For the second installment in November’s ‘Capturing the Moment’ showcase we feature mobile photography from Rob Pearson-Wright, Scott A Woodward, Pedro Infantas, unaisa momoitio, Michael Manza and Anne-Martine Parent from the Mobiography Flickr Group. Thank you to everyone in the Flickr group who contributed this week. I hope you enjoy this weeks selection.

Cirque du (Rising) Soleil

Photo by Scott A Woodward

Cirque du (Rising) Soleil‘ by Scott A Woodward – “I made this photograph with my iPhone 4S and processed it using the Luminance and DistressedFX apps.

I made this portrait earlier this week in Arashiyama, a town on the western outskirts of Kyoto, Japan. My wife and I were there celebrating her birthday by visiting the beautiful Sagano Bamboo Grove. After our walk through the forest, we wandered the streets of the small community, window shopping and snacking on local treats. Along our stroll we saw this clown performing on the side of the street. We stopped and watched him interact with a young family and, when they were finished, I approached him and asked if I could take his photograph. He smiled and looked straight into my lens; I snapped a few quick frames, said thank you and we were on our way… This image is special as it will always remind me of the day we spent in Arashiyama — but even more, it will always remind me of the friendliness of the Japanese people.

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368#2013/365……….:). IPHONE


368#2013/365……….:). IPHONE‘ by unaisa momoitio – “La fotografia surgió una fría noche de otoño. Paseando por bilbao me encontré una escultura que tenía en su atmósfera vapor de agua. Así qué sin saber muy bien que fotografia podría sacar explore puntos de vista y supuse que el juego de líneas que me otorgaba el punto de vista bajo podría llevar la mirada hacia alguien. Así qué una vez sacada la foto ( sin ninguna persona) fui a casa y en el procesado con JUXTAPOSER puse a una niña que saque hace tiempo en el garaje de mi casa. El resto con SNAPDEED y pasándola a blanco y negro quedo el resultado que ves. N o sin antes haber pintado con SKETCHBOOK PRO un poco de vapor que me faltaba”


Photo by Michael Manza

HARLEQUIN GIRL – Voluptuous‘ by Michael Manza – “My Saturday morning began with an invitation to join friends for the day and explore Fort Langley, BC. The plan right from the start was to take (or what we hoped for ) some great photos. It was a cool, overcast fall morning with a little bit of fog. The town village was bustling with crowds, both visitors and locals. Apparently, it is like this every weekend year-round. I can see why.

Already, by this time I had taken a bunch of pictures and then I noticed a little store called “Cranberries Naturally!” To give you a tiny bit of history, this area is well known for their cranberries and recently celebrated a cranberry festival. I’ll have to remember that for next year.

Getting back to the story. I opened the store door and almost immediately upon entering… I noticed “her” on display, sitting in a bathtub. So beautiful, already posing as if she had been waiting for her photo shoot. Right at that instant, I was mesmerized with her and just had to take her picture. After receiving permission from the store owner to take her photo, first, I eagerly snapped photo after photo, hoping to get something I can eventually work with. I did end up buying some very delicious dried, candied cranberries and by doing so I ended up getting a few more minutes with her before I had to go.

I hope you are as captured by her beauty, like I was.

Apps used for this image was 6×7 for iPhone, Snapseed for detail, tuning and toning. For texturing, PhotoWizard, PhotoToaster, Mextures, ScratchCam and Picfx. Finally, Superimpose to add all the wonderful layers together.”


Photo by Anne-Martine Parent

Repérée‘ by Anne-Martine Parent – “This photo was taken outside the British Museum in London. There were several people sitting on benches, smoking, eating, or waiting. I walked slowly in front of them, taking pictures. I shot this one while the man was looking at me (hence the title, “Repérée”, meaning “Spotted”), but I don’t think he knew he was being photographed. I did with him what I had begun to do with people who look at me while I am taking their picture: I looked him in the eyes and I smiled. I really like the result here, with his gaze, and the expression on his face.
The editing process was pretty straightforward. I shot the photo with Hipstamatic oggl; the combo used is the John S. lens and the BlackKeys XF film. Afterwards, I went into Snapseed to crop the image a little.”


Photo by Rob Pearson-Wright

Stares‘ by Rob Pearson-Wright – “I was walking around Covent Garden in London one weekend, when I noticed a café on the other side of the road with an arrow decal on the window front. I thought it would make a good composition point if I could line the arrow up with one of the customers sitting by the window. So I crossed the road and began to compose the shot using the lady on the left as my focus point. By lining her up inside the arrow I was able to line up a reflection of the arrow, from a mirror on one of the inside walls, to point at the guy on the right’s head. I took four or five shots for coverage and moved on looking for other opportunities before the light faded.

The shot was taken on my new iPhone 5S and edited with Snapseed and Noir. I boosted the contrast a bit and also the brightness in Snapseed and converted the image to black and white in Noir.”


Photo by Pedro Infantus

Untitled‘ by Pedro Infantas – “Four weeks ago 5 robbers broke into my place and stole all my photo gear: 3 pentax cameras (k5, k01 and Q) and 1 Fuji X10.
So, I was left with some old film cameras and my iPhone. Since then my iPhone was my primary tool. A few days ago I was cleaning and I found my old lomo camera, my cat was sleeping on the sofa and my dog was watching at me. I just put the camera in front of my cat and he decided to yawn. It was a funny moment: my excitement and his boring attitude

I used ProCamera and then Snapseed for some tuning. Finally I used vscocam.”

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