This week we showcase 10 superb examples of smartphone photography that demonstrate creative ways of using vibrant colour. The showcase features work from talented mobile photographers Dariusz Sobiecki, Richard Pilon, Ryan Vaarsi, Vivi ‘Veevs’ Hanson, Tomaso Belloni, David DeNagel, Kim Martino, Jack Mallon and Ale Di Gangi.

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The Haunted Staircase

Photo by  Dariusz Sobiecki

The Haunted Staircase‘ by Dariusz Sobiecki – “The photo was taken while exploring a beautiful modernist staircase in Gdynia, Poland. I wanted to capture the man walking down, dipped in the dark, contrasted with the light coming from the window. The effect was interesting, yet lacking some ‘strong’ element. I decided to use a few subtle filters to change the atmosphere. Then it came to me that I could recreate the frame completely, so I introduced overlay colour shapes, making sure they resemble some scary creature!”

Rural sunset

Photo by Richard Pilon

Rural sunset‘ by Richard Pilon – “Driving home one evening after visiting my Dad there was a beautiful rural sunset which I wanted to capture with my iPhone. I used Hipstamatic’s Jane lens and Blanko Freedom13 to capture the shot and edited the image using Snapseed and Stackables.”

Gold master

Photo by Ryan Vaarsi

Gold master‘ by Ryan Vaarsi


Photo by Ryan Vaarsi

Bake‘ by Ryan Vaarsi

SlowShutter at the gallery – the map reader

Photo by veevs

SlowShutter at the gallery – the map reader‘ by Vivi ‘Veevs’ Hanson – “Had my friend Pilar visiting me from Peru and we went to check out the Saatchi Gallery on the Kings Road. It’s a fantastic gallery with lots of bright walls and good light, perfect for me to do SlowShutter shots. This man was leaning against the wall for a quite a while checking out a map. I loved the colour contrast between the blue clothes he was wearing, the white wall and orange painting. I took the photo with SlowShutter Cam and edited it with Stackables.”

Still puzzled

Photo by  Tomaso Belloni

Still puzzled‘ by Tomaso Belloni – “Sometimes you do not have to travel far to find a good subject. This red house is on the same block as mine and I must have passed in front of it thousands of times. The mirror is an aid to negotiate the intersection and it is used by everyone including myself. The yellow house opposite has been there since quite some time as well of course. This one time I finally noticed the combination of colors, integrated by the blue sky with scattered clouds, and put my life at a reasonable level of risk to make the shot from the center of the road (a very small road). To me it symbolizes the choice between a hard option (the red wall with the closed window) and an easier one (in the mirror). The choice is sometimes more difficult than it seems.

I took the shot with an iPhone5’s default camera and edited it on an iPad mini with Snapseed, mostly to enhance the colors and the contrast. Then final editing in Oggl, applying Akira lens and Blanko Freedom13 film.”


Photo by David DeNagel

Untitled‘ by David DeNagel – “On the surface, this is an image of a Calla Lily. These flowers have a wonderful, sweeping curve that give the large petals the appearance of a shallow vortex. Yet, wanting to accentuate this spiral, I therefore chose a close, almost abstract, perspective, highlighting the swirl of the petals downward toward the powerful stamen.

I shot the photo with an iPhone 5 using VSCO cam; In Snapseed, I cropped it to a square format and then adjusted tonal values and saturation. Finally, I processed the image in Stackables until I had the ‘feel’ of my visualization. The result emerged as a study of form, texture and light that seemed to connote a blood colored tunnel in which one could confront either something new found or long lost.”


Photo by  Kim Martino

Untitled‘ by Kim Martino

Across the waters

Photo by Jack Mallon

Across the waters‘ by Jack Mallon

Alégria, notable moments in contemporary environments

Photo by  Ale Di Gangi

Alégria, notable moments in contemporary environments‘ by Ale Di Gangi – “This photograph has been processed with VSCOcam using the E5 preset and a few tweaks. I shot it one early morning on my way to work with my bike. This scene is a corner of a building and it took my attention for number of reasons: the grey standing objects (I never made out what those are for), the red patches painted on the orange wall, the overall idea of decay and ruination. This photo is number 16 of a series that I am currently doing about urban decay, found sad spots, blue-deviled settings.

The series, done using exclusively VSCOcam and its presets, is called “Alégria, notable moments in contemporary environments” and can be seen at my VSCO Grid