The theme of this week’s showcase of mobile photography looks at a fine selection of macro photographs all taken with a smartphone.

Often, as photographers we can go through phases where we struggle to get inspired or find it difficult to take photos (maybe due to the weather). However, we can often forget that there are so many photo opportunities right there under our very noses. All you have to do is invest in a small macro lens such as an Olloclip and start experimenting.

In this week’s showcase we have a varied collection of images from Alice1280’s close up shot of water droplets on a window to idieuwke mixtures edited flower image. Featured photographers and artists this week include: Alexandra Sizova, Alice1280, aravindvinayachandran, Edith Meier, idieuwke, nhen99, Lightorb, aparnamendu, Andrea Sanders and Rosemary Logan.

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Untitled‘ by Alexandra Sizova – “In macro photography I mostly like the fact that you can make interesting photos of things from the things that are in front of you. This photo was taken in my backyard on a nice sunny spring day. I took it with my iPhone 6s and used the Olloclip macro lens. I edited the photo with the Mextures app. I don’t remember exactly what filters I used but I wanted to make the image look delicate and dreamy. “

Rainy day stride by through the window


Rainy day stride by through the window‘ by Alice1280 – “I was sitting in the car park on a rainy day and took pics of people walking by. The phone focused on the raindrops and i ended up with some depth of field. I did a lot of editing in snapseed to smooth out the backround and to darken it,to make the raindrops stand out.”

Unknown Beauty


Unknown Beauty‘ by aravindvinayachandran – “I usually try to find out the beauty in small things around us. One day when I went outside with my sister to explore the small world around us, I accidentally saw the flower and just clicked it. Even at the time of capturing the photo I can’t really understand the beauty but after cropping it I was surprised by the result. I never saw a flower like this before. I don’t know the name of the flower so I like to call it unknown beauty. Snapseed a helped me for  finishing the image.”



Libellula‘ by Edith Meier – “I often go to a small botanical garden where, for some hours I can forget about work and leave all the stress behind me. Here I like to shoot macros with my iPhone and Olloclip lens which I always have with me, is really relaxing for me. For hours I could turn around a single flower, go inside the flower with my eye (lens) and try to discover it’s soul and poetry.

Unfortunately lately, I was disappointed by the botanical garden and it’s maintenance, no flowers anymore, but this week, walking around, there it landed, a libellula. I couldn’t believe it let me approach so near without flying away.  Only about 5mm divided this beautiful insect from my iPhone. As I was afraid that it could fly away, (but I was aware that it let me take pictures from the front) I just took some pictures from the front, left and right side. Actually it was not me observing this little insect, but this little insect observed me and gave me a long time to shoot pictures and do a little video.

Very simple processing: I shot with my native camera and the macro Olloclip lens, and imported it into the Hipstamatic app (Anne Marie lens and Otto film with my own little adjustment settings).”



Ethereal‘ by idieuwke – “I’m presently stuck at home with a broken bone in my ankle. Lucky for me I received some lovely bouquets of flowers so I have some interesting photography material.

I shot a close up of this gardenia with a Squidcam macro lens attached to my iPhone 6+ using Camera+. Preliminary editing was done in Snapseed. Next I pulled the image through CrossProcess and subdued the effect in ImageBlender by blending the resulting image with the original image. Gave it a soft grungy feel in Mextures and finished with VSCO preset F3.”

The Green Dragon Worm looks like Pokémon Go


The Green Dragon Worm looks like Pokémon Go‘ by nhen99 – “I shot it with my lumia 950 at Ba Vi national park (west of Hanoi, Vietnam). So marvelous..It was a green worm that looked like a small dragon (dragonhead caterpillars). I used my own backpack as the black background for the picture. Finally, I use “replace color” in photoshop to add shadows, contrast and then to crop to create a perfect lowkey macro picture.”

Inside from out


Inside from out‘ by Lightorb – “This picture was taken early September while on a family walk around Marton Mere in Blackpool. I was trying to encourage my son to learn how to focus and bring out detail, instead of just shoot and take. This plant (Field Bind Weed) grows in abundance, so I was able to take many different shots at it. This picture was enhanced using Snapseed, HDR setting which bought more detail out in the picture. To take this picture, the phone I used was an iPhone SE, with the phones in app camera.”



Untitled‘ by aparnamendu


Photo by Andrea Sanders

Beautiful‘ by Andrea Sanders

And the light peeps through…


And the light peeps through…‘ by Rosemary Logan

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