This weeks selection of mobile photography from the Flickr Group includes another selection of mobile photography. Rob DePaolo kicks off this weeks selection with a beautiful black and white landscape photograph of a lone tree. Other featured artists and photographers include Brandon Kidwell, Fábio Morbec, Michael Kistler, Michelle Robinson, a wonderful forest scene from Mariko Klug and Kathy Clay . As usual I’d like to thanks everyone who contributed to this weeks Flickr Group.

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Lone Cedar…

Photo by Rob De Paolo

Lone Cedar…‘ by Rob DePaolo – “This photo was taken during a photowalk with some of the local New England AMPt members including Josh St Germain, Jeff Simpson, and Chris Stern. Josh took us to some great locations around his community including Fort Phoenix, where this particular shot was taken.

I’ve always been drawn to solo tree photos, but I don’t seem to stumble across many in my regular travels. So when this one presented itself, I couldn’t resist. Luckily, the sky was very overcast, and the clouds added the perfect amount of drama to the background.

This image was captured on a Nokia Lumia 1020 using ProShot and then edited on my iPhone 5s using Filterstorm Neue. Other than the B&W conversion all I did as adjust the contrast and levels to enhance the clouds a bit, and I finished it off with  bit of vignetting.”

A Daughters Future

Photo by Brandon Kidwell

A Daughters Future‘ by Brandon Kidwell – “This image “A Daughters Future” is part of a past, present and future double exposure series I did. I was trying to capture brightness of youth, the current fears and concerns a parent has while raising a child and the bright future we strive so hard to give them the opportunity to have. In this image I hoped to convey a projected journey vanishing into the future, following where others have been and beyond, going where no others have gone and to be successful in whatever it is she desires.

This image was created using two photos captured in Camera+ and blended in Union App (out in early April). I then used VSCOCam to achieve the desired tones as well to get rid of any further distortion outside the figure left over from the double exposure. I then finished by layering the original image under the edited image in PSTouch to save as much resolution as possible, cropped and saved.”

Some reflections from Denver

Photo by Fabio Morbec

Some reflections from Denver‘ by Fábio Morbec – “I shot during a recent trip to Denver. I was walking in downtown and I noticed reflections everywhere! It was a beautiful sunny day, I used ProCamera to capture and Snapseed to edit. I applied the Drama filter, Details, Tune Image and finally converted to black & white using Orange filter. I just love how this shot came out! It is one of my favorite shots!”

once upon a time in Japan

Photo by Michael Kistler

Once upon a time in Japan‘ by Michael Kistler – “The woman in the image is my wife. I took this while she was sitting in the outdoor bath of a ryokan (Japanese-style inn) in the resort town of Hakone, Japan. I like the serenity of the mood and the various light and shadow patterns from the traditional blinds on the left. I’d say this shot is about 90% candid–I did ask my wife to turn her head slightly to the left. As for editing, I did some minor tone and contrast tweaking along with the B&W conversion in Snapseed and then cropped the photo in Instagram. ”

Greed Blinds

Photo by Michelle Robinson

Greed Blinds‘ by Michelle Robinson – “The image is part of my Creative 365 Project that I am posting to Instagram – where I attempt to try to be creative every day via an image. “Greed Blinds” was inspired by a state of mind I was in and the emotions I was feeling. In recent times, I have been feeling somewhat jaded by the mobile art and photography field. It is purely my own impression and opinion that there are many people who simply want their work to be noticed: the fight for the limelight and attention is relentless. On a couple of occasions, I felt like I was “selling out”, creating images that are pleasing, or ‘easier’. I have also been very much affected by the ‘politics’ of it all. The image is me stepping away. I’ve reduced my responsibilities and roles within the community to focus on returning to a state of mind that I prefer: one where I am listening to my instincts and creating images from a place of passion and honesty.

‘Greed Blinds’is a self portrait. My iPhone 5 was clipped onto a Joby Gorillapod using the Joby clip for the iPhone. I used Procamera7 on self-timer. I used some netting to ‘blindfold’ myself. The apps that I used were: Snapseed for cropping and tuning, Repix to black out the surrounds, Photofx Ultra and a couple of their lighting filters. I used Wood Camera, Stackables and Scratchcam for textures and blended each one using Image Blender. ”

Hide & Seek

Photo by Mariko Klug

Hide & Seek‘ by Mariko Klug – “This picture was taken in a forest near Ebersberg in Upper Bavaria, Germany.  I love this place with the mossy carpet and the birdhouses. It was a bit misty on that day, the late afternoon light and sun rays created an enchanting atmosphere. I called it ‘Hide & Seek’ because of the small trees hiding behind the bigger ones. Apps used: taken with Pro HDR, cropped and added a blurred vignette with PhotoToaster and applied a wide angle effect with Photo fx.”

Through the Tunnel

Photo by Kathy Clay

Through the Tunnel‘ by Kathy Clay

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