For the theme of this week’s showcase of mobile photography looks at images that feature amazing and dramatic skies. The contrast and drama depicted in these photographs not only help to provide some stunning backdrops to the scene but also convey a sense of atmosphere within the image.

The showcase features work from talented iPhone photographers Wayne Greer, Richard Pilon, Scott Simpson, Jim in Times Square, Marco Lamberto, Gianluca Ricoveri, Lawrence Lazare, Vaness Vox and unaisa momoitio.

Let us know if you have a favourite and what you think makes a perfect street portrait photograph in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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Photo by  Gianluca Ricoveri

Load-2‘ by Gianluca Ricoveri – “This picture was taken in May on a street in the fields near where I live in Pisa, Tuscany in an afternoon before rain. I used 645Pro, the tuning of the image was done in Snapseed and finally I added a texture Leonardo.”

Paddle Boarding at Sunset on Sarasota Bay

Photo by  Lawrence Lazare

Paddle Boarding at Sunset on Sarasota Bay‘ by Lawrence Lazare – “I recently moved from Michigan to Florida and have had fun getting to explore Florida with my camera. One of the best things about Florida from a photographic perspective are the clouds and sunsets, In the summer time it’s quite common for a thunderstorm to move through right at sunset. Whenever I see storm clouds at sunset I try to head to the water to capture the dramatic clouds. This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago when I was heading home from work. Seeing the storm coming, I headed to Sarasota Bay to take some shots.

For me, the biggest challenge in taking sunset photos, particularly over the water, is that they often lack a focal point. While I was scouting for shots that evening, a paddleboarder paddled into view, which provided me with a great silhouetted figure which provided the right amount of visual focus.

The photo was shot with my iPhone 5s using VividHDR, the best HDR app I’ve ever used. I used Snapseed to slightly adjust the ambiance and contrast.”

Skies over Ottawa

Photo by  Richard Pilon

Skies over Ottawa‘ by Richard Pilon

Spread your wings

Photo by Vanessa Vox

Spread your wings‘ by Vanessa Vox – “I was happy to catch a photo like this with an iPod and an Olloclip tele lens. The scene was just like it is, which means no compositing, only some textures and light leaks to increase the evening mood. I used the Fast Camera app which allowed me to take a series of pictures. But this one was awesome. Just the perfect moment.

The pigeon looks so beautiful. Its spread wings and the evening light that shines through the feathers enhances this ordinary bird to a symbol of the holy ghost which we know well from old paintings.

Usually when you live in a big town you are not really attracted by pigeons. But here in the old stone villages of the South of France they look different. They seem to preserve a bit of their wild character. They live in the wall niches of old houses, close to the swallows.”

Esbozos de una Tormenta

Photo by Unai Momoitio

271#2014/365………:). IPHONE‘ by unaisa momoitio – “My passion for photography was sparked long ago. Before using my SLR equipped to capture what excited me, admired and especially what is happening to me. I was given a IPHONE 4 and since then every day I look in every corner to find that piece that others see and others do not. From the photograph to the imperceptible perceptible.

The photograph was taken in the beach bakio (Bizkaia), after a storm. The color that was deposited in the sky along with the tide, helped multiply the beauty of the scene. I took my camera and IPHONE 5S PRO HDR. Retouching brightness and contrast areas was made with Snapseed. Retouching color (hue, tone, saturation) was made with InstaFlash.”

“Mi pasión por la fotografia se despertó hace mucho tiempo. Antes utilizaba todo mi equipó réflex para plasmar lo que me emocionaba , admiraba y sobre todo, lo que se me ocurría. Me regalaron un IPHONE 4 y desde aquel entonces día tras día busco encontrar en cada rincón ese trocito que otros ven y otros no ven . Desde la fotografia perceptible a la imperceptible.

La fotografia la tomé en la playa de bakio (BIZKAIA), después de una tormenta.

El colorido que se iba depositando en el cielo junto con la bajamar, ayudó a multiplicar la belleza de la escena. La tomé con mi IPHONE 5S y la cámara PRO HDR. El retoque de brillo y contraste por zonas lo realicé con SNAPSEED . El retoque de color (matiz, tono, saturación) lo realicé con INSTAFLASH.”


Photo by  Wayne Greer

Untitled‘ by Wayne Greer – “I know that the lone tree is well covered territory , even to the point of cliche’. This old cottonwood against the gathering storm clouds , though, was just too compelling to pass up. Apps used were Camera 645 , Snapseed , Mextures and Photocopier.”

One last backwards glance

Photo by Wayne Greer

One last backwards glance‘ by Wayne Greer – “I’m very bad at titles , so normally I don’t bother. On this one though, I wanted to convey the idea of walking away from the house and taking one last look back. This is the first of a series of similar images about memories and how bittersweet the past can be. This and the others aren’t really places you could find on a map , rather someplace or someone you remember when you close your eyes. I usually don’t have such a specific concept when working on an image , but on these I wanted to convey the power that such memories can have on us. I shot this with Camera 645. It was edited with Snapseed , Juxtaposer and Photocopier for the black and white conversion. ”

Sunset New House Organic Farm Derbyshire.

Photo by Scott Simpson

Sunset New House Organic Farm Derbyshire.‘ by Scott Simpson – “This was taken at a campsite in Kniveton, Derbyshire, which has panoramic views of the Peak District and stunning sunsets to the west. Since we have been going to this campsite over the past few years it has become a tradition to photograph the amazing sunsets… some people using Nikons and others like myself using my Iphone5, with Hipstamatic and minimal processing with Snapseed.”

Summer Afternoon 13

Photo by Jim in Times Square

Summer Afternoon 13‘ by Jim in Times Square

Upside down

Photo by  Marco Lamberto

Upside down‘ by Marco Lamberto

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