This weeks showcase of mobile photography from the Mobiography Instagram hashtag – #mobiography – features an inspiring selection of mobile photos that use lines, curves and patterns in their compositions. Whether they make use of the curves of a staircase such as in ariari6767’s photo or use the geometric patterns on floors or walls such as Jen Burnett’s photo. All photos in this weeks showcase illustrate how you can use the lines, curves and patterns in everyday objects and structures to create stunning compositions in your photos.

Featured photographers this week include; Jen Burnett, Laurence Bouchard, David Welsh, agospavelsky, ariari6767, esieberlang, insanity_laughs_under_pressure, eskimo, Mariusstankevicius and mtktz.

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Uwielbiam poniedzia?ki

Uwielbiam poniedzia?ki‘ by agospavelsky – “Two weeks ago I went on a photo-trip to ICE Congress Centre, Cracow. Unfortunately it was closed that day, I don’t know why. It made me really upset because I wished to take some photographs in there. But then I saw the unusual architecture of the building and amazing light reflections about so I took a few pictures. Though my primary plan of taking some photos inside the ICC Center fell through, I’m glad I went there.”

Diagonal line

Diagonal line‘ by insanity_laughs_under_pressure – “This place is the tallest building in Japan called Harukasu in Osaka City of Japan. Building scale is 300 meters high, 60 floors above ground. I shot it on the wall of this observatory. I made oblique the vertical white line which it is likely to reach the heavenly world through processing. The female model was wearing an Orange Parka, so it got a nice one point. It will be taken with iPhone SE.”

Flying fish, or bird out of water?

Flying fish, or bird out of water?‘ by Jen Burnett – “I had been wanting to photograph this mid-century building in DC for a while now, it’s a bit unique for the area. I especially wanted to capture the facade’s defining details, which I adore. As it was a weekend there were not a lot of people around but there were some small birds flying back and forth. I was happy to capture this bird mid-flight in all of its aerodynamic glory, slightly blurred due to its speed.

I used the iPhone7 native camera, no attached lenses, with minor edits in the native Camera app and in VSCO. ”


Untitled‘ by Mariusstankevicius – “Long story short… my wifi router is broken so I needed to use my laptop near the LAN cable (it’s short). So for comfort I’m using the sound absorbing foam for sitting on. This photo was taken with my iPhone 7. It was taken in RAW with ProCamera App and edited with Snapseed. I added the lens blur filter, vignette, and edited white balance to more warm colours.”


Untitled‘ by Laurence Bouchard – This photo was taken at the International Forum in Tokyo.  It’s an amazing piece of architecture designed by Uruguayan architect Rafael Vinoly.  

Both inside and outside are these really cool white neon square walkways.  They are also lit up at night so it’s worth visiting then if you are in the area.  I went there in the morning to take photos inside but the sun was too low and everything was in the shade.  

Fortunately, outside was perfect & this place has lots of steps so it was easy to get a good vantage point.  After a few minutes this guy entered the frame on his phone and stood still in the middle so that was cool.  I then edited in snapseed mainly using the vignette tool.  That gave the image a slightly Star Trek feel so I decide to add another filter from the Mextures app using the blizzard filter in Grit & Grain.

We Will Become Silhouettes

We Will Become Silhouettes‘ by eskimo


Louvers‘ by David Welsh


Hand-y‘ by mtktz

Tokyo Bunka Kaikan

Tokyo Bunka Kaikan‘ by ariari6767


Untitled‘ by esieberlang

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