The next installment of the ‘Capturing the Moment’ showcase features the talents of Mark T Simmons, Leon, Shel Serkin, Catherine Restivo, Lee Thatcher and GaryA101 from the Mobiography Flickr Group. I hope you enjoy this weeks selection. Thank you to all the group members who contributed this week.


Escape by Mark T Simmons

Escape‘ by Mark T Simmons – “‘Escape’ is part of a series of images I shot over a two day period predominately in Boston’s North End. The area is very European in look but has those traditional American fire escapes that catch the amazing light that seems to bounce off every building. The North End is a photographer’s dream.

With this image, I wanted to shoot the fire escape from almost beneath, to show how the block shadows engulf it as the day goes by, while also conveying how, when light and shadow are found like this, the minimalist approach to photography can sometimes be the most powerful.

This, like the rest of the series of images from Boston, is pure Hipstamatic, using the BlacKeys SuperGrain film and Jane lens only.

Te Rewa Rewa bridge

Te Rewa Rewa bridge by Leon

Te Rewa Rewa bridge‘ by Leon – “Taken in New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand. My work takes me to this area every few weeks and I always visit this bridge either early morning or at dusk, this shot was taken earlier this year at dusk, to my eye this bridge is more a work of art that people walk across. The designer situated the bridge to frame Mt Taranaki in the background, everything about this struture just works, from one end it looks like a wave crashing on the beach, from the other a whales back bone. I had to wait for a bit until it was free of people then snapped it using 645pro, I always use a tripod and self timer. I hadn’t apped this image until a couple of weeks back, and then only a light touch of Snapseed, Distressed FX and Handy Photo to really bring out what was already there.”


Fett by Shel Serkin

Fett‘ by Shel Serkin – “I don’t have much to say about this photograph. It was shot a few blocks from this year’s New York Comic Con with oggl on an iphone 5s.”

The Watched

The Watched by Catherine Restivo

The Watched‘ by Catherine Restivo – “It was taken at the laundromat… While waiting for my clothes to dry, I was peering through my Hipstamatic viewfinder looking for interesting angles/shapes. This man was there, waiting as well, and I shot this through one of the circular dryer doors.”



Untitled‘ by Lee Thatcher – “This image was shot in London, close to Carnaby Street.  I was walking by the window and at the time I was just looking to focus on a few reflection shots. I liked the look of the stripey mannequin in the window and thought with the buildings reflected it would make for a nice picture. It was shot with Hipstamatic (using G2 Lens and Rock-BW) and it was cropped and sharpened in Snapseed.”


Untitled by GaryA101

Untitled‘ by GaryA101 – “The background was I was having breakfast with my wife (a rare occurance as we both had a day off from work!), and I saw these two boyfriend and girl friend come in. The guy was obviously in awe of his date. They sat down right opposite us as we were leaving. Thought I had an interesting image as soon as I saw his arm go round his date.I liked the little daylight on the girls hair, the slight isolation of the couple but together as a couple as one. The image has no cropping which I always strive for. It was processed in Snapseed in the iphone.”

Do you have a favourite?

Do you have a favourite from this weeks selection? Let us know your thoughts on this weeks featured photos in the comments below. If you haven’t already joined the Mobiography Flickr Group then head on over and join in the fun.