To kick start a new week, here is another weekly round up of striking submissions to the Mobiography Flickr Group. Notable inclusions this week come from Sarah Jarrett with her ‘The Iron Lady’ portrait which in view of the passing of Margaret Thatcher is an appropriate inclusion. Other works come from David O Welsh, M a r i k o, Paul J Rose and Veevs3.

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The Iron Lady

The iron lady by Sarah Jarrett

The Iron Lady by Sarah Jarrett – “I made the portrait ‘The Iron Lady’ on the day Margaret Thatcher died. There was such a big reaction to her death and I grew up in the Thatcher years so I felt inspired to have a go at a portrait.

The whole image was painted and built up in Procreate. She had many distinctive features that I wanted to capture – the swept back, controlled hair, the blue suit and pearls but her eyes and her defiant piercing stare. Her mouth was really difficult – I wanted her to be very strong in the picture but I wanted to give some vulnerability in her mouth. I used the daffodil and the little Union Jack to emphasise her Britishness.

I used textures in Distressed FX and Miracam to subdue the colours and give the image a vintage, faded look but still contemporary with the splashy paint and drips.

I had a huge reaction to the picture, it seemed to act as an important opportunity for many people to unleash their feelings about her which was inevitable on the day of her death and the ongoing anger about her funeral. As a child in Thatcher’s Britain I remember bleak years with the break up of the unions, the poll tax, the selling off of council houses, privatisation of industry, the Falklands War and the deliberate destruction of community on every level.”


Elevation by David O Welsh

‘Elevation’ by David Welsh – “I shot this photo on Dallas Forth Worth International Airport, terminal D, while waiting on my next flight to get back home, I began to explore interesting photographs; walking near the escalators that gets you to the Skylink I observed higher intensity of light over the second floor. I wait to a while to think about the composition, “elevation” was the first word that came into my mind.

The process: the position of the iPhone was near the height of my waist with few degrees of tilt. To create a more dynamic effect, I had attached the Fish-Eye from iPro Lens. I processed with Snapseed in my iPhone. I started to crop the image using the rule of thirds in aspect ratio 1:1, with Tune Image increased the ambiance to 33% , with Black & White increased the contrast to 33%.”

Follow Your Own Path

Follow Your Own Path by M a r i k o

‘Follow your own path’ by M a r i k o – “This is a field path in my neighbourhood where I often walk my dog. It was already late in the afternoon, the sun was going down, so the light was perfect. I love this place and how this path leads to this lonely tree.

This image was taken with ProCamera and edited with PhotoToaster on my iPhone 4.”

‘Online Shopping’

Online Shopping by Paul J Rose

‘Online Shopping’ by Paul J Rose – “I have been interested in photography for quite a number of years but only became interested in mobile photography / iPhoneograhy since I purchased my first iPhone, the 4S, just over a year ago. It was only then that I started experimenting with street photography, as I felt the iPhone offered me a less intrusive way of capturing candid street images similar to those I had so admired from other mobile photographers.

I work in the centre of town and do most of my street photography during my 30 minute lunch break. I was returning to work when I saw this character standing in the bus shelter, slightly worse for wear, and I just knew I had to try and capture his portrait. It was a bonus that the guy in the background was approaching and I feel he adds to the overall balance of the image and has a story all of his own to tell. The message being portrayed on the poster behind the main character was one of global poverty and, again, is something that I feel helps the viewer identify with the main characters own personal situation. The angle of the shot is something I purposefully do as I like the random and chaotic effect it gives to my images.

The image was taken on an iPhone 4S (I’m now using an iPhone 5) with the camera replacement app called 645 PRO (which allows images to be saved in uncompressed TIFF files). I processed the image on my iPad 3 using an app called Snapseed – Tune Image – adjusted brightness, ambience and contrast. Cropped to a square format. Added a touch of sharpening and structure. Converted to B&W and increased the contrast, finishing off with the Drama option.”

The London Eye 1

The London Eye 1 by Veevs3

‘The London Eye 1’ by Veevs3 – “I enjoy walking in the South Bank. The London Eye is a beautiful icon of London and I love to take photos of it from all kinds of angles wanting to capture its beauty! I love the grungy/painterly look and applied this to my photo using Hipstamatic Tinto and C Plate then editing the image with DistressedFX and Photocopier.”