This weeks showcase of mobile photography from the Mobiography Flickr Group looks at ten photos all taken with a smartphone camera which use leading lines and perspective to draw your eye into the image. This is one compositional technique I like to use whenever possible. It is beautifully illustrated in Remi’s beautifully lit shot of a Dublin airport walkway or by Brendan Ó Sé, who adopted a low point of view for his shot titled ‘This divide between us will be filled with love or loss‘.

Featured photographers this week include Richard Pilon, Aimee Reist, Antti Tassberg, Remi, Tomaso Belloni, Ainul Islam, Brendan Ó Sé, Sheila McKinney, Christy Johnson-Brown and Sina.

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Royal Bank Plaza – South Tower

photo by richard pilon

Royal Bank Plaza – South Tower‘ by Richard Pilon – “I was in Toronto doing street photography in the Financial District using a portrait lens for candid shots and street portraits. I decided to stop in front of the Royal Bank Plaza since I also enjoy architecture photography. I processed the image using Snapseed on my iPad and converted it to black and white.”


photo by aimfree

Untitled‘ by Aimee Reist – “These beautiful oaks lead to the remains of Wormhole Plantation, located on the Isle of Hope just outside of Savannah, Georgia. The light here is usually amazing as it filters through the oak branches and Spanish moss, but on this day it was flat and grey. I wasn’t satisfied with the images I was getting straight out of my phone, so I processed with Hipstamatic using the John S lens and Sugar film. I think the vignette helps guide the eye and the over saturated green evokes the intensity of Savannah springtime.”

Fenced path

Photo by Antti Tassberg

Fenced path‘ by Antti Tassberg – “This photo was captured on my holiday/photography trip to Central Finland with my wife. At Petäjävesi we stopped for capturing some landscapes around the Petäjävesi Old Church (a UNESCO World Heritage site). In this photo I was first inspired by the symmetry and the timeless feeling of the view and thanks to rainy weather the image become almost black and white to start with. This was shot on my Lumia 950 XL. ”


photo by remi

Untitled‘ by Remi – “The photo were taken in the Dublin airport. Everyone knows that the architecture is modern in these places. I had to go to the airport to meet my friend and arrived a hour earlier to be able to do a photo walk. There is two terminals connected by corridors with some interesting light. So this is one of my shots made that evening.”

Come not between the dragon and his wrath

photo by Tomaso belloni

Come not between the dragon and his wrath‘ by Tomaso Belloni – “The morning sun on the Arabic gulf, nobody around, a covered path, triangular tiles, shadows, reflections. An irresistible combination. Shot with the default camera on an iPhone6 , edited in Snapseed and then Hipstamatic (Murray lens, Blackeys XF film).”

Long way down

photo by Ainul Islam

Long way down‘ by Ainul Islam – “This is a shot which I took while my friends and I were on a visit to Old Dhaka. It was taken from the top of the 15th floor. It was day after the Eid and we were invited to my friend’s house for Lunch. Having lunch we went to the roof for panoramic view of the city. It was raining a bit on the outside had to run the stair-case, that’s when I took this picture.”

This divide between us will be filled with love or loss

photo by brendan o se

This divide between us will be filled with love or loss‘ by Brendan Ó Sé – “Shot on iPhone 6 in Ginza, Tokyo.

I am always drawn to lines (pun intended). I found these diverging lines and I knew how I wanted to compose the image. I wanted a couple to approach and part on either side of these lines. Now, this is much easier to imagine in the inside of my head than to actually occur, what with me lingering on the line waiting to snap the approaching passersby. I had to pretend I was talking on the phone. I saw this couple approach and like so much of photography – patience met luck and as they came to the line they parted and walked on either side of the line.

Click! I got the shot.”

The pier

photo by Sheila McKinney

The pier‘ by Sheila McKinney – “I have photographed Boscombe Pier in Bournemouth on a number of different occasions, always drawn to it because of the quality of light especially in the winter.

On this particular day I was planning to make some pinhole exposures but it was too windy. There were no people on the pier due to the blustery weather, unusual because you always find someone out for a stroll or sitting on a bench. So I decided to capture the scene with my iPhone 6 which almost blew out of my hands!
I used to be really diligent about recording how I processed my iPhone shots but lately not so much. I often use Snapseed and will have used that in this image for sure. I most likely will have also used PS Express and possibly Enlight, which is an app I have more recently been experimenting with. ”

Hello from the other side…

photo by christy johnson-brown

Hello from the other side…‘ by Christy Johnson-Brown


Photo by Sina

Ahead‘ by Sina

Which was your favourite?

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