The theme of this week’s showcase is reflections and shadows. Both of these elements can help lift and inject extra added interest in a photograph. The showcase features work from talented artists and photographer include; Michael Kistler, Jan Stransky, shinnya umetsu, Federico Racchi, Anthony Foster, Saiful bahari and Lars Wegas.

If you have a favourite from this weeks selection let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

No diving in the shallow end

Photo by  Michael Kistler

No diving in the shallow end‘ by Michael Kistler – “I shot this image right after a huge rainstorm in Tokyo so there was a lot of standing water. In terms of composition, it was really just a matter of waiting for someone to pass closely enough to the puddle so I could position myself to get the shot I wanted. I edited the image in Snapseed, using both the drama and grunge functions but removing any extraneous texture. I’m a big fan of inverted reflections so I gave the image a flip before cropping and posting to Instagram.”


Photo by Jan Stransky

Untitled‘ by Jan Stransky – “All shots were taken during one day. I’ve got a special sense which looks at every hidden window or glass, to search for reflections and silhouettes. I mean it is a special sense in real time. All shots – are without multi exposure, just glass and reflections. I used an Iphone 4s with Hipstamatic, and as I say without manipulation and finishing by cropping, as you may see.”


Photo by Jan Stransky

Untitled‘ by Jan Stransky


Photo by shinnya umetsu

Untitled‘ by shinnya umetsu – “I wanted to make a simple image with my recent favorite, Stackables App. The texture is using Stackables. It’s a good texture app. I blended the shadow play photograph which I photographed before in Blender, Filterstorm. I added the flower element to one image and added a story. Each part adjustment uses Snapseed.”

How was your weekend?

Photo by shinnya umetsu

How was your weekend?‘ by shinnya umetsu

Con el diario del lunes

Photo by Federico Racchi

Con el diario del lunes‘ by Federico Racchi – “Here in Montevideo with all malls, mccafe and so on, this typical bar are in extinction, for bad because conserve this beautiful moments of communications. The photo was taken with an iphone 4, photo camera app and Lo-fi filter.”

Watchtower No.1

Photo by Anthony Foster

Watchtower No.1‘ by Anthony Foster


Photo by saiful bahari

Reflection…‘ by Saiful bahari

Lines Black And White Minimalism

Photo by Lars Wegas

Lines Black And White Minimalism‘ by Lars Wegas – “I took it last weekend at the ever-changing Berlin Instameet at the TV Tower at Alexanderplatz. The theme of the photo walk was street photography.

I took and processed the image only with my iPhone 5. First I used skrwt to straighten the lines and for cropping. Then I used snap seed for the initial black and white editing, like adding contrast, desaturation, adding the vignette and grain. For the final step i used the curves tool in Filterstorm to get the right color tones.

I love minimalistic and symmetric Photos with a bit of disorder. Many of my photos are dark with a lot of empty space. I like this photo because of the man and his shadow and that he is walking a bit skew over the lines.”

Grand Canal Dock, Dublin

Photo by myby_one

Grand Canal Dock, Dublin‘ by myby_one – “This photo was taken on a sunny day during a walk with my lovely wife in a nice part of Dublin city. I have put my iPhone 5s on a glossy bench and used native camera app with HDR option set to “on” to capture it. Processed in PS Express and Noir”

Which was your favourite?

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