The theme of this week’s Mobiography showcase challenge was ‘Stunning Landscapes’, a subject that is close to my heart. The photos featured in this weeks showcase show how the photographers have beautifully captured the mood of the scene in front of them.

Featured photographers this week include: Joseph Cyr, Belinda Blair, Caroline Russell-Maynard, Edith Meier, Emma Art, Fi Austin, Marcus Walter, Javed Jeetoo, Joe LeGrand, Jen Pollack Bianco, Livia Nagy-Balogh, lkbside, loriannagram, Lou Ann Marks, Margaret Shaw, and The Phoney Tog.

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The theme of this coming week’s showcase will be ‘Minimal Space’. For this challenge share your best photos that use negative space, and that have simple, uncluttered compositions.

To enter the challenge simple start sharing your images of ‘Stunning Landscapes’ that were taken and edited with a smartphone by using the #mobiography_challenge_18. on Instagram.

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Jagged horizon, Monument Valley…

Jagged horizon, Monument Valley…‘ by Joseph Cyr – “As often as Monument Valley is photographed, there is still nothing like being there in person. Driving through the Navajo Nation in northern Arizona near the Utah border is a must for anyone who wants to appreciate what makes “the West” iconic; the scale of the naked geology is humbling. I took this with my iPhone6s and did all the processing with snapseed.”

Bathing Boxes

Bathing Boxes‘ by Belinda Blair – I was on holiday in Victoria, Australia and have always wanted to see these iconic rainbow-coloured bathing boxes on the Mornington Pennisula. They were built in the late 19th century for the purpose of  allowing women to get discreetly changed at the beach. They are nothing more than a shed, with no water or electricity, many have been passed down through generations and remain in high demand fetching up to $350,000. 

The colourful boxes, beautiful sand, stunning water and the rocky outcrops were all there to be shot on my iPhone 6S.  The photo was processed in Snapseed for Details and Tune-Up, then I used the app, Hipstamatic, which included, lens ‘Dale’, a vintage style lens which accentuated  the teal blue colours; film ‘A-Type’ plate which gave it a old style mosaic screen plate effect and flash, ‘Apollo’ which added some wonderful contrast. 

The stunning Red Hills of South Africa

The stunning Red Hills of South Africa‘ by Caroline Russell-Maynard

At the lake

At the lake‘ by Edith Meier – “When I’m travelling by train, I try to make a stop somewhere for an hour or two, and so I did doing Zurich-Milan. I stopped in Lugano, the Italian part of Switzerland, which has a mild climate also in wintertime. So I went to the lake of Lugano and spent some time taking pictures of the sea and the seagulls that were sunbathing on the boats by the river. The light was great, lunchtime, and I could take beautiful pictures photographing with the sun in front. The seagulls suddenly all together woke up, flew away, made a huge noise, as if something happened. The reason of their sudden dance in the air, was somebody feeding them with bred. They struggled just to catch some bred. I took the pictures with Hipstamatic, and used a little bit of Mextures.”


Blanket‘ by Emma Art – “This photo ‘Blanket’ was taken with my old iPhone 5. I usually do all my edits with Enlight photofox but this image is actually unprocessed. It is so simple that I did not think it needed editing. It was taken at Coogee Beach in Sydney NSW. I live in the country so whenever I am in Sydney I like to visit the beach. After a stressful day I headed to there to instil some calm. It was very peaceful sitting in the sand and the waves looked like nice giant blankets. I love taking photos so of course I had to snap one.”

It’s been a good day… full of weather again..

It’s been a good day… full of weather again..‘ by Fi Austin – “This drowned landscape on the Isle of Harris, it mesmerises me..the sounds of the water and the sea birds a constant reminder that you are on an island. I’ve been drawn to this island since I first visited it back in 2011 – you can see so clearly the colours you see in Harris Tweed – the greens, the blues, the browns.

The light here is like nowhere else and every turn in the road gives a different vantage point of an island that invites you to slow down, stop and perhaps never leave..

This shot was a straight out of the phone shot (iPhone 7) – that’s exactly how the day looked.”

The German Forest

The German Forest‘ by iPhotokunst – Marcus Walter – “I’m usually more of a downtown city photographer, but someimtes I find the forest shows me a new perspective and view.”

The Rochester Fall

The Rochester Fall‘ by Javed Jeetoo – “I live in the tropical island of Mauritius, located in the Indian Ocean. Mauritius is mostly known for its white sandy beaches and turquoise lagoons. No wonder, these are the pictures which are mostly shared on Instagram and elsewhere on the web.

However, I wanted to portray the inland beauty of my island. We do have beautiful trails, lush green nature parks, but the Rochester fall was a logical choice – After all, it’s the widest waterfall on the island with a unique and dramatic cliff face which has been transformed into jagged rectangular blocks over the years.

The photo was taken with the iPhone 7 plus using the Camera+ app, set on manual mode for long exposure on a Joby Gorillapod.

