This weeks showcase of mobile photography from the Mobiography Flickr group highlights ten images that make excellent use of colour in their compositions. From Joseph Cyr’s colourful doorway and window shot to Leon’s dark yet colourful, blurred out street scene, all images this week show that the use of striking and contrasting colours can give a photograph a great deal of punch and added interest.

Featured photographers this week include Joseph Cyr, Scalleman, Leon, Jim Dobbins, Tomaso Belloni, Thierry Sorin, Chris, Serdar Türko?lu, Waldemar B?a?ej Nowak and la_ma_rie.

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Yellow, green, red…streetscape in Tucson’s Barrio Viejo

Photo by Joseph Cyr

Yellow, green, red…streetscape in Tucson’s Barrio Viejo‘ by Joseph Cyr – “Tucson’s Barrio Viejo district is the architectural soul of this desert city – full of adobe Sonoran-style rowhouses dating back to the 19th century – a streetscape that’s truly unique in the U.S. One afternoon after work this past winter, I decided to take a walk around this neighborhood, enjoying the vibrant afternoon light. The crispness produced by the clean air and the angle of the sun works wonders on the minimal façades–there’s a true desert character in this architecture. So many visitors to the Western U..S. drive through towns and cities on their way to National Parks and natural wonders, lamenting the strip-mall same-ness that characterizes most of modern America. But if you just get off the beaten path, there’s still so much history and unique sense-of-place to savor.
I took this shot with my iPhone5s. I used the Perspective Correct app to straighten the lines just slightly; the shadows were already perfect. Then I used snapseed to bring out the texture a bit.”

Spreading Wings

Photo by Scalleman

Spreading Wings‘ by Scalleman – “About ‘Spreading Wings’, this picture has been taken in a public park in Aalst (Belgium). I saw those birds in the sky and I snapped a few pictures with my favorite camera app: Camera+. When I later checked my camera roll, this particular picture really stood out.
First I started by cropping it to a square format using Snapseed where I also did some basic adjustments tweaks like increase Brightness, Contrast, Ambiance and Shadows.

Because I couldn’t really get the birds centered so I imported it into the Anticrop app.
Also because I post on Instagram, I like to use Photogene4 to resize my pictures to 640 pixels and the last step in the process was the sharpening for which I took the resized picture back into the Details section of snapseed.”

Urban Jungle Crossing

Photo by Leon

Urban Jungle Crossing‘ by Leon

Decor For Dining

Photo by Jim Dobbins

Decor For Dining‘ by Jim Dobbins – “It was made in a local fast food restaurant while I was waiting for my order. The garish colors struck me as a bit of a contradiction to a ‘dining’ experience. The image was made using Viivid HDR and processed using Snapseed. I find I’m experimenting more with mobile photography than I typically do using my Fuji gear. ”

Who won?

Photo by Tomaso Belloni

Who won?‘ by Tomaso Belloni – “Last year in Beijing I photographed players of chinese chess in a park. This year, while touring small streets in search of good shot possibilities, I saw this chessboard left on a table on the sidewalk and saw the chaos after the game constrasting with the tiles on the ground. The right angle for the composition was obvious to me. There was a battle and it did not make much of a difference which side had won.

The textures and colors did not need much processing. I shot with the iPhone 6 default camera and edited only in snapseed.”

My new CBG 2/3

Photo by Thierry Sorin

My new CBG 2/3‘ by Thierry Sorin


Photo by Chris

Truckin‘ by Chris – “I was visiting a local art gallery in the DC area. They recently had an artist paint this mural [ Rose Jaffee “women in color” ] on an outside wall and a pickup truck was parked in front on the day I visited. I liked the reflection of the mural via the truck’s back window, as well as the textures and vertical/horizontal lines of this shot.”


Serdar Türko?lu

Untitled‘ by Serdar Türko?lu


Untitled‘ by Waldemar B?a?ej Nowak


Photo by la_ma_rie

Untitled‘ by la_ma_rie

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