This weeks Mobiography Flickr Group showcases a selection of beautiful landscape photographs taken with an iPhone. From David DeNagel eerie forest scene to Geri Centonze’s dark cloudy hornbeck landcape and James Green’s vibrantly coloured tree shot. All photographs in this weeks selection show how being able to capture the essence of the landscape that lays before you is essential in conveying the feeling experience in a landscape.

Featured photographers include David DeNagel, Anne Highfield, James Green, Magikphil Mobile, Jack Webb, Geri Centonze, vlastimil polak, Lucy Alice Whitten, shinnya umetsu and Kestas Venzlauskas

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dreamesque_autumn fog

Photo by  David DeNagel

dreamesque_autumn fog‘ by David DeNagel – “This image is the result of a beautiful ,early morning fog that shrouded a country lake near my home . There is always something transcendent about fog; the water and the autumn woods surrounding the lake reflected this quality perfectly.

I shot the photo using an iPhone 6. I post processed in PSexpress, using the autumn preset; then I adjusted exposure for the highlights and shadows and fine tuned the focus. Finally, I used Mextures to give the image some texture and selective coloring and to heighten the dream like atmosphere of the scene.”

At Last

Photo by  Anne Highfield

At Last‘ by Anne Highfield – “I took this photo at a wedding I was attending in the Outer Banks of North Carolina in October 2014. I wanted to enhance the beautiful sunset so I began my editing in Snapseed where I increased the warmth and saturation slightly. Then, to soften the image a bit, I made a painterly version of it in Glaze and blended it with the edited version from Snapseed. After that, the sky still seemed quite plain, so I added some texture from either Mextures or Stackables; I cannot remember which.”

298/365. Winter is coming….

Photo by james green

298/365. Winter is coming….‘ by James Green – “Winter is coming was taken on a walk around Chalk Abbey in Derbyshire. It was taken as part of my 365 project, what drew me to this tree was its perfect shape and form and the lack of leaves reminding me that winter is not far away! The images was taken on a Iphone using Hipstamatic then edited in Snapseed.”

A Delicate Death

Photo by Jack Webb

Untitled‘ by Jack Webb – “I spent a month in Yellowstone National Park during September and early October this year. Through much of this time the weather was cloudy, rainy, and cool which was perfect for capturing moody images. This shot was aimed at a hillside with heavy erosion, thermal activity and steam from below, and thick clouds overhead. It was early and somewhat dark when this was shot and very uncomfortable. In my travels I have found that bad times make good stories. This applies to photos as well. Bad conditions make for interesting pictures. Hipstamatic was used for this image, utilizing the Madalena lens and Uchitel 20 film combo. Using my iPad I opened the image in ImageBlender as well as a duplicate, and made adjustments to contrast in the Multiply function.”


Photo by Geri Centonze

Untitled‘ by Geri Centonze – “We had a rare day in California – it rained! The rain washed away the smog and left us with a beautiful blue sky scattered with white clouds. I was a passenger in the car and shot this image through the window with the “contrast by hornbeck” app. It’s very interesting to view my surroundings through this app because it produces such dramatic results as shown in this photo. No editing was done and the vehicle was moving! ”


Photo by  shinnya umetsu

Vanished‘ by shinnya umetsu – “I photographed this image in Udo Kumamot Japan. The tidal range is very great [more than three meters] in the Sea of Ariake. A path to the sea was sinking into the sea quickly, it was very rare and beautiful experience.

Captured by iPhone 5s. Used apps: Filterstorm, VSCOcam”


Photo by  Kestas Venzlauskas

Independence‘ by Kestas Venzlauskas – “That morning I was driving to other town to meet a client, and in the countryside saw these animals in the field. What I have done – walked 50 meters instead of digital zoom. By the way – there was 10-15 shots, only this one became my favorite. Animals dont like to stand in one place and pose. Unfortunately 🙂

The picture was captured with Camera+ (it saves .tif’s and gives me manual control for focus, ISO and brightness). My first editing app became Instaflash Pro – huge posibilities to edit lights and colors. After that – PS Express – best abilities (for me) to remove grain (denoise) and to add clarity or sharpness. Then adding few filters in Mextures app and finally VSCO Cam for T1 filter.”

Forest in fog

Photo by  vlastimil polak

Forest in fog‘ by vlastimil polak


Photo by Magikphil Mobile

Vd‘ by Magikphil Mobile

a scottish dog’s life. [iPhone] [[EXPLORED]]

Photo by Lucy Alice Whitten

a scottish dog’s life. [iPhone] [[EXPLORED]]‘ by Lucy Alice Whitten

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