This weeks showcase of iPhone photography from the Mobiography Flickr Group looks at a series of landscape photographs that use mist to create some beautifully atmospheric scenes. From Chris Harland’s Hipstamatic shot that captures a quiet country lane in the UK’s Yorkshire dales to David DeNagel’s wonderful black and white lakeside view on a winters morning. All those featured this week illustrate just how weather conditions can be used to create mood and evoke emotion in a photograph.

Featured photographers this week include Luis, Michaela Meerkatz, Chris Harland, David DeNagel, Stephanie Roberts, Cindy Buske, la_ma_rie, Mariko Klug and Allyson.Marie.

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27 / 366

Photo by Luis

27 / 366‘ by Luis – “This photo was taken with an iPhone 6 at the Cooper River in Mount Pleasant S.C. I was fortunate to have a foggy day with exceptional light conditions to photograph.

When I saw this man with his fishing rod I immediately grabbed my iPhone to get a photo. I waited to have the best conditions –no people- when I saw another man walking alone in the middle of the bridge.

I was lucky because in the same photo I captured several important elements like symmetry, leading lines, reflections, silhouette, textures, negative space and a calm meditative mood.

Later in my iPad with Snapseed I aligned, cropped and performed basic image enhancements to emphasize the mood.”

Inner landscape

Photo by Michaela Meerkatz

Inner landscape‘ by Michaela Meerkatz – “The day I shot this picture I stopped my car to catch the scenery I found in front of me because I felt very much it expressed my inner state. It was foggy and raining at the same time with very low light. I tried some shots from the outside but re-watching this landscape through the wet windscreen it seemed even more to merge with my mood as parts of the real picture were kind of fading away. So this photo was taken from inside the car.

I shot it with my iPhone 6 using Hipstamatic Pro’s Smith lens and BlacKeys 44 with no further settings.”

On High Moor, Swaledale, Yorkshire

Photo by Chris Harland

On High Moor, Swaledale, Yorkshire‘ by Chris Harland – “This photo was taken with an iPhone 6 using Hipstamatic with: ‘Jimmy’ Lens & ‘Blanko’ Film. For Processing the image I used: Filterstorm Pro (sharpening), Photo Toaster, Snapseed, Stackables, Camera+

This image was actually taken a year ago, In February 2015 – driving between two locations : Ravenworth Castle and Marrick Priory both in Swaledale in the far North of Yorkshire, almost on the border with County Durham

I’d gone to Swaledale expecting both mists and fogs as both had been predicted a couple of days in advance and felt that the conditions may be excellent for making atmospheric images of both of these ancient structures.

The journey between Ravensworth and Marrick takes one over High Moor, a fairly bleak, desolate place (though no less beautiful for that) much of which is used by the English Army for live munition testing.

Having reached the peak of the moor, the fog (or low cloud) was at its richest and whilst driving on Sturdy House Lane (the road pictured here) I saw this scene appear in my rear view mirror and decided to try a few frames, knowing how often such empty compositions can work in these conditions.

I somewhat neglected the images upon my return, and decided to use more ‘structured’ pictures from the trip, with a view to returning to them later. I only came across them whilst completing an inventory of unworked pictures which I’ll do every six months or so. It’s amazing to me how differently an image can ‘speak’ to you after a passage of time, and such was the case here – I seized upon this frame with a fairly complete idea of how I’d like it to look

About two months before taking this image I’d visited the Turner exhibition ‘Painting Set Free’ at the Tate, and the effect of seeing the works had both moved me greatly and left an indelible impression in my mind – of how a landscape can, given the right conditions and treatment, transmit its emotive power almost on atmosphere alone….and that only the scantest detail can provide the ‘fulcrum’ of the image…. so it was very much with this in mind, and with Turners beautifully natural and rich late palette foremost in my imagination that I approached this picture, and once I had cropped the image from its native square format, the flow of the composition came much more easily.

Whilst I have moved away from Hipstamatic for the majority of my work, there’s no doubt that it is a wonderful tool for making pictures in mist and fog…as it can often provide an inspirational ‘stepping off’ point into processing. ”


Photo by David DeNagel

Newfallen‘ by David DeNagel – “I wanted to photograph the new fallen snow, so I walked to a nearby lake around sunrise. It was a very cold but very beautiful morning. The overturned boats and fishing dock added to the composition. The lake had a beautiful mist over it and the snow was still slightly falling. The scene had that stillness that often impresses one in a Winter landscape. I think that winter quiet is intimated here in this shot.

I shot it using an iPhone 6s Plus and post processed in BLACK app, HP5 preset. Final tonal adjustments were made in Snapseed.”

Emergency Meditation

Photo by Stephanie Roberts

Emergency Meditation‘ by Stephanie Roberts – “About the inspiration behind this photo, I am always wishing to show the sort of less-expected vision of my native state, Florida. I will throw in a beach here and there, but I do try to feature the crazy old trees adorned in Spanish moss or the sort of prehistoric slant to nature that resides here.

I also like to find beauty in unexpected places as my life doesn’t always allow for road trips into the scenic side of things. We had a foggy morning here and I found this loveliness on the decrepit remains of a once pristine golf course. The fog, along with pointing the iPhone directly into the bright southern sun, gave it an atmosphere that felt far away from here – at least in my humble opinion.

I shot this with Hipstamatic (Jane, Blanko Freedom 13) and edited in Snapseed, Stackables and (I think) Modern Grunge. A little heavy-handed with the texture, but I’m happy you noticed this.”

Pacific Northwest

Photo by Cindy Buske

Pacific Northwest‘ by Cindy Buske – “This image was captured along the shore of Ashland Lake in Washington State. The area is frequently filled with low-lying fog due to its sequence of lake basins surrounded by mountains. My daughter and I were on an early fall hike – she walked ahead of me around the lake’s edge. I used Hipstamatic Blanko One film + Florence lens to enhance the tree tones and water. Though not entirely visible, it was also lightly raining at the moment this photo was taken, which adds further to the misty look and mood.”


Photo by la_ma_rie

Untitled‘ by la_ma_rie


Photo by la_ma_rie

Untitled‘ by la_ma_rie

Hazy Shade of Winter

Photo by Mariko Klug

Hazy Shade of Winter‘ by Mariko Klug

The silence is deafening

Photo by Allyson.Marie

The silence is deafening‘ by Allyson.Marie

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