The theme of this weeks showcase of mobile photography is architectural inspired photos.

Some of the photos included in this weeks showcase choose to focus in on certain aspects or features of a building such as the staircases, or the corners of the building. This helps to make for an interesting and sometimes abstract photograph. Others such as Jian Wang and Joel Worthington approach the subject by including a much wider angle of the buildings exterior.

All photos featured this week illustrate how architecture can buildings can provide so many photographic opportunities. Featured photographers this week include; Remi, ariari6767, Jian Wang, jeffjonesimages, JenBurnett, marta_spencer, Joel Worthington, vamosviendo, yannick.adoh and Gary Poulton.

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When you come home look up


When you come home look up‘ by Remi – “Photo were taken in the apartment block. Not too many opportunities in Dublin for the staircase shots so couldn’t miss this opportunity. I took it lying on the floor to achieve better symmetry. I used the native iPhone 6s+ camera and post processing was done in Snapseed, increasing details and structure. I also used tonal contrast and decreased color to zero.”



Untitled‘ by Jian Wang – “The photo was taken at the Museum of Natural History, Beijing, China. I found the architecture fascinating under the sun, with all these crossings of lines and shadows, creating a powerful visual impact. There wasn’t a suitable spot to take the picture, so I climbed into the clusters of flowers to achieve the best angle. The photo represents my shooting style, which is choosing the best available angle, and waiting for the right characters to show up. I stayed for two hours and captured the arrival of these two people, it was totally worth the wait.”

Looking up at these beautiful stairs


Stair love‘ by JenBurnett – “Looking up at these beautiful stairs was taken at The Rookery, an architectural gem in downtown Chicago designed by Burnham and Root (1888). The building’s light-filled lobby was redesigned by Frank Lloyd Wright (1905). I have seen photos of these stairs over the years and when I visited Chicago this past July, it was on my list of places to visit.

As a fan of the built environment, stairs, shape, geometry, curves and lines, Chicago is a photographer’s dream! Architect John Root designed the staircase – an iron staircase that winds from the 12th to the 2nd floor.

I used my iPhone6s, looking up from the 2nd floor. I was on a tour, so had only a few moments to line up my shots here. I used the VSCO app on my iPhone to edit the photo (B3 filter, straightening, exposure & contrast adjustments).

It’s a dilemma when you photograph something that you’ve seen so many beautiful pictures of beforehand. But in this case I was very happy to see it, photograph it and put my own visual spin on it. ”



Untitled‘ by marta_spencer – “I have watched the construction of this newly completed football stadium in Minneapolis for over two years. I walked around the outside of the building early on a Saturday morning before the sun came around to obstruct the view.

I see the angles and lines of this building every day on my way to work, so I decided to get up close to use them in my image. The cloudless blue sky, combined with the shade from the building made a perfect combination for my iPhone 6. The only postprocessing used was a slight color enhancement in the iPhone’s native camera.”

Tuesdays were always the best days for Blockbuster rental deals. RIP


Tuesdays were always the best days for Blockbuster rental deals. RIP‘ by Joel Worthington – “I took this picture on the walking portion of my commute from work to home in downtown Chicago. I always try to leave a little extra time before my train is supposed to depart so that I can take some pictures if something catches my eye. On this particular day, I had very little breathing room. I pass this intersection often, and I always take a look up to see where the sun is, and this day, the lighting was absolutely magical as it peaked around the Chicago architecture and pierced the fire escape ladders, so I couldn’t resist snapping a few shots on my smartphone camera (an iPhone 6s). I took this one before I crossed the street, but I also took several in the middle of the crosswalk right in front of stopped traffic. This one was the best. I edited this photo in VSCO to accentuate and focus the effect from the lighting.”

Another green world


Another green world‘ by Gary Poulton – “I had dropped my car off in Parramatta for a scheduled service. The sun was just coming up and I’d been walking around getting some shots. I’d just walked back into the service centre when I noticed the sunlight illuminating the top of the crane in the background. I walked back out to photograph just that, but in framing the shot I was also taken in by the roofline of the adjacent workshop. I was standing under an awning and decided to let the leading edge pick up the sawtooth of the roof. Touched the shutter icon and bingo! The image was edited in VSCO. The previous day I had read an interview with Brian Eno about the dehumanisation of music. I swapped out gunmetal grey for green to re-humanise the scene (unintentional rhyme) and titled it after one of my favourite albums by Eno ‘Another Green World’ ”

Cool spiral stairs


Cool spiral stairs‘ by ariari6767

La vida no es la que uno vivió, sino la que uno recuerda, y cómo la recuerda para contarla. – Gabriel García Márquez


La vida no es la que uno vivió, sino la que uno recuerda, y cómo la recuerda para contarla. – Gabriel García Márquez‘ by vamosviendo



Untitled‘ by yannick.adoh – “I took this picture in Paris (France) at Le Louvre. Le louvre is one of the biggest museums in the world and a must see when you are in Paris. It’s well known for its pyramid but Parisians love it also because you can admire a sunset behind this pyramid.

I decided to take some pictures of the sunset and by chance, the activate the fountains that around the pyramid. I immediately pulled my iPhone 5 (my favorite gear) out, turned it upside down in order to capture the movement of the water in the foreground and the architecture of the pyramid in background.

I took some cool pictures but I quickly realized that my pictures were okay but not so great. I then decided to wait for somebody to walk through my frame in order to add an interesting focal point. I also changed the framing to include a part of the pyramid (on the upper left) as a leading line to the person.

After, I edited the picture on VSCO with the E3 filter and cropped it in square mode. This photo is about composition and architecture (low angle photo, rule of thirds for the foreground, architecture as a leading line, a focal point (person), great color thanks to the sunset).”



Untitled‘ by jeffjonesimages

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