Today kicks off a new season of showcases of mobile photography for 2016 which features a stunning selection of photographs submitted to the Mobiography Flickr Group.

The theme of this weeks showcase is ‘Beautiful Skies’ and each of the featured photos does an excellent job of highlighting the tranquil beauty that lies in the skies above. From the colourful clouds of Gianluca Ricoveri’s Tuscany landscape to dark contrast in Lawrence Bouchard, Koh Samui silhouetted scene, I love the way the skies provide a wonderful backdrop to these photographs. The quality of these images is testament to the quality of mobile camera technology and the skill at which todays mobile photographers are able to use their cameras to capture such beauty.

Featured photographers this week include Gianluca Ricoveri, Monika Budrikyte, Chris Harland, Laurence Bouchard, Muhammad Rafif, eigi11, Elaine Taylor, Rebecca, Deep D, David DeNagel.

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Photo by Gianluca RicoveriUntitled‘ by Gianluca Ricoveri – “Tuscany, where I live, is a beautiful land, where it is easy to find landscapes that are hard not to shoot. I took this picture from the top of a hill on a beautiful road around Pisa where I live. I used VividHDR, Snapseed and Stackables for the editing.”

Late Sun at Castle Stalker, Appin, Argyll & Bute

Photo by Chris HarlandLate Sun at Castle Stalker, Appin, Argyll & Bute‘ by Chris Harland – “When planning my trip to Scotland, Castle Stalker was always high on my itinerary, as I’d passed it many years ago on a driving tour and been blown away by its romantic setting, on its own little island on Loch Laich

After doing my usual research with Ordinance Survey Maps, Google Earth and consulting my LightTrac and Tide Time apps to ascertain the best time to visit I scheduled in my visit to the location

The session lasted 2 hours, with the tide receding – but was almost a complete failure as the good weather that had been promised failed to arrive, and I ended up with 200+ prints with muddy light and a fairly uninspired view.

Having a tight deadline – and many more locations to visit, I’d decided that on the whole it may be better to scrap all of the prints and make a plan to re-visit Stalker on a future trip.

As it happened a small change in plans resulted in my passing Stalker again, this time at the end of the day (rather than in the morning) just as the sun was sinking behind the mountains. I parked and jumped out, firing off about 20 frames (thinking that the direct oncoming sun would perhaps not produce useable images. I tried a few new settings with the ‘Classic Toy’ app, just for experimentation’s sake, including the ‘RedScale’ film, which I’d never previously used.

As it happened, the iPhone lens captured the sun beautifully, with its shortcomings (as they often do) enhancing the image. And the three frames taken with the RedScale film were the clear standouts, giving a lovely Orange/Pink hue that added a certain sense of peace and serenity to the scene.

Compared to many of my images, this one needed only the slightest tweaks to reach completion, as the original print contained all the necessary in ingredients to give the scene the poetry it deserves.

It was straightened, sharpened a little and a few tweaks to contrast and colour and it was done.”


Photo by Laurence BouchardUntitled‘ by Laurence Bouchard – “At the beginning of January 2016 I visited Koh Samui with my wife and went to see the famous rocks Hin Ta and Hin Yai.

It was a really bright day and Koh Samui has these amazing puffy clouds like cotton candy. We walked around the rocks for a bit and, at one point, when I looked up I saw these great silhouettes of the tourists against these white clouds. It was so bright it was difficult to even see what I was taking a picture of..

I always edit my photos with Snapseed and often feel I have a tendency to over edit. I did a few edits with this but, in the end, I felt it only needed a minimal adjustment to the contrast.”

Dog walk sunrise

Photo by Eili11Dog walk sunrise‘ by eigi11 – “I took this photo on a Sunday morning dog walk. We had a incredible sunrise with a lot of plane trails. There was this great morning light so I took this photo which included some other dog walkers. I love the colors.”

Charlie. Ilkley Moor, Yorkshire UK

Photo by Elaine TaylorCharlie. Ilkley Moor, Yorkshire UK‘ by Elaine Taylor – “The silhouette in this image belongs to Charlie, my son. My family had gone out on the Moor for some much needed fresh air after a couple of lazy days at home over the Christmas period. The weather had been very wet, the skies were grey and there had been severe flooding in the area. This was the first day we’d seen blue skies in a while.

I shot this with Hipstamatic and used the app’s ‘randomize’ feature for the first time in a long while. What a treat that was. I discovered some interesting combinations that I will definitely revisit. The combo of this shot is Americana/Ina’s 1935/Cubic Gel.”

Cloudscape with lighthouse

Photo by RebeccaCloudscape with lighthouse‘ by Rebecca – “This is the Brodie Island Lighthouse, on Hatteras Island, Outer Banks, NC. My husband and I drove out there on New Years Day so I could shoot the sunrise. I started shooting in square format a while ago because of using Instagram, and now it’s just a habit – compositional challenge.

I processed this picture in Snapseed on my iPhone, using “Drama 1″ at 90+ filter strength and saturation -20, then I added Vintage filter 6, with brightness and saturation at 0, style strength at +20, and vignette at +30. Finally, I added frame 15 with a -10 width.”

Sunset by the Sea

Photo byDeep DSunset by the Sea‘ by Deep D – “We are at the beach, when I found this lone girl watching the sun go down. She seemed in a pensive mood. Since I did not have a DSLR with me I used my apple iPhone to catch this wonderful mood, the girl getting singular with the setting sun. The photo was taken with the iPhone 6s camera and processed with MaxCurve.”

Sunrise _Late Autumn

Photo by David DeNagelSunrise _Late Autumn‘ by David DeNagel – “The image was taken on an early morning in December. A beautiful fog had settled over a residential lake near my home. It was shortly after dawn. The sun was glowing behind the fog and the air was still and cool. The scene was filled with the mood of late Autumn. A mellow, golden aura infused the landscape ,populated with a few overturned boats, a swinging bench and Canadian geese gliding through the lake. I used the iPhone 6s Plus basic camera and post processed with Faded and Snapseed.”


Photo by Monika BudrikyteSunset‘ by Monika Budrikyte


Photo by Muhammad RafifUntitled‘ by Muhammad Rafif

Which was your favourite?

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