This week has been a particularly strong week for submissions to the Mobiography Flickr Group. So much so that I decided to showcase a wider selection of images. This week we feature photography from Anna Cox, Shel Serkin, Cecily Mariece Caceu and Tracey Renehan to name a few.

Crash and Burn

Yesterday by Jonathon

‘Crash and Burn’ by Jonathan – “Litter bugs make me mad. As do people who dump stuff on the street – an old mattress, a wardrobe or even a pair of lounge chairs. So my first thought when this little scene greeted me was ‘The lazy sods!!’… Anyway, waste not want not, I knew it would make a nice picture so snapped one off. I come by the following day and some buggers had set fire to the damn things!! (I suppose that is one way to get rid of them). So I snap a second shot and my Diptych is born.

No fancy Camera Apps used to take the shot, but tweaked with Snapseed to give a little boost.”


Beckoning by Anna Cox

‘Beckoning’ by Anna Cox – “Beckoning was taken as part of the We Are Juxt windows phone challenge. It was taken with proshot on a Nokia lumia 920. These staircases are located in Shaker Village, Kentucky in the main house. I loved the symmetry of the two staircases coming down coupled with the strong light from the windows.”

Ming Li

'Ming Li' by Shel Serkin

‘Ming Li’ by Shel Serkin
– “He appeared suddenly, emerging from a back door of a Chinese supermarket in Borough Park, Brooklyn and was immediately eye-catching, his bright yellow apron set against the deep red of the brick. Just as suddenly, he was gone. I was very lucky to have been ready to go – iphone out, app open, and on alert. This shot will always remind me to always be ready to shoot. How many shots have passed me by while my iphone sleeps in my pocket?

Shot with oggl on an iphone 5, processed with filterstorm and touch retouch.”


Soldiers by Tal Shafik

‘Soliders’ by Tal Shafik – “This photo was taken while I was on my lunch break. A large group fo soldiers walked down the street and seemed to naturally march in formation. I took the photo to try and emphasize the martial ubiquity in Israel. I then used Big Lens for the blurring and Mattebox for the B&W conversion.”

Lap Swimming

Lap Swimming

‘Lap Swimming’ by Cecily Mariece Caceu – “I have been a lap swimmer for a long time now. I find it extremely relaxing and mind clearing. I can’t really find any other exercise that completely rejeuvanates me in this way. I always leave the pool feeling like I can handle whatever hurdles come my way! I am trying to pass this habit on to my daughter. So when possible I bring her along hoping she too will make this a life long habit.

I love how this photo frames her face, almost like it is floating on the water in some surreal fashion. I took this image with Hipstamatic and processed it with PhotoToaster and Snapseed.”


Grade by Tracey Renehan

‘Grace’ by Tracey Renehan


JOSE by Max Berkowitz

‘Jose’ by Max Berkowitz