The next installment of Septembers ‘Capturing the Moment’ showcase features the talents of Albion Harrison-Naish, Damian Nowosadzki, Erika Brothers, David DeNagel and Mohsen Chinehkesh from the Mobiography Flickr Group. Once again it has been a tough challenge to narrow down this weeks selection so a big thank you to all the group members who contributed this week.

Blind love

'Blind love' by Erika Brothers

Blind love‘ by Erika Brothers – “The inspiration of this photo was based on experimenting different shots and angles to project a certain image. The emotional significance was based on showing an image of deliverance to blind love.

The photo was processed with ProCamera as the first shot, then Superimpose and final adjustments I use Camera+ and Snapseed.”

Leaping the Edge

'Leaping the Edge' by David DeNagel

Leaping the Edge‘ by David DeNagel – “This photograph was taken during a trip I made to my hometown, St.Louis, MO. I was visiting the riverfront and the Memorial Arch. Photo opportunities seem to be always there. This image came about at the base of the Arch where I saw three individuals, two young men and a young girl. She was taking pictures of the men in various poses and attitudes. I watched carefully to see what antics or gesture they would attempt next, when one of the young men attempted to jump up and straddle the Arch. I found it very compelling in its unusualness and from a symbolic point of view. It seemed he was playing precariously on a “razor’s edge” It became a metaphor for me of both spontaneity and danger. The onlooker could have played the part of everyman. Of course due to the candid nature of this event I had to work very quickly.

The Hipstamatic combo I was using (Wonder lens, C type film) was a good choice to highlight this mood in my opinion. There was a crop made to strengthen the impact of the image but no additional processing to those wonderful Hipstamatic tones.”


Untitled by Mohsen Chinehkesh

Untitled‘ by Mohsen Chinehkesh – “I really love to use the combination of light and shadows in street photography! Shadows are pure forms able to make a dramatic impact by lending the soul of their source to the scene. My goal is to match and compose light, shadows and subjects inside a frame in a way which feels natural.”


Noir by Paula Gardener

Noir‘ by Paula Gardener – “I’ve been inspired lately by black & white portrait photography with minimal editing. So I decided to shoot a series of self portraits. With this particular portrait I was trying to recreate a studio look, as if it was shot using lights, flash etc. However this was taken using a natural light source from a window. Post editing apps like Snapseed and Camera Awesome helped me create the studio feel I was looking for. The tricky part was trying to get my skin tone as dark as possible without losing too much detail in my right eye. ”

Rise of the shadow people

'rise of the shadow people' by Albion Harrison-Naish

Rise of the shadow people‘ by Albion Harrison-Naish – “I took this shot on one of my occasional lunch breaks from work in the city, a time when I get a great deal of my shots. Wandering off from work in search of some good patches of light and shadow, I came across this little angled piece of light that large numbers of people were scurrying across. It is a favourite stretch of street for me, being round the corner from work and having a whole host of different light and shadow patterns at different times of day and slightly differing spots along a short space of street. Spying some nooks created by these half column like parts of the building, I took this just as I started to drift across and through the crowds to settle half in one of those nooks and take a few shots of the passing shadows. I like the slightly raggedy nature of it and the way that almost suggests a bunch of zombies or some such.

I must admit I remember little else of the taking of this shot as although I only posted it to flickr in the last few days, I took it over a year ago now and photographically that feels a lifetime ago. It was taken with an iPhone 4 and the Hipstamatic app. John S lens and BlacKeys SuperGrain film were used and there has been no editing. ”

Trip to the forest…

'Trip to the forest...' by Damian Nowosadzki

Trip to the forest…‘ by Damian Nowosadzki

Do you have a favourite?

Do you have a favourite from this weeks selection? Let us know your thoughts on this weeks featured photos in the comments below. If you haven’t already joined the Mobiography Flickr Group then head on over and join in the fun.