This weeks showcase of mobile photography features a selection of images on the theme of shadows and Silhouettes Featured mobile photographers and artists including work from Jose Luis Barcia, Jennifer Bracewell, Matthew Wylie, Bruno Ribeiro, Jerzy Jachym, shinnya umetsu, Millo Salgado, Grace Brignolle, Jack Mallon and Keisuke Takahashi.

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“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” ? Thích Nh?t H?nh

Photo by Jennifer Bracewell

“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” ? Thích Nh?t H?nh‘ by Jennifer Bracewell – “I took my children for a little shoot  in a barren field. The contrast between the stark landscape and the innocence of youth is something I was attempting to capture. This image was a happy accident. I liked the fact that the shadow was clear and the figure blurred. Dissonance and subtle surrealism.
This image was taken with hipstamatic oggl, no further edits. ”


Photo by Matthew Wylie

Untitled‘ by Matthew Wylie – “This was taken on Bay Street in Toronto. A security guard for Tiffany and Co. was out for a smoke in the half-light and I caught a mood. Using Hipstamatic’s Burke lens and Black Keys Super Grain film, with an applied Noir filter from the native iPhone camera’s settings.”


Photo by Bruno Ribeiro

Edge‘ by Bruno Ribeiro – “This image was taken by my wife some while ago, to make a long story short.. I´m Portuguese, and i came to United States about 2 months ago, to be with her, and to get married, our fairy tale.. So,i always kept this shot of her still in Portugal, last week I’ve looked at it on my computer, and i thought, its time to make something out of it, all the image was completely transformed, the composite of the character was to give the sense of no matter how alone you are, you cannot stop walking ever, that´s my slogan, never stop fighting for what you really want.

About the processing, I don’t use many apps, I’ve just used Superimpose to add the character and his shadow, Mextures to give the overall mood to the photo, and for last, Blender to add some textures that I have.”


Photo by shinnya umetsu

Escape‘ by shinnya umetsu – “Taken by iphone4s.
I mixed a part of clouds on sky by Blender and, added a light beam with Rays app.
I adjust the contrast and colors by Photoforge2, Snapseed.
I edited it so that some hope is felt in darkness.”

Nothing to do

Photo by Jack Mallon

Nothing to do‘ by Jack Mallon – “I was sitting in the airport, waiting for my son to arrive from college for his summer break. I used Hipstamatic on random for the capture, I try to take a lot of photos of just about anything when waiting.
As far as processing goes, I started with Snapseed to crop it in closer, and used various filters in the app, including Grunge and Center Focus. I created probably about three or four versions (this is all memory) before taking them into Superimpose and layering them with various blending modes until I liked what I saw.”

Mountain line

Photo by Keisuke Takahashi

Mountain line‘ by Keisuke Takahashi – “This is a shot which I took while me and my friend took a small trip to Chichibu, Japan. We went to the top of the Mt.Hodosan in ropeway. It was an evening and we don’t have much time to get last train of the ropeway so We have around in a hurry there and I found this bell.

A silhouette of the bell and the branch behind, and mountain line over there rapidly caught my eye, then shoot some with Fuji X20 and Hipstamatic. I chose the Hipstamatic shot finally because the contrast was very nicer than X20 shot. It represented the half foggy mountain line very well and I felt it’s more nicer than I saw it with real eyes.

I still prefer Hipstamatic than Oggl because there’s surprise like this. I can’t get this surprise from post process.

No post process, Hipstamatic with Watts lens and BlacKeys Extra Fine (My favourite combo). ”


Photo by joseluisbarcia

Kápsula‘ by Jose Luis Barcia

Fairy tale in the city.

Photo by Millo Salgado

Fairy tale in the city.‘ by Millo Salgado – “Every spring there’s this festival at my kids’ school about animals and flowers and trees. Children make performances about spring time, and everybody is wearing costumes, including teachers. I have my favorite spot for the shots, it’s a bench in the shadow, in front of a blue wall where people pass by. The morning sun hits this wall so there is a lot of shadow games. As usual I was shooting with my Hipstamatic, using the John S lens with the BlacKeys Supergrain film.”


Photo by Grace Brignolle

Untitled‘ by Grace Brignolle

Another tree (Man)

Photo by Jerzy Jachym

Another tree (Man)‘ by Jerzy Jachym

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