The theme of this week’s Mobiography Flickr Group showcase is black and white photography and looks at a selection of photographs that beautifully illustrate how capturing the world in black and white can create some extremely powerful images. From Arpi’s simple composition which makes excellent use of the heavy contrast in the shadow of a young boy running through the streets to WayneG’s capture of a dog sitting outside of a cafe waiting for it’s owner.

Featured artists include Arpi, Wayne G, 2Men2vans, Dinalfs, Cedric Blanchon, Alessandro Catinella, Lee Atwell, Håvard Storvestre and Amo Iphoneography.

dance with the shadows

Photo by arpi

dance with the shadows‘ by …arpi… – “I love taking photographs of shadows and silhouettes. This was a cool fall afternoon with gorgeous light flooding the entrance of the subway stop. My little son was running in the sunshine and I knew immediately that I wanted to create this image of his dynamic shadow which seemed to float and dance among the other large looming shadows in the background. I had but a split second to capture the right moment. Taken in an abandoned neighborhood in the city, the shadow provides a spot of life to an otherwise lonely scene. I shot this with Hipstamatic on my iPhone5 with the Lowy lens and BlacKeys-Supergrain film which has become a favorite combination to capture the deep contrasts of light and shadow.

The photo was minimally edited with just a slight crop and lightening of the shadows.”

Waiting Patiently

Photo by WayneG

Waiting Patiently‘ by WayneG – “It’s a pretty obvious story, but what’s not obvious and initially attracted my attention, was the dog trying to leap through the open window. The image was taken on an iPhone 6 using the Hipstamatic App and the Jane lens and BlacKeys Film settings. ”

Up to the hill

Photo by 2men2vans

Up to the hill‘ by 2men2vans – “It was heavy fog that afternoon and the foggy clouds were around the top of the hills. So decided to drive to the local hill To take some photos. It was amazing as fogg is not very often in our area.

The photo were taken with native iPhone 6+ camera and post processed in Snapseed, it’s my favorite application. First applied more details for the foreground and a bit glow effect on the foggy area. Increased a bit contrast and converted into black and white.”

Morning News

Photo by Dinalfs

Morning News‘ by dinalfs – “In the picture my son ‘Guy’. Guy is on summer vacation now. That was photographed when he traveled with me to my work in the morning train.

In the last year I created a series of photos taken during my travels by train. The whole series was taken with my iPhone and from my point of view – each image is a story. I invite you to #mydtrainmoments


Photo by Cedric Blanchon

Untitled‘ by cedric blanchon – “I took this photo at Arles with my native camera iphone6, I posted myself and I set light focus, I took the photo burst mode and I have kept the best, then I used Snapseed for light and contrast, and I used oggl app with the combo foxy lens, blackeys supergrain film.”

Momenti di grande performance fotografica mobile al #fotoleggendo 2014

Photo by Alessandro Catinella

Momenti di grande performance fotografica mobile al #fotoleggendo 2014‘ by Alessandro Catinella – “This photo was born in Rome ( Italy ) and depicts the silhouette of my girlfriend . The photo was taken with iPhone 4 and processed with PS Express.”

urban summer

Photo by Lee Atwell

urban summer‘ by Lee Atwell – “I was drawn to this particular wall because of the interesting shadow patterns. I stood in one place for a few minutes to capture images of people walking past, and was happily surprised to discover the result of this photo – where the urban shadows echo the silhouette of the woman walking by.

I used the Hipstamtic Oggl app with the Akira Lens and Rock BW-11 Film for the high contrast effect it creates.”

copy and print

Photo by Lee Atwell

copy and print‘ by Lee Atwell – “When taking photos in the city, steam escaping from the road where there was street construction being done provided the misty background. Just after taking this photo, the street workers came and fixed the leak – ending the opportunity for taking any other photos with this effect.

I used the Hipstamtlc Oggl app with the Wonder Lens and AO BW Film.”

Balanced in Center

Photo by Håvard Storvestre

Balanced in Center‘ by Håvard Storvestre


Photo by Amo Iphoneography

Untitled‘ by Amo Iphoneography

Which was your favourite?

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