The theme of this week’s showcase of mobile photography is mobile art. The images featured this week illustrate beautifully how photography, apps and creativity can be blended to create something that challenges people’s ideas of what can be achieved using a smartphone.

Featured photographers this week include: Eliza Badoiu, Lorenka Campos, @camiladotta, @christineobrienart, @harkinjoyce, @jphpoli, Linda Hollier, @myartistway, Robin Robertis, @sf_streetphoto_color.

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10 Amazing Examples of Mobile Art 1

Birds1‘ by @camiladotta – “This image ‘BIRDS1’ composes a series that is being developed, which is called ‘Household Items – a new version’.

The images are based on household items, just like: clothespins, hammers, hair brushes…

The initial photography was made with a clothespin and the creative process was developed in 3 different apps: Camera 360, Sky Lab and Formulas; until the final image. The whole process was made with an iPhone 6.”


10 Amazing Examples of Mobile Art 2

Trio‘ by @christineobrienart – “I was in Burlington, VT this past weekend walking along Lake Champlain and the silhouette of the trees against the lake was striking. Plus there’s just something about the number three that is always interesting. For processing, I first used Snapseed to get the contrast and sharpness correct, then worked in iColorama and Mextures to get the textures and color to create a balance somewhere between abstract and reality.”


10 Amazing Examples of Mobile Art 3

Untitled‘ by Eliza Badoiu – “It’s always about the self shots that I take in my attempts of articulating the concept of time, space, motion expressed in blurred vision of the monochrome memorial time. I was focusing on the shape that motion could define, I was trying to identify time as always in passing moments, therefore motion becoming frozen and suspended time. I was focusing on how the elements, the fluidity of the hair, were captured in a closed space through gaining the balance of movement. It’s more about mood and atmosphere rather than a fixed idea. It’s how a moments transparency can be remembered when ‘now’ already becomes ‘then’.

Apps used : PicsArt, Stackables, Snapseed.”


10 Amazing Examples of Mobile Art 4

Untitled‘ by @harkinjoyce – “I only used one app for processing which was Icolorama. It is my all-time favourite because of it’s versatility.

The process started with the face, which had such a sad, reflective quality which I wanted to be a bit faded and slightly obscured. I wanted to imply from the background of indistinct buildings and cobblestones, the hint of a past which has been endured and survived but not without a cost.”

From my series “Nobody”

10 Amazing Examples of Mobile Art 5

From my series “Nobody”‘ by @jphpoli – “The series consists of models’ heads of stores intended to present clothes. I photographed only the head to serve the idea of my series.

I was looking for models without eyes and almost faceless, complete anonymization. The idea of the series is an opposition to the over-exposure in our time in the selfie, etc…

I then changed the background for a black one to eliminate any disturbing context. The superimposition of heads with the background was made in superimpose app. The post-treatment was made in Snapseed and Afterlight. The grainy atmosphere is from Stackables app.”

Lost equilibrium

10 Amazing Examples of Mobile Art 6

Lost equilibrium‘ by Linda Hollier – “While visiting “From Fashion to Reality” featuring the works of photographer Peter Lindbergh in the Kunsthalle in Munich, I used the slowshutter app to capture visitors as they wandered through the captivating exhibition rooms. The monochrome walls and floors were a perfect setting.

A constant theme in my work is the exploration of rootedness and movement occurring simultaneously. The figures in my art are often rooted in a moment but also appear to be moving in another dimension.

Lately I have been reflecting on the state of the world, uncertainty, truth and balance. Nothing seems to be what we thought it was. To portray this, after initial adjustments in Snapseed, I created distorted angles of my chosen photo using the XnView Fx app, which I then blended with the first edit in Image Blender. Further post processing was done in iColorama S until I felt happy with what I have titled “Lost equilibrium”. ”

Coreopsis ~ love at first sight

10 Amazing Examples of Mobile Art 7

Coreopsis ~ love at first sight‘ by @lorenka – “The image is a tiny clipping of a wildflower called Coreopsis (Tickweed). When discovering new flowers, I also like to look for their meaning in the Language of Flowers. One of the meanings of this flower is “love at first sight”, which I thought quite appropriate. I fancied this little wildflower the moment it popped up in my yard.

I took the original photo against a stark wall and brightened the image until it was just an impression. I then smudged a few areas to give some interest. I added a few filters from Stackables and then edged the flowers a little for definition. Finally, used the Noir setting in Snapseed for the final finish. ”


10 Amazing Examples of Mobile Art 8

Untitled‘ by @myartistway – “This photo is all about me. My approach to the world… Like we all, Sometimes I want to disappear. Just for a minute. To be alone.

As we know it is impossible but with an art of photography we can do anything. We can transform ourselves into shadows, change shapes and create our own solitude where we can be alone… only with our deepest, twisted thoughts.

Like majority of my photos I took this one with my iphone camera. Then I edited it in Hipstamatic using Techamn lens, BlacKeys IR film and standard lens. After that i used VSCO to increase contrast and brightness to increase desappearing effect. ”


10 Amazing Examples of Mobile Art 9

Untitled‘ by Robin Robertis


10 Amazing Examples of Mobile Art 10

Shopping‘ by @sf_streetphoto_color

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