As another comes to a close its time for another showcase of mobile photography from this weeks Mobiography Flickr Group. This weeks cream of the crop features stunning photography from Fábio Morbec, Cedric Blanchon, Mohsen Chinehkesh, Sacha Dohmen, Steve Baron and Håvard Storvestre.


Untitled by Fabio Morbec

‘Untitled’ by Fábio Morbec – “I was walking with my wife to enter in the building when I noticed the lines of shadow in the ground, so I pulled away from the main entrance to give more sense of depth to the picture. At this time a person came towards me and the photo was ready.”


Snatch by cedric blanchon

‘Snatch’ by Cedric Blanchon – “This photo is part of a series, I like it very much surrealism and conceptual pictures. There is no particular message, but I just find this photo fun! I used Blender, Snapseed, afterlight, magichour app for created .”

Light Guides

Light Guides by Mohsen Chinehkesh

‘Light Guides’ by Mohsen Chinehkesh – “Street photography is not an occasional practice for me, it’s my lifestyle. Any time any where I always have my iPhone ready to shoot because I’ve learnt that any moment I might face a transient scene which has the potential to tell a full story. This shot is the result of one of these scenes. I was walking throught my usual path and I noticed that one of the shops has pulled down the shutter in an unsual time. The light and shadow had made an arrow like shape with sharp edges and corners. Reflection of light from the white glassy surface of the shutter was ideal for making a powerfull silhouette. Everything was ready for me so I took my iPhone out and waited for a desired passerby to come and then boom.”

It’s Coming Down

It's coming down

‘It’s Coming Down’ by Sacha Dohmen – “When Jesus Cry, oh yes he cries… this is what i love about street photography. I took this one on a bus station and the woman studied the roadmap. With the right treatment and use of light it’s possible to Tell a very different story and to awake emotions. I shot this with Hipstamatic. For the treatment i use Snapseed, Camera Awesome, Filterstorm, PhotoCopier and Mexture.”

Escalation Point

Escalaton Point

‘Escalation point’ by Steve Baron – “I am fairly new to the mobile photography scene having been an SLR user for several years. Having had an iPhone 3GS for a long time and not ever really taken it seriously as a camera, I recently upgraded to an iphone 5. All of a sudden ive found i have a camera with me all the time that takes great pictures but forces me to think about composition and lighting with every shot. This photo was shot on a random wander around the St David’s 2 shopping centre in Cardiff on a lunch hour. After all, what else are lunch hours for then wandering around looking for inspiration?”

Tired of it

Tired of it

‘Tired of it’ by Håvard Storvestre

Which is your favourite?

Let us know your thoughts on this weeks featured photos, do you have a favourite? Let us know in the comments below. If you haven’t already joined then head over to the Flickr Group and join in the fun. The cream of the crop has the chance of being included in future showcases as well as the Mobiography iPad Magazine.