September’s closing edition of ‘Capturing the Moment’ showcase features the photographic talents of Ryan Vaarsi, Erika Brothers, Andrew Chambers, John Fullard, David DeNagel, Jeffrey Simpson and Anthony Foster from the Mobiography Flickr Group. Once again the standard of photographs submitted to the group has been high and it has been another tough challenge to narrow down this week’s selection so a big thank you to all the group members who contributed this week.

Nickel Diner, Los Angeles

'Nickel Diner, Los Angeles' by Ryan Vaarsi

Nickel Diner, Los Angeles‘ by Ryan Vaarsi – “They were classic hipsters. The thrift store chic and modish hair. The wool cap on an 80-degree day. The tattoos that were a little too deliberately antique. They were having a hushed conversation about something-or-other. Whatever it was, they both found terribly amusing. Maybe it was me, perched there with my Galaxy S4, like some damn dirty tourist. We were outside of The Nickel Diner, a fantastic nouveau greasy spoon in Downtown LA (3 words: maple bacon donut). They told me at the door that the wait for a deuce would be about 20 minutes, which seemed like plenty of time for some photo hijinks.

The window caught my eye before the lad with the Saturnine visage. It has that timeless diner vibe: paint on glass, bold colors, a mannequin’s head wearing a meringue hat. Classic moves. The window was the thing, but any backdrop benefits from a little human action. And I wasn’t about to ask these two gents to move.

I usually go for subterfuge when I’m photographing in the streets. I want a natural vibe and a hint of photojournalism in my photos. The fly-on-the-wall approach generally gets me the results I want. That wasn’t an option this time. I was all of 6 feet from my subjects, so I made no attempt at subtlety, just stood there and blasted away. I can’t decide if they noticed me and found me amusing or if they were so wrapped up in their conversation that my behavior went unnoticed. Maybe a little of each. The girl wasn’t with them, though she might be the target of Mr. Wool Cap’s leer. Her posture just kills me. So world-weary for a young American.

I kept my edits simple. Some cropping and sharpening in Snapseed, then over to Afterlight for a little color correction. Et voila, as they say”


'Arlequin' by Erika Brothers

Arlequin‘ by Erika Brothers – “What I do is take several pics, and based on moments of inspiration on different topics my work evolves on each pic. In this particular case I wanted to express the beauty and characterization of the complex world of the circus and its art reflected in each show person.

First I used Procamera for the first shot, and Superimpose for the costume and this pic used Procreate to high colors on the background and face. Next I used SnapSeed, Mixtures and PicGrunger for the final touches for the overall pic refinements.”

 Urban in circles

'Urban in circles' by Andrew Chambers

Urban in circles‘ by Andrew Chambers – “I recently bought The Art of iPhone photography book which made me want to tryout new styles and ideas and tempting app purchasing.  I went though my old images and came a cross a image I had discarded before taken in London on a Ampt Community photo walk,I liked the simple shape to the image and whited to give the image a end of the day moody feeling. The apps I used Percolator, Handyphoto, iDesign, Snapseed, Repix, Popsicolor and Blender”


'IMG_3425' by John Fullard

IMG_3425‘ by John Fullard – “This is a totally lucky shot. When I’m in the subway system I’m almost always looking out for something to photograph and this is one of those pictures where you just hit the shutter and hope for the best. With something like this you can never really predict the results but in this case I got lucky; from the position of the train in the frame to the way light seems to pass through it. The guy was on the opposite platform swinging his arms and, again, I just got lucky and caught them at the right time.

Shot with an iPhone 4G, Hipstamatic app, Libatique73 lens, Sugar film. Converted to B&W in iPhoto.”


'iPhoneographers' by dcd.49

iPhoneographers‘ by dcd.49 – “The photo was taken in the Old Court House in St. Louis, MO. I was standing near a woman and two children. I assumed it was a mother and her son & daughter out sightseeing. The woman asked the boy to stand still for a portrait as she positioned her camera phone below him,shooting upward toward the ornate domed ceiling. The daughter, having her own cell phone, decided to lie on her back and shoot the ceiling from that perspective.

I found the group made a strong composition; the rigid stance of the boy contrasted strongly with the contorted positions of the other members of the party. The lighting was sort of a chiaroscuro that lent some drama. There was also the added irony of three of us, all shooting with camera phones. I used an iPhone 5,Camera Noir and post processed with Snapseed.”


'Reflecting' by Jeffrey Simpson

Reflecting‘ by Jeffrey Simpson

Warp Speed

'Warp Speed' by Anthony Foster

Warp Speed‘ by Anthony Foster

Do you have a favourite?

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