Well here we are, it’s Christmas Eve and the end of the 24 Mobile Photographers series. I’d like to thank everyone who has followed and supported the Mobiography project throughout the course of the past 12 months. It has been a very busy year and along the way I’ve had the privilege of meeting many talented mobile photographers and have been inspired by so many more.

As it is Christmas Eve and the end of what has been a special series I would like to present not one but two photographers who I am eternally grateful for their help and support. They are Dilshad Corleone and Mark T Simmons.

Mark T Simmons

Mark T Simmons is a London based mobile photographer who has captured a large following throughout the course of this year. He has been featured on several mobile photography websites and was one of the first people I interviewed as part of the talking iPhoneography series and later on the fantastic We Are Juxt. He was also featured in the debut issue of the Mobiography digital magazine back in April.

Mark has also been regular contributor to the Mobiography website with the ‘Photo I am Most Proud of‘ and more recently the ‘More than just a snapshot‘ series. I cannot thank Mark enough for his help and support. Here is Mark’s contribution…

My top tips or words of wisdom for aspiring mobile photographers or artists and why?


Over this last year of shooting, editing and posting my images I have come to realise a number of things I wish someone had told me when I started.

Create your own style

It may be obvious but in my opinion the best mobile photographers and artists in the field are those that have created their own style. I can always tell an image by Shel Serkin, Lee Thatcher, Janine Graf, Sarah Jarrett, Brendan O Se or Albion Harrison-Naish before I even see the name attached to it.

Be influenced but don’t copy:

Looking at the Masters of photography is very important. However, if you start to make all your images look like Martin Parr or William Klein, then it will simply become obvious that your photographs are not as good. Instead, study the way they compose their images, how close they get, the kind of scene they shoot and think about how to use those things in your style of photography.

The importance of creating a series of images or project:

Anyone who knows my work knows how much I value a series of images based around a certain topic. You can really develop a connection to an artist if they have the ability to take you on a journey through what they are working on at that time. My favourite photographers all do this. The person who best sums this up for me is the photographer Eric Kim. This is an article he wrote on his fantastic blog about the subject. Compulsory reading.

Create images for yourself

Finally, you have to create images for yourself and not for the purpose of obtaining more followers on Instagram, Flickr, EyeEm, etc . The same goes for showcases. It’s an easy thing to say and everyone wants to get their images noticed, especially when you are starting out, but ultimately it’s a false economy. Chasing ‘likes’ will never improve your photography and only lead you to posting substandard work.

Connect with Mark T Simmons

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Dilshad Corleone

The work of Dilshad Corleone first came to my attention following the release of the short film which followed him through the streets of Barcelona.

Since then Dilshad has been featured in several Capturing the Moment showcases as well as the Talking iPhoneography series. Not only this but he has become a good friend and supporter. He has a fantastic ability of capturing a beautiful photograph and is passionate about the medium. Here is Dilshad’s story…

One incredible encounter or story that has been part of your photographic journey this year is…


There’ll  always be one story that is truly close to my heart! It’s an old one that I have told many a time, but with Christmas approaching I still look for Tommy, sitting near Tottenham Court Rd Station.

This story is an old one, it goes back to the days when I was still doing my very first iPhoneography course, almost two years now, god, time goes by quick! I still remember that day as if it was yesterday: me walking down the street and noticing a couple sitting on the floor at Tottenham Court Rd. But it wasn’t the usual couple, there was something peculiar that struck me… She was well dressed and seemed ready for her day in the City, he, albeit very handsome, looked a homeless fallen off grace.

When I approached them and asked if i may take a photo or two, the man, Tommy, asked if it was because I had seen the Beauty and the Beast? To which I smiled and nodded with my head, he smiled back. She was a city girl, ready to go to work, but that day she saw Tommy and fallen for him, I arrived just ten minutes after her. I was witnessing the birth of something beautiful, that words hardly can describe.

I have thought many a time about this story and many a time I have gone back to the same place where I met them the very first time, but never found them again. I cannot say if it ended with: “And they lived happily ever after.” But I sure can say that I was there to catch one of those incredible moments that life can offer you. They will always live in my memory as a happy couple.

Connect with Dilshad Corleone

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Best Wishes for Christmas

I have been blown away by the response to the 24 Mobile Photographers series. It has been fantastic to collect together the views and stories of many of those who I admire and who have supported the Mobiography project this year.

I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.