This weeks showcase features another mouth watering selection of mobile photography from some of the the talented members of the Mobiography Flickr Group. This weeks feature includes work from Cedric Blanchon, Melissa Johnson, René Valencia, Albion Harrison-Naish, Chris Stern and Patty Larson.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to the Flickr group this week. It was a tough challenge choosing a small selection to feature.

Santa Monica

Santa Monica by Patty Larson

Santa Monica‘ by Patty Larson – “This photo was taken for my best friend. His name is Monica and a few days ago it was the day of St. Monica. Here in Mexico people are accustomed to congratulate not only the day of a birthday, but also celebrate the day of their saint named. I found it a nice way to thank him for his friendship.

The apps that use were: Elasticam, superimpose, sketch club, pic grunger, icoloramaS and mextures.”

All Alone

All Alone by Chris Stern

All Alone‘ by Chris Stern – “This photo was taken at a photography workshop in Lawrence, MA where we photographed several floors of the mills in their abandoned state. My goal of the workshop was to capture the mood of the mills while focusing on the light which would translate well in black and white photograph. I happened upon this scene where the light was just right and the chair happened to be nearby. I moved the chair to a spot place where the light would cast a shadow and slight reflection.

Tip – Sometimes you see a scene and it doesn’t connect to you, but if you find an object that would make it more visually appealing, use it to your advantage as I did with this image.

This photo was captured with iPhone 5 using ProHDR and edited with the following apps MonoKrom, Crop Suey, Noir, Retouch and Snapseed.”

Are the trees listening?

Are the trees are listening? by Albion Harrison-Naish

Are the trees listening?‘ by Albion Harrison-Naish – “For me this shot epitomises my current approach to my street photography. I tend to walk along at a reasonable clip shooting from the hip, chest, over the shoulder, behind me with my phone hanging at my side or any other way that allows for me to let my instinct take over. I enjoy this for two main reasons. For me, it seems to better capture the energy I feel out there taking street shots. Also still being fairly new to this whole photography lark, I find this approach encourages me to experiment with how to frame a shot, what point of view to choose and all those other little variables. You take shots you’d never otherwise consider when you are just responding to impulse and not getting too caught up in deciding if it is a worthwhile shot or not. This works especially well when you are shooting street where you need to respond quickly anyhow.

In this shot, I was just starting my once weekly lunch break in the city, during which I take the majority of my photos. To one side of the building that my workplace is in, there is this wall. It is part of the base to a tower building and ‘separate’ car park next door. This wall gets some good tree shadows and also great light at about the time I lunch. So I tend to start my walk in this direction and enjoy the challenge of getting something new and different as I pass. On this occasion I was drawn to the tree’s shadow, which had a spookier edge than usual. I snapped off a couple, stopping for a rare moment, and as I was leaving noticed the mood created by the way the woman entered the scene. So I quickly snapped this half over my shoulder and it is indeed quite different to any other shot I’ve taken along this stretch of street over the last year and a bit.

The moment I took it I knew it was the keeper and so happily moved on and indeed had one of those lunch time walks where I grabbed a whole lot of nice shots, which is always such a pleasure.

It is taken with the hipstamatic app on an iPhone 4 and is straight from the camera. ”

Cathedral of Guadalajara puddle

Cathedral of Guadalajara puddle by René Valencia

Cathedral of Guadalajara puddle‘ by René Valencia – “Every day I walk to work in the center of Guadalajara. When the rainy season started I saw that the puddles that had formed in the square opposite the cathedral were generous reflecting the majesty of the building. The first day I could not find the appropriate pool, but the second day I arrived very early and made several shots hoping to capture the essence of the building. In the final edition I did several tests until it was to my liking. I love my city.”


'Untitled' by Melissa Johnson

Untitled‘ by Melissa Johnson – “This image was the result of an impromptu photo session after finding a rather large dandelion seed head. I plucked it from the sidewalk, drove it home, and pulled out the Olloclip for my iPhone 5.

I wanted to create something stark and reminiscent of Robert Mapplethorpe’s black and white flower images. To create the stark, crisp black and white I was looking for, I shot this image using my iPhone 5 with the Olloclip, using the Hipstamatic app–Blackeys Extra Fine film, GSQUAD (or G2 for later versions) lens, no flash.”

Four to the floor

'Four to the floor' by Cedric Blanchon

Four to the floor‘ by Cedric Blanchon

Do you have a favourite?

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