For the third installment in November’s ‘Capturing the Moment’ showcase we feature mobile photography from Thomas Campos, Robin Robertis, Clint Cline, Chris Stern, John Fullard and Lola Mitchell from the Mobiography Flickr Group. Thank you to everyone in the Flickr group who contributed this week. I hope you enjoy this weeks selection.

Yin and yang and up and down

Photo by Thomas Campos

Yin and yang and up and down‘ by Thomas Campos – “To me ‘Yin and Yang and Up and Down’ represents being in a moment of your life where you aren’t sure which way to go. You are stuck trying to figure out the best route to take and imagining the outcomes that will come from your choice. For me, it’s the type of situations that you come across where you either choose a route by going ‘up’ with blind faith and not being sure how it will be and just hoping for the best or going ‘down’ and settling for something you are sure about and hoping that it will settle well for you. Either which road you take, it takes time and it won’t be easy. Up or down, it could be bad or good. I used the fisheye lens from the olloclip then converted to black and white and did basic minor selective adjustments with snapseed.”


Photo by Robert Robertis

2‘ by Robin Robertis – “Apped in Snapseed. I used Drama filter on 2, then black and white filter using the contrast option, selective tool to taste. This is my Friend who I work with. We are both flight attendants laying over in Shanghai. We both like to discover off and on the beaten path. This photo was taken as I watched her serenely walk the
Jing’An Temple, built in the 3rd century, and a Buddhist practicing center. I think it should be called Samsara…

I once believed a single line
in a Chinese poem could change
forever how blossoms fell… Leonard Cohen”


Photo by John Fullard

Untitled‘ by John Fullard – “I took this photo walking home one night in the neighbourhood where I live in the Bronx. The Bronx has a bad reputation which, these days, is largely undeserved. There’s something quiet and peaceful about this picture to me which sums up how I feel about the place. As for the image itself, I like how all of the negative space frames the bus shelter and the sense of depth that that gives.

This was shot with an iPhone 4s using the Hipstamatic app and the levels were adjusted in Photoshop.”

First Frost

Photo by Clint Cline

First Frost‘ by Clint Cline – “The backstory on this shot involves the routine of my commuting to work each day but discovering something new and beautiful each time I travel past this scene and what has become “my tree.”

The land belongs to a local farmer who grows strawberries in manicured fields beyond the end of the curved wheel ruts. But it’s “my” tree, mine in the sense that I’ve come to anticipate its moods as an encouragement for each day.

More often than not I’ll drive by without stopping. But I look. I always look. And no matter how differently the prevailing light colors the surroundings there is a sure constancy that speaks reassuringly of the uniqueness of God’s creation. And on days like this, when the first frost of winter had brushed the landscape, I stop at the gate to stare and take it in from end to end. And sometimes, like this, I shoot a picture. But I look. I always look.

This particular image is unlike many of my more heavily apped works. This was shot in the native iPhone camera then minimally processed in Snapseed (saturation) and Camera+ for clarity enhancement.”

Follow the Light

Photo by Chris Stern

Follow the Light‘ by Chris Stern – “This photo was taken in my hometown of Northborough, MA. Everyday I drive by these railroad tracks on my way to work and have stopped several times to get a photo but it never came out as I envisioned until I got this particular shot on a somewhat foggy day and added the element I was looking for to make it a unique shot.

Tip – Always be looking at scenes to see if there is an element which it leads the viewers eye in the photo. In this photo, I wanted the viewers eye to go from the foreground down the tracks to the fog in the background.

This photo was captured with iPhone 5 using ProCamera and edited with the following apps Noir, Snapseed and Photoshop Express.”


Photo by Lola Mitchell

Shelby‘ by Lola Mitchell – “I was inspired by 1920s style photography and beauty. I wanted a black and white photograph with emphasis on the eyes.

A high contrast and drama. I am always trying to go for striking imagery. Shelby is often my model (a lot of my underwater photography), she is also a friend so we took the photo at my house in front of my black gate. I used Hipstamatic. I then went into Snapseed to up the contrast and brightness. In art rage I drew the eyelashes. I tried a few things and settled on the look because it reminded me a bit of A Clockwork Orange. Luminance where I applied the blue and gold filter. The last app was Superimpose, where I added the little drops which are a macro pic (done with olloclip) of drops of water on a plant. I changed the saturation and contrast and resized it really small. I applied one drop at a time, save, repeat.”

Which was your favourite?

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