As we move into the second week of April, here is a round up of the past week’s photography from the Mobiography Flickr Group. The cream of the crop this week comes to you courtesy of Sarah Jarrett, Dilshad Corleone (otherwise known as italian brother), Damian Nowosadzki, BryanDoaneiPhoneography and Alon Goldsmith.

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Seeker by Sarah Jarrett

‘Seeker’ by Sarah Jarrett – “‘Seeker’ is part of a series of self portraits I shot using Slow Shutter. In these pictures I am interested in motion and distortion. I usually shoot from the ground upwards so that the distortion is exaggerated. This was taken outside in sunlight against a bright cloudless sky. What I really like about slow shutter is the patience it demands, for the one image that does yield something really unique, there are a countless number that end up being deleted. My editing on these images is very simple, just Snapseed only.”

Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades by Itanlian Brother

‘Ace of Spades’ by italianbrother – “i was out on a lonely photo-walk, trying to shoot for my workshop with Sion Fullana and Anton Kawasaki. What they had requested was a few photos that would tell a story and with very little editing. I went to Covent garden and saw this magnificent character, snapped him twice, or maybe more… And then the lady approached him, and asked if she could take a photo? He agreed and flashed her with the finger! I just did what I always do and photographed that seen too.

The photo that I posted on Flickr was the first I took of him without asking. However when the lady went away, I sat down near him and started talking to him. He told me that was coming back from a Funeral of his best friend, and he felt very lonely that day. we spoke for a little while and then I went. an amazing Character!”

25 sec of silence

25 Sec of Silence

’25 sec of silence’ by Damian Nowosadzki – “This photo was taken last week in Sosnowiec (Poland). It was very foggy day, so i was taken my iPhone and go outside. I was walking and walking and saw this: fogg, lonely tree and lonely cross. Photography is kind of philosophy – must be true and must stay in your head, eyes and heart!”


Untitled by BryanDoaneiPhoneography

‘Untitled’ by BryanDoaneiPhoneography – “I am an avid reader of Snap magazine. I love photography and mobile photography and I mainly do street photography but I want to branch into fashion and artistic portraiture. So one day i read Snap and found an article about “Budoir” photography. I really liked it artistically and set out to find a model to literally volunteer for a project. I found Shai Cohen through and did the shoot using mostly Hipstamatic and for a few shots 645Pro. I used a home made reflector for lighting. In this portrait I used 645 pro for the shot and appstacked and no longer remember the apps I used specifically but I remember a few that I used atleast, Pixlr Express+ and iPhoto.”

Noa Lily

Noa Lily by Alon Goldsmith

‘Noa Lily’ by Alon Goldsmith