This weeks showcase of mobile photography from the Mobiography Flickr group highlights ten images that use clever framing and compositions to create some fantastic images. From Mir ShuVo close cropped and colourful photo of a ship worker in Bangladesh to Frederic Mahy’s use of dark silhouettes in the superb ‘Trafalgar SquAir’. Featured photographers this week include Matt Austen, Tomaso Belloni, Julia Nathanson, frederic mahy, Marco Lamberto, Mir ShuVo, Jerzy Jachym, Shel Serkin and nhec?. Do you have a favourite photo from this week’s showcase? Let us know which in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Photo by matt austen Untitled‘ by Matt Austen – “The image was taken at Cambridge University. I was walking down a quiet street and noticed a small opening on one of the colleges doors. There was a porter walking about, so I thought his hat would work well for a silhouette and the wooden door helped frame him.”

Unexpected ways

Photo by Tomaso Belloni Unexpected ways‘ by Tomaso Belloni – “Major touristic landmarks in Beijing are always very crowded. The Summer Palace is no exception, even later in the afternoon. I noticed the arrangement of lines of the steps and walls behind this red gate and liked the patterns and the colors, which make it almost two-dimensional. I tried to get a clear shoot with no people. The task proved impossible, but I managed to limit the number of people in the frame. iPhone6 default camera, edited with Snapseed plus some correction with Perspective”


Photo by  Julia Nathanson railpath‘ by Julia Nathanson – “I stumbled upon this streamer-lined bridge at the end of a long walk. From the top was a lovely view of a cyclist/pedestrian path used to get through Toronto off-road. Shot with Hipstamatic (lens: Neville; film: Blanko1.)”

Trafalgar SquAir

photo by frederic mahy Trafalgar SquAir‘ by frederic mahy – “It was my first time in London, and I discovered a new world, compared to my provincial town Brussels, crowds were everywhere, elegant people, busy girls with busy expressions all around me… A paradise for street portraits. But as a common tourist I also took my time to appreciate the buildings and statues, and when I raised my head to George IV in Trafalgar Square I saw the plane and knew it could make an interesting mix between old and new, past and future. Maybe just like me, because back in Brussels a few days after, I bought an iPhone 6, opening me to new possibilities and saying goodbye to my digital cam and my old Android mobile. This was shot with a Nexus Google Phone and app’ Vignette. A really good app’.”

Waiting for the rainbow

Marco Lamberto Waiting for the rainbow‘ by Marco Lamberto – “That picture was taken the last Sunday, here in Milan we had pouring rain in the morning and we brought our favorite umbrella. I took some shots trying different angles then I’ve spotted the leading lines from the floor. The final image was preprocessed through Adobe Photoshop Express (clarity, noise reduction, sharpening, shadow recovery and vibrance) and VSCO Cam with the Q1 preset and a bit of tweaking (brightness, a bit of fade and saturation, -1 of contrast, vignetting ad +1 of sharpening).”

??? ?????

Mir ShuVo ??? ?????‘ by Mir ShuVo – “This was taken at Keranigonj Shipyard, Dhaka, Bangladesh. There are lots of shipyards in Keraniganj by the side of Buriganga river old Dhaka. The man in this picture is a Ship Painter. When I went there I saw a lot of workers working hard for their livelihood. They earn approximately US $4 to US $6 per day. They make new ships, boats from old and abandoned ships. They repair the ships and painted them like new. ‘Bangladesh was the top ship recycling nation from 2004-2009. Bangladesh became the second in 2012, scrapping around 270 ships. Moreover the breaking sector, Bangladesh dismantling 210 ships in 2013, became the third largest ship breaking nation in the world.'”


Photo by Jerzy Jachym
Untitled‘ by Jerzy Jachym


Shel Serkin Max‘ by Shel Serkin


Photo by nhec?
Untitled‘ by nhec? – “I took this picture on a staircase in one of the apartment buildings of my city. This was taken with iPhone 4 using Hipstamatic’s John S Lens and AO DLX film. Some edits were made using Snapseed.”

Which was your favourite?

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