The theme for this week’s Mobiography Flickr Group showcase is digital art which is a facet of mobile photography that often takes my breath away. It is an area that really shows what can be achieved with a combination of creative talent, vision, apps and mobile devices. From Armineh Hovanesian’s David Bowie inspired portrait to Sandra Becker’s abstract montage all the images featured this week are testament to the creative power that mobile photography and digital art provides.

Featured photographers this week include Armineh Hovanesian, Jane Schultz, Kathy Clay, Damian De Souza, Giancarlo Beltrame, Tuba, Eraddatz Photo, Carolyn Hall Young, Sandra Becker and Allyson Marie.

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I want to be a Starman

Armineh Hovanesian

I want to be a Starman‘ by Armineh Hovanesian – “Having grown up with David Bowie, his passing really hit me hard and I feel there’s a huge void in my life which cannot be filled. As an homage to this amazing being, I have been doing a series of pieces using Bowie’s and my images and blending them together. I want to be a Starman started with Bowie’s photo (taken by Masayoshi Sukita); I then blended one of my portraits with Bowie’s face (using Image Blender) and edited the picture in Snapseed and RePix.”


Photo by before 1st light

Nora‘ by Jane Schultz – “Nora is my cousin, an impossible human. She is a quirky child, funny and wise behind her years, someone who I believe will become extraordinary in her own way. Although this image does not show her spark, It does reveal her essence in this particular moment. Nora has the most beautiful red hair, the color of which is preserved in this edit. iPhone 6, juxtaposer, procreate, repix”

Moving in Contemplation

Kathy Clay

Moving in Contemplation‘ by Kathy Clay – “I shot the original photo at the MOMA on a recent trip to New York. What attracted me most about the image was the relationship of the woman and the sculpture in a relatively minimalistic background. The photo was shot with an iPhone 6 and processed on an iPad using IColorama and Stackables.”

Her Knight in Shining Armour

Damian De Souza

Her Knight in Shining Armour‘ by Damian De Souza – “This image was created from three different sources. A photo I took of some old books on a shelf, which forms the background, and two composite images, one of which is a blend I did of a piece of burlap hanging in front of a window, with a close up of a gorilla’s face; and the other is my image “Crazy Jake” which is a combination of a self-portrait, a bathroom tap, a rusted metal pipe embedded in a rock face and a hole in a tree trunk.

It was all put together in Image Blender. As usual I wasn’t working with a specific goal in mind but playing with and being inspired by the various elements in front of me.”

My Lunar Eyes 110 – Shipwrecking storms and direful thunders break

Giancarlo Beltrame

My Lunar Eyes 110 – Shipwrecking storms and direful thunders break‘ by Giancarlo Beltrame

…Eventually Narcissus became thirsty and went to drink from a stream.


…Eventually Narcissus became thirsty and went to drink from a stream‘ by Tuba – “I love to create dreamy sceneries and mostly my cat Bonbon becomes the main character of my surreal stories.

I prefer to start my working process with Leonardo app. My firs photo was a snowy landscape which I shot a few days ago. Then I insert and masked the sunbathing cat image on top of that. After I created the main scene, I used many apps (Tangle FX, iColorama, Lens Light, DistressedFX, Fragments, Lory Stripes, Pic grunger etc.) to add texture, light and painterly effects.”

Shadows of my remembrance Mysteries never known Vale of tears, darkness The Future enfolds

Eraddatz Photo

Shadows of my remembrance Mysteries never known Vale of tears, darkness The Future enfolds‘ by Eraddatz Photo – “Having just hung my exhibit “Memory’s Dying Dream” in conjunction with a book study ” Being Mortal” on planning for end of life care, I got caught up in my memories related to family, work and my own aging. The photo montage came from these thoughts.

I took a number of pics of my shadow on a wall using my iPhone 6+ and the SlowShutter Cam. From there using Snapseed I sharpened or toned 4 of them. Then using Montage Pro and a b&w selfie as background I constructed the image. I drew the squiggly with line crossing with Sketchbook Pro.”

Dreams and Visions: Alexis Rotella

Carolyn Hall Young

Dreams and Visions: Alexis Rotella‘ by Carolyn Hall Young – “This began with a low resolution photograph from Alexis Rotella. The source image is 507 pixels wide, by 360 pixels tall. Tiny! That includes a background, of a wall, a planter, and the word “Love”. There is, a photo border edge, with a drop shadow.

In the original shot, Alexis was wearing a white baseball cap with a Chevrolet logo, and a white, V-neck T-shirt. Her eyes were squinted, almost closed. Believe me, if I had found a better image to use as a reference, I would have! Sometimes, a less than optimal source image leaves me more room to spread my wings. There was space to fly to the moon and back, with this one.

To warm up, I savored some art history books. It is similar to the sensation of reading cookbooks to inspire an appetite for food. When I look at art books, it makes me hungry to paint, which is when I do my better work. I like being hungry for paint, I love it, when I cannot stop myself. When it is dancing really well, with me, I swoon.

I used the painting tools and layer blending in both iColorama and Procreate, moving back and forth, between the apps. I started and ended in iColorama. Taking advantage of the Apple Pencil,on an iPad Pro, in Procreate, I redrew the portrait, especially opening her eyes. I refined the composition, and the “story”, blocking in her new wardrobe, adornments and the golden ribbon turban. I love being able to add depth and refine color relationships in iColorama, and the brushes are intriguing. No matter where I start, I always finish in iColorama.

The final image size is 4096 pixels wide, by 3278 pixels tall, a scale that was not possible on my earlier iPads. It was a birthday present for Alexis. In the end, I may have been almost as surprised as she was.”

The Sirens Gaze

Sandra Becker

The Sirens Gaze‘ by Sandra Becker – “The inspiration for ‘The Sirens Gaze’ initially started from my Starbucks coffee cup logo, of all things, which is a highly esoteric symbol of a siren. This brought me into the world of Greek mythology and the subject of sirens and their predatory seductiveness. A siren it is said would seduce sailors with their songs and promises but then bring them to their demise. I did some little sketches with some mobile photos in mind & then began arranging my elements which took on a life of its own. The seduction in this case was through the sirens gaze that is further mystified by seeing partially through the eyes of the fish.

Apps used; camera+ girl, parts of coral and fish r.f. Googled images, textures mine. Processed using facetune, iColorama, superimpose, procreate, pixelmator and lenslight apps on iPad Pro.”


allyson marie

.solitude.‘ by Allyson.Marie

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