The photo was edited in Snapseed to adjust highlight, contrast and shadows.”


Untitled‘ by Joe LeGrand – “The photo was shot with my iPhone7+ while biking home from downtown St Petersburg, Fl. along Coffee Pot Bayou. This is a common route I often take and with this day in particular, it was getting close to evening with pending storms. At one point, the trail turned and I was struck with the brilliance of the sky. I quickly dismounted and retrieved my iPhone from my Otter Box and set the camera app to Camera+, which allowed better on sight light adjustments.  Once Home, I post processed the photo through Snapseed by adjusting in Details, structure and sharpening with a touch of Transform to do minor adjustments. The color was then enhanced through iColorama via Vibrance.”

Snow & Fishing Cottages

Photo by Jen Bianco-Pollock

Snow & Fishing Cottages‘ by Jen Pollack Bianco – “The scenery in Norway’s Lofoten Islands is spectacular, and mother nature does most of the heavy lifting. I shot this image on a bridge overlooking Reinefjord. The fishing cottages are filled with photographers during the winter months and I went through three pairs of crampons during the week I spent there last February.

The morning light image is straight out of ProCamera RAW– no editing whatsoever. The light was so beautiful and just turning warm so I didn’t think it required much. It works so well as a travel image because the red fishing cottages are just so charming and give such a nice sense of scale in front of the  the snow reflected the light just as it started to turn golden, giving the clouds a lovely pastel hue,  which was very different than the snowstorm 24 hours earlier. During the winter months, the cottages fill up with photographers. I try to push myself out of my comfort zone a few times each year, so I got up before the sunrise and braved the cold. I lost one of my crampons getting this shot but the images were totally worth it.”

Sunny Afternoon by Lake Balaton

Sunny afternoon by lake Balaton‘ by Livia Nagy-Balogh – “Last week, we spent a few days with my family by the Balaton Lake, which is the biggest lake in Central Europe and located in Hungary. I especially love this lake, because we lived in a village nearby when I was a child. It always feels so good to go back, even in the winter. We arrived on a beautiful sunny afternoon, and first thing I had to do was to take a short walk by the shore and take a picture of the reeds reflecting in the water.

The photo was taken with my iPhoneSE and the Hipstamatic app, which is basically the only photography app I use. I used the new ErieGL lens, Cinematheque film and Apollo flash, and then applied some fine tuning in the editing suite. I was very happy with the result, because it gave back both the sight and the happy memories of this place.”


Windswept‘ by lkbside – “I shot the photo on my iPhone 8 Plus on 1/31/18 on Colorado Hwy 131, south of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, an area dotted with large ranches. We spend several weeks a year in Steamboat, skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. One of my favorite things to do is spending a day driving around the countryside looking for photo inspiration.

The sky was brooding that day; I was attracted by the lines of the fencing stretching off into the distance. I edited the photo in Hipstamatic, using their Tachman lens, which added some blur, giving the impression of blowing snow. I used Hipstamatic’s T Roosevelt film, a monochrome film with a blue cast, to enhance the wintry mood and also the Yuletide flash to add some texture in the sky. “

First in, best dressed

First in, best dressed‘ by loriannagram – “This iPhone 6s shot was taken just before sunrise around 12 months ago during a central coast instameet on Wamberal Beach (NSW, Australia).  With no wind, a touch of sea mist and a painted sky, the conditions were perfect for creating a classic beach image. I tried (but probably failed) to look inconspicuous as I followed the three surfers up the beach, waiting for the right (photographic) moment. Edited on my iPhone using Snapseed.

Mirror Image

Mirror Image‘ by Lou Ann Marks – “My photo Mirror Image was taken with my iPhone 6S at sunset on Lake Brophy, a small lake we live on in central Minnesota.  I set the focus directly in the Sun to decrease  the brightness. The shape of the branches is natural and the only editing was to enhance the color on the native camera app.  

Land of ice and fire

Land of ice and fire‘ by Margaret Shaw – “This was my first trip to Iceland, something I had been looking forward to for a while. I’d got my favoured window seat and the skies were beautifully clear for our descent. I took so many photos as we came in to land. I found the changing landscape fascinating.

I picked out this shot in particular for the way is traces the gullies, and presumably rivers below. Although the snow looked amazing, some of the images did look a little flat. I tried various options in Photoshop Express, and settled on using a colour pop filter to pick out the orange tones which give it increased depth and mood.”


Staithes‘ by The Phoney Tog

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The theme of this coming week’s showcase will be ‘Minimal Space’. For this challenge share your best photos that use negative space, and that have simple, uncluttered compositions.

To enter the challenge simple start sharing your images of ‘Stunning Landscapes’ that were taken and edited with a smartphone by using the #mobiography_challenge_18. on Instagram.

The best ones will be featured in next weeks showcase, so get sharing now

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