This weeks Capturing the Moment showcase features another selection of mobile photography from the Mobiography Flickr Group. In this second edition for September we feature a varied selection of styles from artists asleepundercolumnsovlight, David DeNagel, Photomikro, John Fullard, Petyrc, Jennifer Bracewell, Patty Larson and titanikascontainer1.

Once again thank you to all who contributed to the Flickr group this week. It was a very difficult assignment to choose this small selection of images to feature.

Model tantrum

'Model tantrum' by asleepundercolumnsovlight

Model tantrum‘ by asleepundercolumnsovlight – “With “Model Tantrums” I wanted to capture that moment in a child’s life where they are perceived as young adult but still have those infantile moments that can make a parent realize one of the many reasons that no matter how old they get, the child will always be “their baby”. I find those moments become fewer and far between as my son grows older. This is my constant reminder I share with the world.

I took two shot with Hipstamatic at slightly different ranges and combined them with Diptic. Using Retouch, I erased a few kinks to give the look of one solid piece. In the end I used ScratchCam for the slight scratches.”

My Father, at 91 years

My Father at 91 years by David DeNagel

My Father, at 91 Years‘ by David DeNagel – “My Father lives in his home about an hour from me. Still, I try to visit him as often as possible. On this occasion, he had been out of the hospital for about a month and I wanted to see how he was doing. It was still hard for him, but he was improving.

The inspiration behind this photo is simply, a commemoration of his humanity and the mortality of all of us. It represents the love of a son for the man who sired and raised him the best way he knew. The photo was processed from a basic shot with the IPhone 5 and Camera Noir. Natural Light. Further processing of background with Big Lens.”

Stealing a kiss

Stealing a kiss by Petyrc

Stealing a kiss‘ by Petyrc – “The image was taken in front of the Brick & Mortar Music Hall in San Francisco, CA. The couple was waiting in line for the doors to open to see Smith Westerns play that night. The couple would talk for a while and then kiss, talk and kiss, talk and kiss which went on for a while. I though it was interesting how they appeared to be in their own little world completely oblivious to everyone else around them. It’s kinda pare for the course living in the city. People just do their own thing and the hell with everyone else. I knew capturing their kiss would make for an interesting photo so I took a pic of them.

The image was taken with the app 6×7. There was no post processing involved. I only cropped the image a bit to make it a little tighter and that was it.”


Untitled by Jennifer Bracewell

Untitled‘ by Jennifer Bracewell – “This is a photo of my 4 year old daughter and our chihuahua. We were taking a walk around the neighborhood and she got ahead of me. I asked her to wait and as she turned I saw a precious moment I wanted to capture. I had my phone handy (as usual) and used Oggl to take and process the image. It’s just a sweet moment frozen in time, a girl and her dog ”

Paso sin ver!

Paso sin ver! by Patty Larson

Paso sin ver!‘ by Patty Larson – “This photo expresses how important it is to look into the eyes of people. I think when we see, we can reach the soul of the other person. The day I made this photo, I saw something different in eyes that I like to see, so you better pass without seeing. The apps that use were elasticam, camera+, sketch club, icoloramaS and pic grunger.”


Untitled by titanikascontainer1

Untitled‘ by titanikascontainer1

All your lies have turned to logic

'All your lies have turned to logic' by Photomikro

All your lies have turned to logic‘ by Photomikro


IMG_9663 by John Fullard

IMG_9663‘ by John Fullard – “I developed an interest in street photography after moving to New York about 6 years ago. Once I got my hands on an iPhone I began making candid portraits of people riding the subway. Over the years I’ve taken thousands of such photographs and, after a while, little sub-sets began to emerge – people yawning, sharing headphones, with plasters on their face etc., or, like this one, where the face of the subject is obscured. A good portrait to me is one that makes you want to know more about the subject and their lives. Apart from conjecture or bias you know nothing about the people in the photographs and not being able to see their face takes that to another level.

This image was captured with the Hipstamatic app using Blanko film and the Libatique73 lens.

The rest of my subway photographs can be seen on my Flickr photostream

Do you have a favourite?

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