As the festive season approaches I’m proud to introduce what will probably be the penultimate Capturing the Moment Showcase before I take a break for Christmas. This weeks showcase features mobile photography from Paolo Berni, Stephen Davies, Deborah Morbeto, Lee Thatcher, Dixon Hamby and Wayne Greer. Many thanks to everyone in the Mobiography Flickr Group who contributed this week.


Photo by Lee Thatcher

Untitled‘ by Lee Thatcher – “This was shot on a rainy September day in London when I was out shooting with my friend Anne-Martine Parent who is an amazing photographer from Canada.  We were chatting whilst we waited for the heavy rain to stop and now and then some amazing photo opportunities just appeared right where we were standing.  I actually got all my best shots of the day in that 20 minute period whilst we were waiting.   I just saw a guy coming down the street on his bike in the rain and I was lucky enough to get a shot that incorporated everything I love such as motion, grain and reflections.  I shot this using Hipstamatic  (Watts and US1776) combo then I converted to B&W (because I find the Hipstamatic combo I used can leave a reddish tint) and cropped the border off.

Photographically 2013 saw big changes for me. I went from thinking all my photography needed to be performed on a mobile platform to realising that the mobile phone is just a tool. Like any tool the iPhone is good some jobs, actually incredible at some jobs, but at other jobs it really sucks.  Taking photos in low light or outside at night time was a complete waste of time, I just couldn’t get the results I wanted. So I began to use a point-and-shoot camera on the streets and at night and by using this other tool I found I was taking completely different types pictures because I was no longer in stealth mode, I was no longer invisible. This was a turn of events that I would never have predicted beginning of the year, but I am enjoying it immensely.

I think what I am trying to say is I realised that Mobile Photography isn’t necessarily about mobile devices. Mobile photography should be about photography and photography should be about the picture, the end result. So I no longer get too wrapped up in the tool, I just enjoy taking pictures. If people only like a picture because it was shot on a mobile device or because it was shot on a bigger camera it probably isn’t a great picture. If it’s a great picture it doesn’t matter what tool you used, just as nobody should care which brush a painter uses to create his paintings.”


232 by rearranging possibilites

232‘ by Deborah Morbeto – “I created this piece when I did a series about mysteries where I photographed various objects behind an opaque screen. its not entirely discernable what the image is thus the viewer can interpret the mystery for themselves. The ideas of mystery and drama all around us and its up to us how we interpret them.”

The Black Void

Photo by Paolo Berni

The Black Void‘ by Paolo Berni – “I’d seen this lady from the otherside of the street, her black shape contrasting sharply with the white walls lot by an afternoon sun.

I already had my iPhone ready with my Hipstamatic set to the Jane Lens and Blackakeys Supergrain combo and I was using the + button of the volume control of my earphone cable as a shutter release.

I took just the one photo, from chest high as I approached to give her some money. Normally I avoid this kind of thing but this time the photo showed promise. I was pleased with the result after, especially with the black square of the window complementing the more rounded and flowing shape shape of the woman, black on white, minimal & abstact.

I just tweaked the contrast ever so slightly on Snapseed just to darken the black areas, eliminating details.”

Hot kiss is better than a kick in the head

Photo by Dixon Hamby

Hot kiss is better than a kick in the head‘ by Dixon Hamby – “I love to take photos of public ads and people. This one was taken at a bus stop in Panama.”

One Foggy Morning

Photo by Wayne Greer

One Foggy Morning‘ by Wayne Greer


Surfer by Stephen Davies

Surfer‘ by Stephen Davies

Which was your favourite?

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