This weeks showcase of mobile photography from the Mobiography Flickr Group focuses in on a selection of photos that beautifully convey the mystery that surrounds misty weather conditions. From Paul Brown’s black and white ‘Three Horses’ photograph to two of Jordan Cady’s misty seascapes and Jessica Andrews misty forest scene, this weeks selection is sure to offer up some inspirational ideas for photo opportunities when misty weather conditions hit.

Featured photographers include Jormain Cady, Bob Hixon, Shinnya umetsu, Paul Brown, Jessica Andrews, Apcmitch, Brandon Kidwell, Mariko Klug and la_ma_rie.

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Photo by  Jormain Cady

Untitled‘ by Jormain Cady – “I enjoy running along the beautiful Seattle waterfront. Myrtle Edwards park always provides spectacular views for distraction. On this particular morning there was a heavy fog layer on Elliott Bay, but the sun was rising above the clouds creating an amazing misty effect on the water. Off in the distance was a very large Merchant Container Vessel, which had a mysterious presence in the fog. The scene was so peaceful, and the colorful crates on the barge a nice contrast to the mist and water. This image was taken in Oggl, G2 lens with Blanko 1 film (no further processing than that).”


Photo by  Jormain Cady

Untitled‘ by Jormain Cady – “This image was from a morning run along Seattle’s Elliott Bay. In the quiet fog and before the bustle of businesses opening, the empty pier cast a haunting lonely quality. The reflection of the dock on the still water added to the depth and mysterious feel. This images was taken in Oggl, Foxy lens with Blanko 1 film (no further processing than that).”


Photo by Bob Hixon

Untitled‘ by Bob Hixon – “This is a spot I pass every morning on my way to work. When I saw that we had a foggy morning I thought I’d check out this little farm to see what it was offering.

Luckily the horses were out that morning. They were all gathered around a haystack enjoying breakfast, but a moment after arriving this little guy left the group and started walking off alone. He stopped for a few seconds giving me a shot that I also liked very much, and then he continued on. When he stopped again I saw the shot he was presenting me with and moved about 20 yards to my right to find the composition. I took 4 or 5 shots with my iPhone 5s and got back into my car and headed to work. I only spent about 5 minutes at the farm.

That evening I tried a number of different looks for the shot until finally I processed it in Oggl with the Jane lens and Black Keys Supergrain film. It was exactly what I wanted. ”

A trace

Photo by Shinnya umetsu

A trace‘ by Shinnya umetsu – “This place is the neighborhood of top of Mt Aso. Trace of rule of nature and the person who rotted away. It was the place where a story was felt very much.

The photo was taken with iPhone5s and apps Filterstorm, Snapseed, Photo forge2, Mextures, TaddaSLR. Particularly, I created the mysterious taste by Dreamy effect in Photofoge2 and, dusty texture in Mextures.”

Three Horses

Photo by Paul Brown

Three Horses‘ by Paul Brown – “The inspiration for the image was the weather. Fog is my favourite weather to photograph in. Lincoln’s West Common is a short walk from my home and whenever there’s fog I try to get there because it lingers longer on the wide open grasslands than it does in the city. There are always interesting people, objects, trees and animals to photograph in the most atmospheric conditions Mother Nature can provide. It seems to me that horses and fog in combination automatically connect us to some of the atmospheric vintage images which always fascinate me.

I was also trying out a new app at the time ‘Provoke’ – I used the high contrast black and white film and the results were impressive. I quite liked this image straight out of camera but I’m never afraid to regard images as raw material. This image was processed through Mextures to add a number of textures to enhance the foggy atmosphere. Final edits were made in Snapseed to confirm a full black and white desaturation and make final adjustments to brightness and contrast.”

On the road to nowhere

Photo by Jessica Andrews

On the road to nowhere‘ by Jessica Andrews – “This photo was taken while hiking. We had briefly left the trails and were on the road that led to the horse camp located on the mountain. There was some lovely fog that made the road look really mysterious so I handed my phone to my friend with the instructions to take a photo when my dog & I got near the bend in the road. Because it was lit so dimly lit, the resolution was a wee bit poor (only so much an iPhone can do), so I compensated by pulling the photo into Mextures. I added some texture to give the photo a more painterly feel along with some other layers for tones and deepening the shadows.”

Racing Cancelled

Photo by Apcmitch

Racing Cancelled‘ by Apcmitch – “The photo was taken on my trusty iPhone 5, which had just navigated us using the GPS into the Six Mile Water after an abortive attempt to sail! There was very little need to do any processing, the conditions were pretty self explanatory……… the image itself was taken on 645 Pro, and cropped and tidied in Snapseed and represented everything about the day.”


photo by Brandon Kidwell

Kept‘ by Brandon Kidwell

Autumn Pastels

Photo by  Mariko Klug

Autumn Pastels‘ by Mariko Klug – “Autumn is definitely my favourite season due to its magical light and colours. On this foggy day I went to explore a forest near Ebersberg in Bavaria, Germany. I just couldn’t get enough of how incredibly beautiful things look shrouded in fog. The fog turned the vibrant autumn colours into soft pastel tones and created such a mystical atmosphere…

This photo was taken with Camera+, edited with Camera+ (Nostalgia filter) and PhotoToaster (cropping and minor adjustments).”


Photo by la_ma_rie

Untitled‘ by la_ma_rie

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