The theme of this this week’s showcase challenge was ‘Curves’. Curves are a fantastic way to add interest into a photo as well as lead the viewers eye into the image as this week’s selection of images beautifully illustrate. Stairways, architetural roof frameworks, close ups of fabrics or flowers to the natural lies set within a field, Curves are everywhere and can be used creatively to enhance your photos.

Featured photographers this week include: Janet Hartmann, alopezc72, Ian Gilson, Beth Zola, @harnaka_harto, joshauck, @laz_images, Laurence Bouchard, Fabio Morbec, @mylly64, Katie Wall, Jen Burnett, Joy Bisesi, Carol Haynes, and Evelyne Sieber.

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The theme of next week’s showcase will be ‘Wintertime’. For this challenge think snow, frost, Christmas time and wrapping up warm. So start sharing your best smartphone beauty inspired photographs by using the #mobiography_challenge_10.

The best ones will be featured in next weeks showcase, so get sharing now.

At The Guggenheim

At The Guggenheim‘ by Janet Hartmann – “Look up! Look down! Anywhere you look in the Guggenheim there are gorgeous curves. It’s one of my favorite places to view art. I captured this piece of it with my iPhone 6s+ and an Instagram filter.”

G r e e n l i n e s

G r e e n l i n e s‘ by @alopezc72 – “The photo was taken during a stormy day in a rural region of Spain, El Maestrazgo, that I used to visit several times during the year. Then it was spring and the wheat fields were in their more impressive green, with some marks on the wheels of the tractors, like the one in the photo. Only some strong vignetting during the editing process to emphasize the lines.”

Red Arrows

Red Arrows‘ by Ian Gilson – “This photo was taken on my iPhone 6s whilst visiting the Goodwood Festival of Speed with my son. The festival always has a centrepiece sculpture by Gerry Judah and this year’s was based around a large circle.

I wanted to capture some shots of the Red Arrows, as they always provide a spectacular fly-pass and, after seeing the sculpture, I thought I might get lucky using it as a frame. I took several shots and this was my favourite, as I did indeed get lucky with the flight trajectory on this manoeuvre, which was a great match for the curve of the sculpture.

I cropped the shot and added some vibrancy in Camera+ on the phone. I’m a novice at all this and Instagram and Mobiography have really inspired me to try things out and improve my photography. Big thanks to neighbour @wallopart for the initial encouragement (bullying!) to try it.”


Untitled‘ by Beth Zola – “This picture was taken at the Seaglass carousel, down in Battery Park, in NYC. There wasn’t too much editing, just some cropping and the Noir Filter in the generic iPhone camera editing. The Seaglass Carousel is a fun experience, and while I was waiting for the ride to start, I noticed the spiral and the cloud sitting in the middle.”

Blue spot

Blue spot‘ by @harnaka_harto – “This photo taken by iPhone 7 plus, and edited to bnw using enlight apps. It is a wooden staircase of one of a hotel that I stayed in surabaya (name of the city in indonesia). First, I saw the staircase from the bottom looking upwards, it look fantastic. I climbed to the top to see the view from above, it was even more interesting. I took the photo from third floor to the bottom and directly above a couch where my friend was sitting in a blue shirt.”

The Whitney Museum of American Art

The Whitney Museum of American Art‘ by joshauck – “My wife and I decided to take a day trip to the Whitney Museum. I have always been drawn to strong geometry in my photos, lines, shapes, light and shadow. So as we are going through the museum we come to this elevated level over looking this terrace. Looking down and seeing the three planters with the three people and the strong lines connecting them all I knew right away I wanted to creat this photo. I was shooting with and iPhone 6s at this time so I just snapped the photo. I use the Photoshop Express app for almost all of my editing this image included. I generally just do basic editing; exposure, contrast, shadows and highlights. Nothing to crazy.”

The Wave

The Wave‘ by @laz_images – “I was sitting with my Dad at his doctors appointment. The office was decorated with very contemporary shapes thoughout. The wall behind me was this wavy shape so I took my IPhone X and took a few shots as I waited, just to help the pass the time. I edited with native iPhone filters in black and white cropped into a square. Sometimes being stuck in the most mundane places forces the creative eye to look around and take notice to the pictures right in front of you.”

Delaying the inevitable

Delaying the inevitable‘ by Laurence Bouchard – “‘Delaying the inevitable’ was shot in Tokyo on a rainy morning. I’d seen some photos of these steps with amazing curves but it took me ages to work out where they were. I did a load of image searches on google but nothing came up. Then one day I had an idea: to search in Japanese and, hey presto, there they were.

This was shot the first time I visited on a rainy morning. I found the angle I wanted to shoot and waited. I was lucky as I didn’t have to wait for long until this guy entered the frame at the perfect point. I then made a few edits in Snapseed.”


Untitled‘ by Fabio Morbec – “The photo was taken during a walk in Düsseldorf (Germany) chasing the Autumn and my wife noticed the reflection in a nearby building. I used the ProCamera to shoot I did my usual post-production in Snapseed: vintage filter + black and white + vignetting + dodge and burn, and finally a bit of sharpening.”

Calla Lily

Calla Lily‘ by @mylly64

Getting a little perspective

Getting a little perspective‘ by Katie Wall

When your friends know you well and take you to spots like this

When your friends know you well and take you to spots like this‘ by Jen Burnett


Untitled‘ by Joy Bisesi


Hypothetical‘ by Carol Haynes – “Last year, my mother made a huge wreath with this beautiful icy blue mesh. I was hypnotized by the infinite shapes and curves she was able to create with an otherwise simple piece of fabric.

When I stood back to look at it, all I saw was a Christmas wreath but, the closer I got to it, the more my imagination took over. Could those reflective bits be part of an invisible information highway? Could the multiple tunnels be portals in time and space? Could it be an abstract vision of the snow drifts that surrounded us at the time? Who knows?! The possibilities seem endless if you let your mind imagine it.

I captured this photo with my Samsung Galaxy S7. No additional lenses, natural light, and to be honest I don’t remember editing this particular photo at any time so it’s probably straight off my roll.


Untitled‘ by Evelyne Sieber

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Remember, the theme of next week’s showcase will be ‘Wintertime’. For this challenge think snow, frost, Christmas time and wrapping up warm. So start sharing your best smartphone beauty inspired photographs by using the #mobiography_challenge_10.

The best ones will be featured in next weeks showcase, so get sharing now.

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