As we step into February with another installment of the ‘Moment in Time’ Showcase, the standard of mobile photography in the Flickr group remains high once more. This week’s featured artists include Mariko Klug, Trevor Wilson, Rob DePaolo, Damian Nowosadzki, Elaine Taylor, Armineh Hovanesian and Fernandoprats.

Thank you to everyone in the Flickr group who contributed this week. I hope you enjoy this weeks selection.


Photo by Mariko Klug

Whispers‘ by Mariko Klug – “I’ve always wanted to go into the forest on a foggy day. Recently I had this opportunity and I was not disappointed. It was such a beautiful mood, magical but also a bit scary. I was glad I wasn’t there alone. I had the strange feeling that something or someone could be hiding behind every tree… this is why I chose the title ‘Whispers’.

This picture was taken with an iPhone 5S using Hipstamatic Jimmy lens and DC film. With PhotoToaster I lowered the contrast and added a soft white vignette for more fogginess.”

Little Red Barnhouse

Photo by Trevor Wilson

Little Red Barnhouse‘ by Trevor Wilson – “The barnhouse is my home. If you think living in a barn sounds pretty cool, well . . . you’re totally right. It’s very cool. It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever lived.

And it’s smack in the middle of rural Vermont.

It just couldn’t be any more picturesque. But when I went out to take pictures of the strange Winter mist that afternoon, shooting photos of my barn was the last thing I had on my mind. I’d already taken so many during my time here.

What else was there to capture?

Plenty, as it turned out. Looking at it straight on like this, with the woods and the mist in the background, I saw something about it I’d never seen before . . . something haunting.

I had to have it.

I deftly traversed my icy driveway to get the right position. Ok, not too deftly. I had a few comical slips along the way, But I found my footing and got the shot. Just one. It was everything I needed.

Back inside and out of the chill, I thought long and hard about this photo. Normally, I just jump right in and start over-processing. Subtlety is not my forte. But I wanted this one to be different. Better.

So after cropping out a bit of the driveway in the foreground, I went the opposite direction I usually go and reduced saturation in Snapseed.

Snapseed is my crack. Almost all my editing begins and ends there.

I sharpened the details a bit to bring out the shingles and give definition to the tree out front. Then a small helping of drama to give the scene, well . . . drama.

Then I moved into Distressed FX to begin texturing. Distressed was perfect for this job. The textures in that app can enhance a mood like no other. Afterwards, I moved to PhotoToaster for additional texture and a wee bit of vignette.

Once I had a style that felt right, I moved back into Snapseed where I proceeded to exaggerate everything I’d done. I jacked up the details to really bring out the texture and grain. I desaturated some more. Added a touch of grunge. Then a bit of blur to the edges.

I was left with this totally cool, but way overly stylized image. When I blended it back in with the original photo, however, it all came together. Just right.

Except for that annoying driveway marker sticking out right in front of everything. A bright ugly neon green pole . . . one of many that line the driveway for the plow.

No worries though. Retouch took care of that real quick. I love that little app.

So there you have it. Being so new to mobile photography, I don’t have much of a portfolio to compare it against, but this photo is definitely one of my favorites so far. ”


Photo by Rob DePaolo

Signals…‘ by Rob DePaolo – “It’s a bit early for baseball, but my son decided he wanted to play little league this year, so after attending an early group “practice”, we took him to buy a new glove for the season. This pose and shot just naturally happened after playing around with the glove for a few minutes.

Photo captured on an iPhone 5s with PureShot and edited exclusively with Filterstorm Neue.”

Charlie. Waiting.

Photo by Elaine @Sunflowerof21

Charlie. Waiting.‘ by Elaine Taylor – “Charlie doesn’t like waiting. He’s not keen on sitting still. He’s a little impatient and fidgety (like me!). He loves climbing and jumping. If there’s a wall, he’s up it, and soon after he’s jumping off it. But every now and then I’ll find him like this. Still, with his thoughts. Staring into the distance. As if someone has pressed a pause button.

I shot this with my iphone4S native camera. The image turned out a little dull, so I used Snapseed to make some adjustments to the colour, light and ambience, and to bring out some of the detail in the stone. I added a little extra texture to the wall using the Snapseed Retrolux filter. Finally, I used Image Blender to remove the grunge effect and saturated colour from Charlie, leaving it in the wall and bricks.”

Day 30 – Achievement

Photo by Armineh H

Day 30 – Achievement‘ by Armineh Hovanesian – “I decided to participate in a monthly journal on Instagram. The theme for January 30th was Achievement.. I had to think long and hard about this one and finally I came up with the concept of Peace! Peace has been achieved in my self and my being. Next step is in the world! As for the process, the original photo was taken with native iPhone 5s then edited with Snapseed using Tune Image, then Grunge, then Black and White.”

Nothing will change by itself.

Photo by fernandoprats

Nothing will change by itself.‘ by fernandoprats – “I was about to go out of the Metro with a book under my arm and the intention of capturing a quick snapshot of Barcelona’s Vil·la Olimpica to geotag it on Foursquare, ??when I saw this man standing out between the geometry of the stairs and the trees silhouette in winter. I opened VSCOcam, measured exposure in order to avoid burning the sky, placed the focus point on the character and while walking to class, I selected the B5 preset to get that faded monochrome tone.

When I want to take pictures with my camera, my aim is to try to capture the image as I have it in my mind as faithfully as possible, so that the resulting image doesn’t need cropping or post processing unless I decide to take it in another aesthetic way.

Taken with an iPhone 5 using just VSCOcam.”

“Salía del Metro con un libro bajo el brazo y la intención de captar una instantánea para geolocalizar en Foursquare, aquel lugar de la Vil·la Olímpica de Barcelona, cuando vi a este hombre recortándose entre la geometría de las escaleras y la silueta de los árboles en invierno. Abrí VSCOcam, medí la exposición para no quemar el cielo, coloqué el punto de enfoque sobre el personaje y mientras caminaba rumbo a una clase, seleccioné el preset B5 para otorgarle ese tono monocromático faded.

Cuando decido tomar fotografías con cualquier cámara, intento capturar de la manera más fidedigna posible la imagen que tengo en mente, de forma tal que no sea necesario recortar ni postprocesar la imagen resultante a menos que decida emprender otro camino estético.

Tomada con un iPhone 5 usando VSCOcam.”

Foggy day

Photo by Damian Nowosadzki

Foggy day‘ by Damian Nowosadzki

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