of a fascination with masks of all types and how they hide the human face, yet can be used to convey a very particular set of emotions (or lack thereof) themselves. I also like to go for “dark” imagery at times, and this clown mask is just perfect for that. For the record, that is my eye peeking out from the mask, so this could technically be considered a self portrait. 😉

This image was shot in my new “makeshift” home studio to give me more control over the lighting. It was taken with Pure Shot (iPhone 5s) and edited exclusively in Filterstorm Neue.”

My look suits my mood.

Photo by JV@NYC

My look suits my mood.‘ by JV@NYC – “This lady caught my eye mainly because of her facial expression as she was walking and smoking. By chance the sign ‘mood’ was above her. Being a huge Helen Levitt fan I pictured this as a black and white without much processing to it. It was shot with my iPhone 5S using Oggl and KitCam for final touch do cropping. ”

Make my day

Photo by Tomaso Belloni

Make my day‘ by Tomaso Belloni – “The image was taken on a cold morning in the Temple of Heaven park in Beijing. The park was full of people singing, dancing and playing. There was a covered walkway with people playing cards or Xiàngqí, the Chinese chess. The lighting was, as most of the time in Beijing, awful for pictures, but the quiet activity of people playing and watching provided a good atmosphere and my iPhone was ready for chances to catch it, despite the fact that the cold was numbing my hands at every shot.

This player with a thick coat, woollen gloves and a leather hat was holding a pile of captured pieces in one hand and was concentrated on his next move. I am usually a troubled street photographer as I am extremely shy and try not to be noticed while taking a shot, which of course using an iPhone helps a great deal. I shot this scene twice and in this one I caught him as he was making his long pondered move. In the processing I cropped the frame and focused on the man and the board, while leaving the characters on “the other side.” The opponent is not in the picture; there are a man with a mask, adding to the unreal feeling of the scene, a man quietly watching with his fingers entwined and a blur of someone’s coat. I wanted to give the feeling of a lone player who is about to make his move against the world.

I took the photo with the default camera on my iPhone 5 and processed it with Snapseed (crop, HDR scape and grunge.) on my dedicated iPad mini, not on the phone itself.”

Half face

Photo by Armineh Hovanesian

Half face‘ by Armineh Hovanesian – “In order to de-stress and unwind after a long work day, I take photographs! What I like to do is to incorporate myself somehow to capture the mood I am experiencing at that given time. This photograph reflects my frustration of the day.

The photo was taken with iPhone5s using the Contrast app. No other edits were done.”

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