The photographs featured in this weeks Mobiography Flickr Group showcase yet again perfectly illustrate the diverse array of talented artists out there in the mobile photography community. From the eery, foggy landscape of Paul Brown’s ‘The Road to the Pub’ to the vibrate coloured light trails of Antti Tassberg’s ‘Commuting at Warp Speed’, the showcase has once again been a pleasure to curate. Other featured photographers include Enzo, Louise Fryer, pictrola, Leon, Pascal M and Montse Abad.

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The road to the pub

Photo by Paul Brown

The road to the pub‘ by Paul Brown – “I find foggy mornings to be the most awesome and atmospheric of times. They’re magical. Living with one foot in the countryside and another foot in the city, long after the fog has disappeared in the city I can walk in the opposite direction and there it is lingering over the rivers and grasslands. It’s another world.

I take almost all my images on within walking distance of my home in Lincoln (England). Nature’s ability to transform the same scene on a daily basis is a constant inspiration.

This image is captured on ProCamera7, adjusted a little in Snapseed and then imported into Oggl where it was processed with the classic John S Lens and BlacKeys Extra Fine film – one of my choice combinations. Just like the scene, because I see the world in colour every day, I enjoy processing scenes like this in black and white because I feel it enhances the mysterious atmosphere.”

Shibuya – 2457

Photo by Enzo

Shibuya – 2457‘ by ???? aka enzo – “I put my wife in my own work as a signature. Shibuya is the central part of a youth culture of Japan. Especially this place is the Udagawa town which takes the lead in a club culture. This place is the surface of a wall of the restaurant in disco and motel area. I am glad if the feeling of air which is this place and which was refined although it had stagnated is transmitted. Taken by Camera+ and mainly processed by Rainydaze, VSCO, and Snapseed.”

Now You Know

Photo by Louise Fryer

Now You Know‘ by Louise Fryer – “I’m currently concentrating on a series of creative self expression photo/artworks, this photo is a self portrait taken with ProCamera. It’s a little different from my other photos in that it’s quite a regular shot and not edited in any kind of theme or era. It’s about truth, disclosing something about myself and the effect that had to someone close who didn’t know. It’s like saying “So now you know’. I started off in Snapseed to change the tones a little and add a base texture, then in ArtStudio I lightened up the jeans. I ran it through Glaze to break it up and then Superimpose. I finally added a couple of different textures in Distressed FX and then back to Snapseed to change the ambience.”

Commuting at warp speed

Photo by  Antti Tassberg

Commuting at warp speed‘ by Antti Tassberg – “The picture is a result of two evenings experiment with light trails. I was looking for the right light to give me a little bit of surroundings and a location and the right single moving object to give the perfect trails. Pure technical exercise this time. But fun. The image was captured with Lumia 1520 in RAW and edited in Lightroom. “

Use as directed

Photo by Pictrola

use as directed‘ by pictrola

Neighbour’s tool shed

Photo by Leon

Neighbour’s tool shed‘ by Leon


Photo by Pascal M

Preachers‘ by Pascal M.

Downside up

Photo by Montse Abad

Downside up‘ by Montse Abad

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