After a short break the Mobiography Flickr Group showcase is back and the theme of this week is ‘lone figures’. The showcase features 10 atmospheric photographs of lone figures all taken with a smartphone. The talented artists and photographer include; Nyanjiroo, Dr Pajchiwo, Shel Serkin, Ryan Vaarsi, Kestas Venzlauskas, Bruno Ribeiro, Matthew Wylie and Enzo.

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Lightplay #69

Photo by Nyanjiroo

Lightplay #69‘ by Nyanjiroo – “This image was taken on the way to my office in Tokyo. A jogger was coming to me when I waited for a traffic light then took this shot with Lomora Apps and also processed by Snapseed, Camera+ and Photo fx as usual.”

A Voyeur

Photo by Dr Pajchiwo

A voyeur‘ by Dr Pajchiwo – “I was going through a creative block lately – I love landscape photography but I just felt somehow overwhelmed. I knew I needed something different. My job doesn’t allow me to take any new project so I have to use photos from my camera roll. The picture I found was taken during the opening of the first big exhibit of the polish mobile photography in Murowana Goslina, near Poznan (the exhibit was organized by our photo collective Grupa Mobilni). I wanted to show the silhouettes of two young people absorbed in their conversation – I found their ‘body language’ very expressive and graceful at the same time (and something Prufrockish like this: “In the room the women come and go/ Talking of Michelangelo”). I used a tool “simulated HDR” (Fantasia Painter app) to bring out a window-reflection of my characters from a background. The conversion to black and white and the further edit I made with Fhotoroom and OverExpose; lastly I used “a paper” (texture) from the PicSketch app (device: Nokia Lumia 800, WP7.8)”

7:07 AM “Sheldon”

Photo by Shel Serkin

7:07 AM “Sheldon”‘ by Shel Serkin – “This self-portrait was caught during the 8th hour of 24 straight hours of street shooting on March 22nd, as I joined street photographers around the world participating in the 24 Hour project. After spending 12:00 – 7:00 AM shooting on the Lower East Side, West Village, Penn Station and Times Square, and a brief break to recharge both brain/body and iphone, my fellow shooters and I hit the streets again. Walking up Broadway as dawn broke, I caught my reflection in the glass of the building, reflexively grabbed the image and moved on. Two months later I came upon it in my camera roll and was surprised to find a selfie that I actually like!

Shot on an iPhone 5s with Oggl, using the Lowy lens and the BlacKeys XF film. For more information about the 24 Hour Project, please see

Les is more

Photo by Ryan Vaarsi

Les is more‘ by Ryan Vaarsi – “I’ve never been bored in Venice Beach.

Intrigued? Sure.

Nervous? Sometimes. High? Obviously.

But I can’t imagine going to Venice and feeling “meh” about the trip. Nor can I imagine not snapping a photo or six. There’s simply too much going on.

I was there that day on…other business…but found myself wandering around looking for some new examples of street art to document. The stuff comes and goes so quickly, it’s nice to have some sort of record of their existence. I needed to get away from the Boardwalk and the throbbing mass of tourists, vendors, and drunken tweens that generally populates it. One can only stand so much of that sort of thing. So I wandered down Speedway–a local street/back alley/pedestrian thruway/flophouse/bike path/crime scene–looking for art and action. I shot this in Navy Ct., a sort of alley-off-an-alley. I nestled in among the garbage cans for a minute or two waiting for someone to pass by. I needed some action in the shot, some context. Static photos of street art don’t often work for me. Eventually this gentleman obliged and I got myself a workable image with my Samsung Galaxy S4. A hint of processing in Snapseed and Color Splash and I had something I rather liked.”

Life Course (re-work)

Photo by Kestas Venzlauskas

Life Course (re-work)‘ by Kestas Venzlauskas – “I like to call photographs “Life moments”. So, this moment of my life was captured near Baltic Sea, Lithuania, while me and my family were having a weekend trip. The boy in the picture – my son. We were walking separately from my wife and a daughter, but then he saw his sister coming to meet him. Emotion he saw her – that was marvellous. I abstain, and took a shot. This life moment still lights on my iPhone desktop.

Apps, used for editing – Snapseed. No single step without it. After that – foggy effect according Skipology using Superimpose, grundgy layers and black and white effect – Mextures, and finaly – VSCO. ”


Photo by Bruno Ribeiro

|between|‘ by Bruno Ribeiro


Photo by Bruno Ribeiro

Untitled‘ by Bruno Ribeiro

“Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.” – T. Pratchett / Castle Frank Station / Toronto

Photo by Matthew Wylie

“Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.” – T. Pratchett / Castle Frank Station / Toronto‘ by Matthew Wylie – “Thi photograph was taken with the Hipstamatic app with some minor gradient adjustments in Mextures.”


Photo by Matthew Wylie

Image‘ by Matthew Wylie – “Shot in Kensington Market, Toronto and taken with the Hipstamatic app and some minor grain adjustments made in Mextures”

iPhone5s – katsushika – 3315

Photo by Enzo

iPhone5s – katsushika – 3315‘ by enzo – “I regard an identity of Japan as it being ‘silence’. There is a word of reading air in Japan. Japanese people do not self-assert by an utterance.Instead, it is required that an opinion should be read in expression or behavior. The feeling of tension lives together in silence. I am photographing it in the series of this work. Shot with an iPhone5s and edited with Snapseed, Rainydaze and photoforge2.”

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