This weeks Mobiography Flickr Group showcases a selection of pretty cool people portrait photographs in a variety of different styles and locations. From the gritty street scenes of Mohsen Chinehkesh and David Ingraham to the more deliberately staged and beautiful self portrait by Jennifer Bracewell.

Featured photographers include Mohsen Chinehkesh, BrunoBrunan, Goh, Armineh Hovanesian, Neil Barraclough, Craig Poltock, David Ingraham, Jennifer Bracewell, Luisón and John Fullard. Let us know if you have a favourite and in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Mobiography Instagram Tag Challenge Showcase

Later this week Mobiography will be publishing a special subscriber only issue of our digital magazine that will showcase a selection of the best submissions into the Instagram Tag Hashtag Challenge. This will be shortly followed by the release of the next issue of the Mobiography magazine which takes a closer look at the new iPhone 6. Stay tuned for more information.

Tehran Grand Bazar

Photo by  Mohsen Chinehkesh

Tehran Grand Bazar‘ by Mohsen Chinehkesh – “A couple of weeks ago we (me, Ako & Shahram) had the chance to meet the absolutely amazing Turkish iPhoneographer, Elif Suyabatmaz, in Tehran and we decided to take her to the Tehran Grand Bazaar for a photowalk. It was a fantastic experience and we all managed to take some nice shots. While, I think, Elif and Ako concentrate more on the light, I usually pay more attention to people’s faces and body expressions. This photo was one of my best shots.”


Photo by BrunoBrunan

BrunoBrunan‘ by BrunoBrunan – “The background story to this photograph is that we have this golden retriever dog called Nifty, she is 3 years old and the main attraction in the house because I have 3 children. On the day of this photo I was with her on my lap. She was very relaxed and confident, that’s when I put on my neck and she did not care and continued to be confident. ”

Accidental photo models

Photo by Goh

Accidental photo models‘ by Goh. – “The photo was taken in the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin. This couple was running around the place and taking photos with their smartphones. The girl was trying different poses and the guy played the photographer role. They were a bit surprised when they noticed me with my iPhone 5c pointed at them, but I just smiled, took the picture and moved on. It may seem that I asked them to be my models because they looked straight at the camera, but in fact there was only shock of being noticed, short eye contact and this awkward smile saying “sorry, didn’t want to disturb you”. The whole scene lasted less then a minute.

The photo was initially edited in Snapseed and then I added my favourite F2 filter in VSCOcam.”


Photo by  Armineh Hovanesian

Private‘ by Armineh Hovanesian – “I’m participating in Hipstachallenge’s Makebeautiful September challenge. Each day is represented with a theme and Day 20 was the word Private.

It helps to have a theme but at times, even the simplest words could be mind boggling. For me, Private was easy to tackle. I chose to use a curtain as prop and after many attempts I was able to capture what I had envisioned. I chose to shoot with Oggl to get the desired look.”

Halifax, 2014

Photo by  Neil Barraclough

Halifax, 2014‘ by Neil Barraclough – “I’d seen the same view of the guy in question about five minutes before I took this shot, but was being dragged into a shop by my wife; I thought I’d missed the chance.

When we came out, he was still there. As we got closer, I took my phone out of my pocket and, as my wife got distracted by another shop window, I stopped for a few seconds and got this one frame.

There’s plenty of it that I’m not happy with, but I like how the curves of the bench mirror some of the other curves on show.

It was shot in Hipstamtic, with some contrast and sharpening tweaks in Snapseed.”

Scream & Shout

Photo by Craig Poltock

Scream & Shout‘ by Craig Poltock – “The image was created from two iPhone shots, both taken with the Hipstamatic app using different lens/film combos. I blended both images together in Superimpose. I then edited in Snapseed and Scratchcam to achieve the final result. The background was taken in London near Piccadilly circus and the foreground was taken in speakers corner, Hyde Park. I was trying to create an image that spoke of futility and rage against the world and thought these two images worked to that final effect.”

Vertical Diptych

Photo by  David Ingraham

Vertical Diptych‘ by David Ingraham – “This image is made up of two Hipstamatic shots (John S lens/AO DLX film) combined vertically using the Diptic app. I’d taken both shots while shooting with a friend Downtown L.A. but they sat in my phone for a while. One day I needed a quick promo post for an exhibition I was participating in and in a brief moment of serendipitous inspiration tried combing the two images in an attempt to create the look of one. After a little Snapseeding and a subtle frame from Pixlr.o.matic, this was the end result.”

I will deliver, you know I’m a forgiver

Photo by Jennifer Bracewell

I will deliver, you know I’m a forgiver‘ by Jennifer Bracewell

Big hug

Photo by  Luisón

Big hug‘ by Luisón – “This pic was shot on a Saturday afternoon, while I went shopping with my wife and daughters. This is something that bores me a lot, so I always stay outside the shops, waiting for them to come out, with my iphone and my eyes ready to shoot anything that catches my eye.

This couple was beside me, and although this is a super crowded street on Saturday afternoon because of the huge number of shops in it, they were standing as if they were alone on Earth, giving a damn about was was going on in front of them. This is something I loved, and shot several pics. This is the one I liked most.

It´s been shot with Hipstamatic (Jane lens and BlacKeys Supergrain) and used Snapseed to crop the frame and straighten a bit the pic.”


Photo by John Fullard

Untitled‘ by john fullard – “The photo was taken on the 6 train passing through Harlem on the way to the Bronx. The visitors badge attached to his jacket was what initially caught my eye but his body language and the fact that he’s looking directly into the lens make this shot for me. The picture was taken with an iPhone 4S and processed using CameraBag 2 for desktop.”

Which was your favourite?

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