This weeks showcase of mobile photography from the Mobiography Flickr Group looks at a series of photos that use composition to the subject to the subject. From Ben Havestad’s use of negative space in his minimal Crow & Eagle shot, to Laurence Bouchard’s excellent use of the rule of thirds combined with the use of some beautiful lighting.

Featured photographers this week include Alejandro Cendan Rodriguez, Ben Havestad, Gary Hayes, Laurence Bouchard, Laurent O, Lee Atwell, Pier Luigi Dodi, Shel Serkin and Roy Savoy.

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Alejandro Cendan Redrig

March‘ by Alejandro Cendan Rodriguez – “This photo was taken in motion while a lady taking a break on a sunny day. I used Hipstamatic Jane lens and AODLX film, and I was very satisfied with the result”

Crow & Eagle

Ben Havestad

Crow & Eagle‘ by Ben Havestad – “No preparation at all. Full sun, on the beach and there is was. A crow attacking an eagle, both flying in my direction.The shot was in direction of the sun. I used an iPhone 5s. Of the two pictures I choose that one where they flew together like friends. With a bit of Snapseed the same day, this was the result.”

Stairwell 1

Gary Hayes

Stairwell 1‘ by Gary Hayes


Laurence Bouchard 2

Untitled‘ by Laurence Bouchard – “This picture was taken at Senzoku Gakuen music college in Kawasaki. I had to go to Kawasaki for some morning work so I researched cool buildings in the area the night before. Recently I’ve been using the app Pinterest a lot. This is a great app for photography as you can make drawing boards for different places to take photos. You can do this with any notes app but having a visual reference is a lot better. The other cool thing about this app is the related pins so you end up finding a load of new cool locations.

The inspiration for the picture was the building itself. It’s called ‘Silver Mountain’ and is kind of alien looking. I was worried the security guards would stop me from entering but I was able to walk in and take photos freely for about 20 mins. After 20 minutes the security guards told me to stop taking photos and I tried to explain that I thought it was a beautiful building. They were fairly friendly but I thought it was probably best to leave – although I would have liked to have taken a few more photos.

I then looked for the image I liked best and edited the pic in snapseed using the noir and vignette filter.”


Laurence Bouchard

Untitled‘ by Laurence Bouchard – “This photo was taken at Yoyogi stadium. It’s a favourite place of mine to take photos. Usually it’s pretty quiet but there was some festival going on so there were a lot of people wondering around. The architecture is really nice and it’s got a lot of great vantage points.

Anyhow, on this day I was walking along looking over the wall and saw all these great shadows from the people walking around. The more you take photos of shadows the more your eye is trained to pick them out. I spent about 5 mins taking pics and chose this photo. I liked the way the shadows were clearly defined which is often the difficult thing to get.

I then edited the image in snapseed. I used the selective tool to darken some of the shadow areas first. I then used the noir filter (which I really love) and the vignette filter to round things off.”


Laurent O

Mini-Me‘ by Laurent O – “I took this photo with my iPhone 6s. I was in my garage to work on my car and my son was with me. He went to sit on the stair treads and I told him not to move while I sorted my phone to take a photo.”

The notebook

Lee Atwell

The notebook‘ by Lee Atwell – “On this particular day, I felt like I was dancing between the sunny breaks and rain showers in the city – typical spring weather in Seattle. I was happy to have this opportunity, when the sun broke out for a few minutes, to capture this photo with the sun catching the notebook in his hand. I used the ‘Hipstamatic Oggl’ app with the John S Lens and Rock BW-11 Film initially and then adjusted the contrast in Snapseed.”


Pier Luigi Dadi

HAAA!!!‘ by Pier Luigi Dodi – “I love taking photos of Liang expecially when he shows his origins. In this photo he really looks like a young modern kung fu fighter. I shot it with my iPhone 6 Plus and processed in Snapseed.”

4:12 PM “Ruby”

Shel Serkin

4:12 PM “Ruby”‘ by Shel Serkin

Grand central station NYC

Roy Savoy

Grand central station NYC‘ by Roy Savoy

Which was your favourite?

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