For the second installment in January’s ‘A Moment in Time’ showcase we feature mobile photography from Heline Lam, Rob Pearson-Wright, Rob de Paolo, Lawrence Lazare, Brandon Kidwell and Juliana Longiotti from the Mobiography Flickr Group.

Thank you to everyone in the Flickr group who contributed this week. I hope you enjoy this weeks selection.

finally snowing

photo by Juliana Longiotti

finally snowing‘ by Juliana Longiotti – “It doesn’t snow that often in central North Carolina, so when it does one must make the most of it. My son was so excited to go outside in the early evening when the flakes started falling to make snow balls. When he stood illuminated by our house’s motion light, it was an opportunity to capture him and the falling snow. Taken with an iPhone 4S using Hipstamatic with Hornbecker Lens and Robusta Film”

Under the Tower Bridge

Photo by Lawrence Lazare

Under the Tower Bridge‘ by Lawrence Lazare – “Last fall I took my first trip to Europe and I made a daring decision to leave my DSLR at home and shoot the whole trip using my iPhone only. I mostly shot using the Hipstamatic app and this shot was taken while walking under the tower bridge in London. The sun was really bright, and so there were these great shadows on the cobblestones, so I shot with the Watts Lens, Claunch 72 Monochrome Film combination in Hipstamatic. I used to shoot black and white back in the old film days, and I love the high contrast and rich blacks that you get using this film/lens combination.

One of the things I love about Hipstamatic is that you get what you shoot, meaning it’s hard to make any changes after you capture the image. This shot has no post-processing at all. ”


Photo by Rob de Paolo

Patience…‘ by Rob de Paolo – “I was taking photos of the architecture at a local museum when I glanced up at the stairs and saw this image unfold before my eyes. Luckily, the child was climbing the stairs very slowly (hence the title), so I had time to compose and focus before getting the shot. It was such a touching scene that there was no way I could pass up the chance to capture it.

This photo was taken with PureShot and edited exclusively with Filterstorm Neue (crop, contrast, levels, and subtle blurring of the background elements).”

…who really cares?

Photo by Rob Pearson-Wright

…who really cares?‘ by Rob Pearson-Wright – “On a photo walkabout at Notting Hill’s Portobello Market, I noticed a break in the bustling crowds. This guy with a makeshift sandwich board sign was in the middle of the break. The crowd seemed to part around him like a boulder in a river, perhaps fearing he would rant and rave at them or just make them sign up to some mailing list.

However, he merely stood there passively with his hands in his pockets. I was struck by his stare and his isolation from the crowds through his quiet protest about the welfare of animals on farms. I snapped a few shots of him as he was staring, seemingly right through me, put my iPhone away and said ‘I care’, to which he looked up slightly. I chatted to him for a few minutes about his cause. He was softly spoken and matter of fact about everything. I took a pamphlet from him and said my goodbyes. He went back to staring at the crowd. The image was shot and edited on an iPhone 5S. I used Snapseed for a quick spruce up and then BigLens to create some depth of field to focus on the subject. Finally I used Noir for some atmospheric lighting adjustments.”

Curvature (Berlin, Germany)

Photo by Heline Lam

Curvature (Berlin, Germany)‘ by Heline Lam – “I took this photo during my travels in Germany. Berlin is one of my favorite cities in the world and I wanted to create an image that is representative of the city’s innovation and evolution in a contemporary way. I took this on iPhone 5, and edited it through Snapseed, Laminar, Tiny Planets and Mextures.”

Mystery lies within

pPhoto by Brandon Kidwell

Mystery lies within‘ by Brandon Kidwell

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